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    My Tourism Experiences

    I am greatly honored to be here and make a speech for everybody. Today I will tell you something about my tourism experiences and I hope they will be able to cause the interests of you.

    My parents both like travelling very much and under their influence, I’m a girl who likes going sightseeing around as well.

    During my past 18 years, our whole family had visited a lot of tourist attraction such as SuzhouHangzhouHainan islandQingdao

    BeijingXiamen Amoy and so on. Although they all have their own features, I love Qingdao and Beijing the most among them. In fact, they left me unforgettable impression and beautiful memories. Now let me tell you the details about my feeling of the two glamourous cities. And if you have never been there, after my presentation, maybe one day you will have a great interest to see their delightful landscape in your own eyes.

    No.1 Qingdao------a quiet and peaceful city

    Before our departure, I already know that Qingdao is a city which attracts many tourists due to its seaside setting and temperate weather. Parksbeachessculpture and unique German

    and modern architecture line the shore. Its truly a fascinating place

    to visit.

    It was a hot summer when I arrived in Qingdao. My original intention was to visit the sea. Because I always think the open sea is deep and mysterious. Of course, the sea lies in Qingdao didnt let

    me down. Contrast to the Hainan Island, the sea in Qingdao gives me a more comfortable feeling than Hainan Island. Moreover, its seaside resorts are all free. You can go there whenever you want. Every day, when the morning sun rises, the sea starts to revive. The old men jogging and doing morning exercises on the beach ,the puppy swimming happily in the cool sea water, the old lady picking up shells or kelp in the apertures of reefs. There are no characteristic noises of cities, and these scenes let me forget all my worries. The air around the sea is so fresh that make people feel relaxed.

    One scenic must be mentioned, it is the Flower-floor, the place for previous German government to fish, hunt or rest. Flower-floor is back to the Eight Great Passes, facing the second beach, has a unique scenery and beautiful environment. It was built in 1930; the masonry wall was made from granite stone. Flower-floor is a fusion of various architectural styles of Western European castle-style architecture, both Greek and Roman style, and Gothic architecture. Strolling along the streets, I strongly felt the charm of western culture.

     As a girl with a greedy mouth, I certainly would not miss the opportunity to taste the seafood. Qingdao is rich in valuable sea

    cucumber, scallop, abalone, conch, shuttle crabs, stone clip red crab, Spanish mackerel, croaker, pee shrimp, large shrimp and so on. In addition to these famous seafood, Qingdao Beer, LAOSHAN

    mineral water, Jiao Zhou northern Red Island clams, green tea, Liuting trotters, Mountain Road barbecue, firewood School snacks, beer Street in Dengzhou Road, Qingdao fried dumpling are also Specialties in Qingdao.

    No .2 Beijing------our capital with Chinese classic culture

     Before we went to Beijing,I have no particular idea of her.My

    first impression of Beijing was ------this is a dry place with a lot of dust. But after my journey to Beijing, I have changed my opinion completely.

    Differ from the various, modern high-rise buildings in shanghai, Beijing has her own features.

    Siheyuans line hutongs , or alleys, which connect the interior of Beijing's old city. They are usually straight and run east to west so that doorways can face north and south for Feng Shui reasons. They vary in width some are very narrow, enough for only a few pedestrians to pass through at a time. You can even hear the

    garden came the sound of Beijing opera. I used to listen to pop

    music, at this time, I found out that Beijing opera is so wonderful that let people Immersed in the rich Chinese culture.

    The concept of old Beijing, my favorite is Houhai. Houhai is a place for nostalgia. Even if the voices of the time, hiding in between tall buildings, Houhai could be considered as a calm and romantic resort. There are many different kinds of bars along houhais

    streets, you can order a drink and chat with your friends. In this way, you wont be tired or feel under pressure any longer.

    These are two of my favorite cities .Do you have a desire to pack up and go sightseeing in such a warm spring?

     Finally, I want to say is that the trip is actually a concentration of life. You can gain a lot from travelling. You can see while walking, you can learn while enjoy the landscapes.In fact the real nirvana is to travel with the flow. Since it is a visit, then you can enjoy the beautiful scenery everywhere.

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