The Devil Wears Prada

By Randall Cunningham,2014-09-09 11:58
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The Devil Wears PradaThe


     ----------My Review on The Devil Wears Prada

    My Review on: The Devil Wears Prada

    Andy Sachs is a smart girl who graduated from the

    Northwestern University. She wants to improve her skills and fortunately she has a chance to go to the Runway fashion

    magazines for an interview. Although she is fat and unfashionable in Miranda Priestly’s eyes, Miranda is moved by her confidence

    and courage, finally persuading herself to give a chance for Andy.

    Miranda is a mean person and she always let her assistants do many things, ignoring their feelings. Despite Emily and Andy cooperating to do things, all kinds of Miranda’s things makes them

    have their hands full. Therefore, they have no time to communicate with friends and family members, and attend to private parties. They nearly have no freedom and absolute time to do their things, because their time is occupied by their boss. And they know the boss is the God and she asks them do something they must do.

    Staying at the circumstances, people might be tense and have no sense of security, because they never know when their boss will fire them. So they must force them to adapt the boss, just like the Andy and Emily. Only they try their best to do jobs can they

    achieve enough money and work in this company. And the job is very good. Many people want to get it and belong to the company as a member. So they face the keen competition.

    However, to my gratification, Andy finally gives up the job. Because she thinks she should spend much time on friends and relatives, friendship and health are more important than jobs and money. The result makes me recall the story. It said that a philosophy professor made an experiment. He seized a large and empty glass bottle and proceeded to fill it with rockets. He then asked the students whether the jar was full, and students agreed. But he then picked up a box of pebbles and added them to the bottle, and he asked the same question. Unfortunately, students agreed his opinion. At the same time, the professor picked up a bag of sand and poured it into the bottle. The sand filled in everything else. Once more he asked the question, but students thought over and kept silence. Then, a student said the bottle was not full because it can pour water into it. At the same time, the professor smiled and praised the boy. And then he asked students to describe their feeling and understanding. And many students stood up and said their feelings. For example, one student said that if the jar was the life, we should endeavor to do the most things and make the life in difference. And when we sank into the predicament, dont

    give up and believe that we can finally solve them.

    I think what these students said is rational and I also accept the same ideas. Once I thought the storey may convey the message to us. However, when I continued to read it, the professors

    response beyond my comprehension, he said we should distinguish crucial things from my whole life and do them in right order. If we put the sand into the jar first, there was no room for the rocks or pebbles. Your family, partners, children, health and forth was like the rocks, while your job, house, clothes and others was just like the sand. They were small stuff in life.

    It is the truth for our life. As we all known, we only go through the once life and during this time, parents, partners, and friends are very important for us. Because I deem that when we lost a job or money, we can find another job and earn money, but if we lost the relatives or friendship, we cant find the same emotion and

    make up hurt we giving them. Just like the Miranda, she achieved success in the career but she divorced with her husband. As an old saying goes, every advantage has its disadvantage. Therefore, when we are filled with envy at ones success and want to become that

    man, we should think over whether we fit the life and want to desert some things, helping us to gain it. Only when we think clearly can we make a perfect choice and not regret to make the


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