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课题!Unit3 Self-check课时1

    课型!New lesson 备课时间!8.10主备! 高树香


    both 两个都…”all 三个以上都…”,用在肯定句中,主语做复数看待。Neither,

    either 做主语做单数看待。

    job “工作、职业”,work 工作、事情

    reply 回答、回复answer 回答、回应到

    be sure of:确信,be sure to do.:一定会。。。。,be sure that+句子。


    1、篮球训练! 2、乱七八糟! 3、至少!

    4、八小时的睡眠! 5、老年之家!

    6、愿做! 7、被允许做! 8、花费时间做!


    10、表演节目 11回复! 13同意/不同意









    At our school, we sometimes have a s________ day to help o_________. Last year we went to an old p________ home and sang songs and performed a play for t________. The old people were very happy. We should be a____________ to take time to do things like that m_________ often. For example, we should visit p__________school and teach young students. I want to be a teacher when Im

    o______so it would be a great e___________ for me.Other students would like to do other j___. For example ,my friend Tian Ge wants to write for a newspaper. She would be allowed to v_____ at the newspaper office o______ a week. On Friday afternoon, many students are sleepy after a long week of classes. Some students should be allowed to s____________ once a week._On_Friday afternoon, many students are sleepy after a long week of classes. some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons off to volunteer and help others.

    四、拓展升华!Mr Brown lived in a small town. One day he (1)______ a long journey. It was very late when he was going home. (2)_______ he found that a man (3)_______ behind him. Mr Brown went faster, and the man walked faster, too. (4)_____ Mr Brown walked slowly and the man walked slowly, (5)_______.

     Now they were coming near a garden. Quickly Mr Brown ran (6)______ it. He tried to get away from the man in this way, but he failed. He was very afraid. He rushed and the man rushed after him. Now Mr Brown stopped. "Excuse me…" he

    said, "What do you want (7)_______?"

     " (8)______, sir," answered the man. "You see, I have to (9)______ Mrs King a bag and I asked the man at the station. He told me. 'Go right after that man. He lives in the house just next to (10)________.'"

     ( )1. A. have B. go C. is D. had

     ( )2. A. Suddenly B. Quietly C. Badly D. Happily

     ( )3. A. was coming B. come C. was walking D. walk

     ( )4. A. What B. When C. Where D. How

     ( )5. A. neither B. either C. still D. too

     ( )6. A. into B. on C. of D. at

     ( )7. A. something B. anything C. do D. to do

     ( )8. A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. OK D. No

    ( )9. A. borrow B. lend C. give D. bring

    ( )10.A. Mrs King B. Mr Brown C. you D. me

    B.1. The boy has breakfast ______ home. A. on B. From C. In D. at 2. We must keep the classroom ______. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned 3. She ______ know the answer, but I’m not sure.

    A. maybe B. may be C. may D. must

    4. There is ______ in today’s newspaper.

     A. nothing new B. anything new C. new anything D. new something 5. You look rather tired. ______ stop to take a rest?

     —All right. But I’ll have to work for a few more minutes.

     A. Why not B. Do you C. What about D. How about

    6. I’ve ______ the word in several dictionaries, but I can’t ______ how to use the

    word correctly.

    A. looked in; find out B. looked up; find out C. looked up; find D. looked for; find 7. My father will have a ______ holiday next month. He’ll take me to Qingdao.

     A. ten days B. ten days’ C. ten-days D. ten day’s

    8. Hi, Tom! Can you tell me when ______ for London?Yes, tomorrow

    afternoon.A. leaving B. leaves C. to leave D. are you leaving 9. —Will you please write a short passage on “Meteor Garden” and ______ it to me this evening?What about tomorrow? My computer doesn’t work okay now.

    A. give B. e-mail C. Take D. bring

    10. There will be a volleyball match in our school, ______ ?

     A. be there B. is there C. will there D. won’t

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