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    Unit5 Asking the way 学案(6)


    1. 提高阅读能力

    2. 训练阅读技巧



    I’m John. I’m helpful?有帮助的? at home. I empty the trash

     ?倒垃圾?every morning, and clean the floor every afternoon. When

    Mom is busy, I cook the meals?做饭? at home. Mom often praises?表

    ( ) 3. His father is a Chinese teacher. 扬?me. She says I am helpful. In the school, I often help my teacher

    ( ) 4. His sister is twelve. clean the board ?黑板?after class. ( ) 5. He has a bird. ( ) 1. John is helpful. 四、拓展延伸! ( ) 2. John can’t cook the meals.

    In the morning Mr. Smith comes into the garden at the ( ) 3. John clean the floor in the morning.

    back of this house. He sees much snow()in the garden. Mr ( ) 4. John cook meals when mother is busy.

    ( ) 5. John often cleans the windows at school. Smith wants to take his car out, so he asks a man to clean the road from his garage?车库?to the gate. He says to the 合作学习

    man, “Don’t throw any snow on that side. It will damage?损One day Mr. and Mrs. White go shopping by car. They stop their

    car near a store?商店?. They buy a lot of things and they want to put 坏?the flowers in the street, or the policeman will come.”

    the things in the car. But Mr. White can’t open the door ?门?of the Then he goes out.

    car, so they ask a policeman to help them. The policeman is very When he comes back, the road?路?is clean. There is no

    friendly to help them. Just then a man comes up and shouts?喊?: snow on the flowers, on the wall or in the street. But when he

    “What are you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White take a look at open garage, he sees the garage is full of snow, the snow

    the car’s number and they are frozen?呆了? there. It isn’t their car. from the road, and his car is under the snow!

    ( ) 1. Mr. and Mrs. White drive for shopping. 1In the morning Mr Smith finds there is a lot of snow in ( ) 2. They stop their car near the sea. ______. ( ) 3. They want to put the thing in a big bag. Ahis garden Bhis garage Chis house Dhis car ( ) 4. Mr. White can’t open the car, so they ask a policeman to help.

     2He tells a man to clean the road, because he ______. ( ) 5. The policeman is very friendly to help them.

     Adoesn’t like snow

    三,展示评价 Bwants to keep the road clean

     Cwants to take his car out of the garage My name is Jim Green. I am twelve. That is my mother. She is a

    teacher. That is my father. His name is Jeff Green. He is a teacher, too. Doften tell the man to do something

    He is an English teacher. That is my sister, Kate. She is eight. This is 3——Where does Mr Smith ask the man to throw the

    Polly. It is a bird. It is a parrot?鹦鹉?. snow?

    ( ) 1. Jim Green is eleven. —— ______. ( ) 2. His mother is teacher. AOn the flowers BInto the street

     COn the wall DWe don’t know

     4He opens the garage and ______.

     Atakes his car out Bfind it is full of snow

     Cfind the car isn’t in it Dtakes the snow out

     5——Where’s Mr. Smith’s car?

     —— ______.

     AUnder the snow BIn the street

    CNear the road DIn front of his house

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