a dark night

By Ernest Ramirez,2014-09-09 14:28
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a dark nighta da

    A dark night

    On Christmas Day people will get together sharing their happiness and it should happy time all day long. However, the Christmas day for me last year was just like a horror film, and it did happened in my real life.

    That night, the weather was so cold and it kept raining. And I was on my way back to school from my sisters. If anything went right, I should

    take the bus NO.382 and get off the bus at the stop of my school. When I was waiting for the bus, I found out that I forgot to take my glasses with me that it would be hard for me to see the number of the bus.

    Never mind, I can see the number when the bus are closed I said

    to myself and kept waiting. But half an hour had have passed, there was no bus coming, I was nearly out of patient and I felt extremely cold with a little clothes. Finally a bus stopped at the station, a lot of people at the station elbowed their way to get in the bus, I felt so anxious that I was in such a hurry to get in the bus without seeing the buss number. In the

    bus, People in the bus pushed me to a corner that I couldnt see the

    stops that was written at the board of the bus.

    Everything is fine, I will be soon lying on my bed after passing 3 stops. However, at the third stop, it wasn’t the stop of my school. As I

    thought that what was wrong, the bus started again and I didnt know

    where I were and where I would be. I look around trying to find someone that could help me but all people in the bus were strangers.

    Could you tell me the number of the busI had to ask a girl beside



    Oh my god, I took the wrong bus that would not pass my school and I didnt know how to get back.

    Then, do you know how I can get back to**school ?I asked the girl


    **school ? ? Have you took the wrong bus , It is far from here .But you can get off the bus at next stop , then go to the next side of the road ,cross the bridge and go straight ,maybe you can go back to the school . I calmed down after she told me the way,but the bus driver didn’t stop at the next station but another one station. I could do nothing but got off the bus, walking along the original way. There was no one, no building on the street and no cars or buses passing through. I remembered that I was frightened that I could hear the sound of my heartbeat.

    How could all these happen? Several hours ago, I was on the flower

    show in a plum blossom park with my sister and many friends, for celebrating Christmas. But now It was just me and the rain. I began to cry in the lonely and dark street, whats more if some bad guys appeared,

    something bad that I couldnt imagined may happened on me.

    Fortunately, I ran into two people and they showed me the

way .Just like they said, I went straight and I found the front door of my


It was dark that night, but I walk through the darkness by myself.

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