By Danielle Holmes,2014-03-24 16:00
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     Economy or environment

    With an increasing number of serious environment problems that threat humans health arising, we witness more and more

    people start paying attention and sharing their ideas toward the question economy or environment

    Some people hold the opinion that we China ,as a developing country ,should put economy in the first place ,for the fact that all that great powers like America and Japan ,both take the path that developing economy have priority over environment protection .Whats more , there are still a large number of people living without enough food in contemporary China.

    Surely, lots of people are against that point of view .They maintain that such economy which is at the cost of environment shall ultimately bring human being countless disasters ,such as the Minamata disease in Japan .In addition ,it is so selfish of us just care about ourselves and override the future of our offspring.

    From where I stand , wed better take a sustainable

    developing route ,which means we should enhance our economy on the basis of making persistent effort to lower the emission of the polluted .

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