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    Topic 08: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


    1. 促进关系;增加交流

    2. 共同的topic

    3. 电视内容增进理解;化解代沟

The contemporary youngsters are regularly granted as the “coach potatoes”,

    who spend an increasing number of time in watching television. The query

    whether the television has a detrimental effect on the relationship among friends and family has been barren of results. As far as I am concerned, it is

    devoid of evidence to demonstrate the destructive function of television; conversely, the television is beneficial to the interpersonal communication.

The chief reason why I generally disagree with the statement has to do with

    the function of television. The mission of media generally relates to catering to the main steam of the citizens thereby attracting more audience to maximize the

    profit, the same is true of television. To be specific, multitudes of programs

    aim to entertain the audience such as the assorted of shows, and the elated atmosphere, naturally, is created. After a weary day, the family members are easily involved in the chatting about any amusing figure or any funny anecdote, revealing in the television. In other words, the television serves as the effective

    catalyst for a harmonious family life.

    A second reason why I fundamentally disagree with the statement can be summarized as television initiates the common topic for the youngsters. The most horrible thing for the modern youth might be called the dated men. Television, similar to a timely forecaster, accurately brings the current

    information as any scandal besmirching any celebrity or any accident demolishing any region. So exhilarated are the juveniles that they disseminate

    the latest news among their cliques or the sororities and fraternities. As a

    consequence, the youngsters could have a more productive communication with the assistance of televisions.

    A third reason for my disagreement with the statement has an association with the realistic reflection in television, which could enhance the mutual understanding between generations. The soap operas, as a mirror, reflect the

    current emotion world in an implicit way; the news, diversified and

    sophisticated, describes the daily life in a vivid mode; the advertisement, as a

    microphone, propagates the cutting-edge technological inventions in an aesthetic approach. The old generation would know the actual life from television, consequently, having a thorough and comprehensive understanding of their offspring.

    In sum, the television could compellingly alleviate the family relationship and enhance the belonging of youngsters, which is actually promoting the communication. As long as an individual spend the right time on television, with the right person, to the right degree, for the right purpose and in the right way,

    the television would exert a positive impact in life.

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