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By Gary Allen,2014-11-28 01:35
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Spring Cocktails 2013docx - The Hoxton PonyThe,the,Pony,pony

    Belvedere Grapefruit, lemon juice, Apple Juice, Aperol, mint leaves, sugar with dashes of Peach Bitter. SPRING 2013



     Sergeant Pepper ?9.00 (Coupette) Bombay dry & Crème de Mur, with a Punt e mes & fresh pepper SPARKLING infusion & a dash of Fernet Branca. COCKTAILS Earl’s Bramble ?9.00 (Rocks) Eva Lemon juice, sugar syrup and ?10 (Flute) Bombay Gin infused with Earl Belvedere vodka, Peach puree, Grey & Mozart black. vanilla syrup, lemon & apple juice, Frais de bois, topped with The Countess sparkling wine. ?9.00 (Rocks) Hoxton Gin, Martini Rosato, Hoxton 75 Campari & fresh raspberry ?10 (Flute) infusion with a dash of grapefruit Lemon juice, dandelion & bitters. grapefruit syrup, Hoxton Gin & a dash of angostura bitters topped Delice 104 with Moet Rose. ?8.50 (Martini) Apple & vanilla infused Belvedere Vodka, Dubonnet, Elderflower Cordial, Lille Blanc STRAIGHT UP & basil leaves. District 8 ?8 (Coupette) Barcardi 8 year old rum, lime juice, vanilla syrup, grenadine, DRAUGHT fresh Redcurrents & a dash of orange bitters. MEANTIME LONDON LAGER ?3.75 Mexican Thyme ?9 (Coupette) ASAHI ?3.75 Lime juice, pineapple juice sugar CARLING ?3.75 syrup, Maraschino Liquor, Cazadores blanco & thyme sprigs BOTTLED BEERS Black Cherry Sour ?9 (Coupette) PERONI 3.60 Gentleman Jack Whiskey, cherry syrup, lemon juice, rhubarb puree, GROLSCH ?3.60 rhubarb bitters & a dash of egg ASAHI ?3.60 white. SOL ?3.60 Vanilla Sky CUSQUENA ?3.80 ?8.50 (Martini) LONDON PRIDE ?4.25 Belvedere Vodka, vanilla syrup, GUINNESS ?3.60 lemon juice, fresh mint & apple juice. Leblon Tall Sally REKORDERLIG ?8 (Coupette) Kaffir lime & cardamom syrup, grapefruit juice, egg white, CIDER Aperol, Leblon & a dash of Peychauds bitters. PEAR ?4.70 Floral Jewel APPLE ?4.70 ?8.50 (Coupette) STRAWBERRY & LIME ?4.90 Camomile Syrup, Rose Liquor, Drambuie, Tio Pepe and Hennessey SPIRITS

    We have an extensive range of TALL spirits they will be served, as doubles as standard - however if Garden Spring Collins ?7.50 you wish for a single measure Hoxton Gin, lemon juice, please don’t hesitate to ask a team elderflower cordial, sugar syrup member. & Rhubarb puree topped with soda. BUBBLES Tall tale ?9.50 Lime, sugar, pear puree, Coquelicot, Belvedere vodka, GRAHAM BECK SPARKLING topped with ginger beer and a WINE ?8.50 / ?35 dash of Liquorice Bitter Yellow Pony ?8 MOET & CHANDON Lime juice, cardamom seeds, IMPERIAL ?11 / ?60 orgeat syrup, passion fruit puree, Maraschino liquor, 42Below feijoa vodka and a cucumber slice. MOET & CHANDON ROSE IMPERIAL ?14 / ?65 Otto Julep (Julep Jar) ?8 Pimento, grapefruit juice, Bacardi 8, mint leaves with a dash of VEUVE CLICQUOT NV peach pitters. YELLOW LABEL ?65 Jonny Cobbler ?8.50 RUINART Star anise syrup, Kamm & BLANC DE BLANC ?75 sons, Woodford reserve,

