Overview - Optimize Cutter

By Nicole West,2014-11-08 17:50
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Overview - Optimize Cutter

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    Raise your productivity and professional level of service using the latest optimization technology!

    Pipe Cutting Suite is a professional 1D nesting software package. It enables you to maximize the use of material by generating the most optimized cutting layouts.

    Take a look at what Pipe Cutting Suite does for you:

    ; Significantly reduces sheet waste and costs due to high material yield and

    reuse of offcuts.

    ; Maximizes productivity by saving time needed to create and analyze patterns.

    ; Determines the number of Pipe to order in advance by stock tracking.

    ; Efficiently tracks offcuts

    ; Find the best stock Dimension size will save you money.

    ; Calculates accurate stock cost estimates.

    ; Eliminates calculating errors and drastically reduces operator mistakes.


Pipe Cutting Suite

    is a Professional 1D Nesting Software Package to maximize the use of pipe

    material by generating most optimized nested layouts. It is based on a highly advanced board cutting algorithm, specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts, such as shear sheet, table saws, sheet metal cutting, panel saws, glass cutting, woodworking plans, cutting board, gas cutting and de coiling operations, in the pipe, fence, woodworking , furniture, glass etc industry. It helps in cutting down wastage in Material, Time, Labor and Process.

    1D cutting optimizer

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Installation and Uninstallation

    Since you are reading this help file, it is likely that you have successfully installed Pipe Cutting Suite.

    Pipe Cutting Suite is installed by running a self-extracting file. The self-extracting file is usually called opt2dc.exe, but may have a name such as .

    During the installation, you can change the default destination directory and the location for the program icons.

    The installation was non-destructive. All files were added only to the destination directory that you chose.

Uninstalling Pipe Cutting Suite

To Uninstall Pipe Cutting Suite from Windows 95:

    From the Device Manager, select: Install / Uninstall Programs.

    Select Pipe Cutting Suite and click on Next.

To Uninstall Pipe Cutting Suite from Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT:

    1D cutting optimizer

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    From the Control Panel, select: Add / Remove Programs.

    Select Pipe Cutting Suite and click on Add/Remove.

    Or select start->program file->Pipe Cutting Suite->Unistall Pipe Cutting Suite

    Note: Windows removes only the files originally installed, and doesn't remove folders if there are files remaining. That means that if you have used the program and made data or configuration files, you need to manually delete them to remove all traces from your system.

System Requirements

Glass Cutting Suite requires at least:

    ; Pentium 500 MHz processor

    ; 128 MB of RAM

    ; 40 MB of free hard disk space

    ; Graphic system capable of displaying 800x600 pixels in 256 colors

    ; Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

    To print plans drawn with this application, you need a graphics capable printer installed in the Windows system.

    Almost any printer likely to be used with a desk top computer is graphics capable, so if you have a machine running Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT, and a printer, you are probably ready to use Pipe Cutting Suite.

Input stocks data

    1D cutting optimizer

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