By Tim Carter,2014-06-01 03:52
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    How cant we be proud of you, my motherland?

    As your daughter and son, how couldnt we be proud of you, my

    motherland;You give birth to 56 nations and bring up so many great people. Today is your birthday; I have no control over my emotion to sing songs for you.

     I think it will be an unforgettable day. So excited we are that we get up too early to our watching room. We can’t wait to share the happiness with my friends and show my pride for our great motherland. The

    bright-colored flag rose in the grand Tiananmen Square with the familiar national anthem, we stood up without hesitation and sang the songs from our heart. The grand occasion made me shocked and I fixed my eyes on the TV screen. Everyone are staring at the president Wu whose announcement was stirring our blood. Following is the ceremonial parade; all kinds of armies appear with neat lines. White, green and blue uniform and colorful flags, flowers, and balloons make the square a world of color and joy. Cheering people are expressing their joy by their songs for country’s 60-year- old birthday. 56 nations people celebrate the

    important birthday by their unique dance. As presents, 34 provinces give 34 beautiful boats to their mother. When the Hunan provinces boat

    appeared on the screen, I was too excited to stop yelling loudly. I am so proud of my hometown.

     The past 60 years, we went through so much hardship and diffi

    culty. Every effort and success we made is remaining in our memory freshly. Everyone who made contributions to the liberation, the evolution and the rising of our country are in our mind. The spirits they have will make us more powerful to follow their steps to build our country. We will try our best to devote ourselves to our motherland and make her more and more beautiful.

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