    mint leaves, orange slice, BOLLINGER BRUT NV

    ?70 lemon wedge, top with port. LAURENT PERRIER ROSE ?85



     SHORT DOM PERIGNON (2000) The Rosewood ?8.50 (Rocks) ?200 Martini Rosato, Rosemary syrup, Woodford reserve, a dash of orange & Angostura bitters. East End Swallow ?8 (Rocks) Bacardi superior, lime juice, cardamom seeds, vanilla syrup & WHITE WINE sage leaves. All glasses of wine will be served at Louisiana Jam Jar ?7.50 (Jam Jar) 175ml as standard Southern Comfort, lemon juice, Orgeat syrup, apricot jam & apple TERRE FORTI juice. Chardonnay 10 (Italy) ?4.30 / ?14 Hoxton Cooler Light and fresh with aromatic ?8.50 (Rocks) apple and peach notes on the Bombay Sapphire, Aperol, fresh nose and a dry, fresh palate that grapes, sugar syrup, lemon juice has an easy-drinking style and & NZ Sauvignon Blanc white plenty of pear, citrus and apple wine. fruit. La Monella OPERETTO Pinot ?8 (Rocks) Grigio 10 (Italy)

?4.50 / ?16.25 Floral nose of jasmine and honeysuckle that is fresh and zesty on the palate. Good structure with a mineral finish. ARGENTO Viognier 09 (Argentina) ?5.35 / ?18.50 Concentrated flavours of apple, peach and pineapple are evident along with bright, crisp acidity lending a clean, refreshing finish. SPY VALLEY Sauvignon Blanc 10 (New Zealand) ?6.50 / ?25 Reticent, fruit-driven aromas of grapefruit, lime and kiwi. Flavours are subtle however juicy with a hint of minerality enlivening the flavours of citrus and tropical fruits and pepper. PRIMROSE HILL Bacchus 09 (England) ?36 Fine and fruity with crisp apple flavours and an intriguing flinty undertone. An extremely light and refreshing wine. MAESTRO BIANCO (Italy) ?5/?20 Floral aroma, savoury on the palate with white fruit and almond characters, very soft finish. CHABLIS 09 (France) ?38.00 A Typical Chablis with well-developed aromas of pomelo, mint and flint. Beautiful fruit and balance on the palate with fresh grapefruit flavours and expressive minerality, a persistent and lightly spicy finish.


    All glasses of wine will be served at

    175ml as standard

     TERRE FORTI Sangiovese 10 (Italy) ?4.30 / ?14.00 This is a fresh, dry red with some classic Sangiovese character: crisp cherry and raspberry fruit with ripe tannins and a wave of refreshing acidity on the finish. ARGENTO Malbec 10 (Argentina) ?5.00 / ?18.50 Enticing aromas of red cherries and fresh violets accompany flavours of ripe plum and chocolate with subtly smoky notes. The finish is persistent with sweet tannins and balanced acidity. JUBILUM SICILIA Pinot Nero / Syrah 08 (Italy) ?21 Complex but smooth with subtle cinnamon and cherry notes. Powerful and charming with some delightfully light tannic finish. CASTILLO DE CLAVIJO Rioja Crianza Tempranillo 07 (Spain) ?19.50 Aromas of good intensity and with a smooth complexity of ripe red-berries, spices and vanilla. In the mouth it is balanced and pleasant, with body, elegant and harmonious. MAESTRO ROSSO (Italy) ?4.30/?20 Ruby red, the nose is dominated by red fruit; the palette gives a warm note of morello cherries with chocolate, plum and spice, very smooth finish.


    All glasses of wine will be served at

    175ml as standard

     DOMAINE D’ASTROS Grenache /Syrah Rose 08 (France) ?5.00 / ?19.50 Cool, crisp & pale with zesty pink grapefruit, raspberry on the nose and a dry, citrussy palate with some stawberries soaking into the finish. Great balance & a long, delicious finish. LAMBERTI Pinot Grigio Blush 10 (Italy) ?5.00 / ?20.00 Pale and light with subtle raspberry and strawberry notes adding to classic lemon and apple Pinot Grigio notes. A hint of juicy sweetness on the palate makes it all the more delicious.



    Please ask a member of the team for our selection of fresh organic fruit juices, virgin cocktails and premium soft drinks.

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