ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off meeting minutes

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ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off meeting minutesKick,off,kick,meet,KICK,OFF

    IST-1999-11306 ARCHEOGUIDE Restricted Kick-off meeting minutes

    ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off meeting minutes

Location: AMALIA HOTEL Olympia

    Dates: January 23-24, 2000


    Jan Hoorens European Commission DG XIII Renzo Carlucci A&C 2000

    Aderito Fernandes Marcos CCG

    Axel Hildebrand ZGDV

    Mathias Unbescheiden IGD

    Bernd Lutz IGD

    Panag. Kyriakoulakos POST REALITY

    Ioanna Grekou POST REALITY

    Th. Bozios INTRACOM S.A.

    Maria Tsakali INTRACOM S.A.

    Nikolaos Ioannidis INTRACOM S.A.


    Dimosthenes Giraud Hellenic Ministry of Culture


    a) Discussion on General/Administrative Issues b) Visit and familiarisation with the trial site c) Planning of Tasks starting on the first months of the project

    d) Discussion on general Technical Issues

    Discussion on General/Administrative Issues

    1. The participants presented themselves and slide presentations of the organizations followed:

    Mrs Maria Tsakali presented INTRACOM’s profile (intracom-profile.ppt)

    Mr. Mathias Unbescheiden presented IGD’s profile

    Mr. Axel Hildebrand presented ZGDV’s profile (zgdv_engl.ppt and zgdv_z2.ppt)

    Mr. Aderito Fernandes Marcos presented CCG’s profile (ccg-profile.ppt)

    Mr. Renzo Carlucci presented CCG’s profile

    Mr. Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos presented POST REALITY’s profile

2. The Project manager presented some contractual issues:

    ; Contract signed on December 29, 1999

    ;Project official start on 1.1.2000

    ;30% Advance payment prepared & expected

    3. Copies of draft Consortium Agreement (CA) were distributed:

    ;comments from partners to INTRACOM ASAP

    ;target for CA signature before end of February

    4. ZGDV and CCG were invited to proceed to the preparation and signatures of an Associate Contract

5. Partners were invited to nominate ASAP their representatives for the:

    V0.1 17/06/2014 Page 1 ; ARCHEOGUIDE Consortium

IST-1999-11306 ARCHEOGUIDE Restricted Kick-off meeting minutes

    ;PCB (Project Coordination Board)

    ;PTC (Project Technical Committee)

6. Initial guidance regarding information dissemination was provided by the PM:

6.1 Web site at:

    to be operational beginning of February

6.2 FTP site at: be operational beginning of February

6.3 Mailing list:









     Partners were invited to propose additional members of the list in their organizations.

6.4 Deliverables:

    An initial template ( to be used as the basis for deliverable reports was distributed by the PM. This template will have to become aligned with the additional information on “Structure of deliverables” provided by the Project Officer.

Regarding the Deliverables preparation procedure, it was agreed that:

    - the responsible partner completes the writing of the deliverable (format according to


    - a draft of the deliverable is sent to all partners for comments 14 days before final


    - the updated deliverable is sent to INTRACOM 7 days before final submission

    - the deliverable is sent to the EC on the “due date”

6.5 Reports:

    A management report will be produced and sent the Commission every two months. All participants will have to communicate the PM a Bimonthly Control Report following the structure proposed (archeoguide-BCR-model) within the first five days after the end of each 2 moths period.

    A progress report will have to be produced (every 6 months). Structure will be proposed in due time. The PM circulated an example of a project final report (the MAID final report), which was proposed by the EC.6.5 ARCHEOGUIDE Logo:

    The logo used in the proposal phase was presented by the PM. New ideas (please see attached) for the ARCHEOGUIDE logo were proposed by Post Reality (Mrs Grekou) and reaction of participants was collected. Additional proposals by other participants were invited. The final decision will be before the end of February, after circulating any ideas until then.

    V0.1 17/06/2014 Page 2 ; ARCHEOGUIDE Consortium

IST-1999-11306 ARCHEOGUIDE Restricted Kick-off meeting minutes

Visit of the Ancient Olympia Archaeological site and museum

    7. The participants visited the museum and archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, where the trials will take place. Mrs Vikatou representing the local administration of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture guided the participants during the visit and presented the history of the site.

    The participants had their first impressions from the site and some took pictures to be used in a later study of the requirements.

    8. Mrs Vikatou handed the PM a message by Mr. Demosthenes Giraud, Director Restoration of Ancient Monuments of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. The PM translated the message to the participants. The message summarised the interest of the HMC regarding the importance of ARCHEOGUIDE project together with Mr. Giraud confidence on the impact of the expected results for the HMC. In addition Mr. Giraud presented his apologies for his unavailability to attend the meeting.

    Introduction to the ARCHEOGUIDE workplan

V0.1 17/06/2014 Page 3 ; ARCHEOGUIDE Consortium

IST-1999-11306 ARCHEOGUIDE Restricted Kick-off meeting minutes

    8. The PM introduced the project workplan for the first six months of the project with emphasis on the tasks beginning within the first three months:

    WP 1 Application requirements [ZGDV]Task-1.1 Survey of ARCHEOGUIDE related

    applications [ZGDV]

    Task-1.2 ARCHEOGUIDE User requirements [HMC]

    Task-1.3 Identification of realistic, suitable application scenarios [INTRACOM]

    WP 7 Dissemination and Implementation [PR]Task-7.1 Market Survey and Positioning [PR]

    Task-7.2 Definition of Exploitation Strategy [INTRACOM]

    Task-7.3 Dissemination and Standardization Activities [CCG]

and the deliverables due within the first six months of the project:

    D1 “Consortium Agreement” due at the end of month 2

    D2 “ARCHEOGUIDE Project presentation” due at the end of month 4

    D3 “Dissemination and Use plan” due at the end of month 5

    D4 “ARCHEOGUIDE application scenarios” due at the end of month 6

    9. The Technical Manager, Mr. Th. Mpozios of INTRACOM introduced the ARCHEOGUIDE architecture

10. Mr. Axel.Hildebrand of ZGDV introduced the workplan for WP1 and presented (WP1+survey-

    of-existing-applications.ppt) the approach for proceeding to a survey of ARCHEOGUIDE related applications (task 1.1).

12. Mr. Th. Mpozios presented (user-requirements-application-scenarios.ppt) the approach for

    capturing and describing user requirements (task 1.2) and for defining application scenarios (task


13. The Exploitation Manager, Mrs Maria Tsakali of INTRACOM introduced the workplan for WP7

    and presented (WP7+explotation-strategy.ppt) the approach for the definition of an Exploitation strategy (task 7.2), as well as an outline of the related deliverables “Dissemination and Use Plan” and “Technology Implementation Plan”.

She invited the participants to nominate their representatives in the Exploitation Board of the project,

    as soon as possible.

14. Mr. Pan. Kyriakoulakos presented (market-survey-and-positioning.doc) the approach for the

    market survey and positioning (task 7.1) and proposed that a mid-term draft deliverable will be ready to be included as part of the deliverable “Dissemination and Use Plan”.

    Presentations and discussion of first impressions from the site related to technical issues /constraints

15. Mr. Mathias Unbescheiden introduced the problem of “Position and orientation tracking” and

    commented on a potential approach considering the particular situation on the visited archaeological site. The use of fixed positions of users, the placement of markers instead of natural landmarks, the use of a palmtop computer and camera instead of wearable and HMD, could be an option for the first prototype.

16. Mr. Th. Bozios introduced the issue of the “Wireless infrastructures” to be deployed on the site

    (wireless-technologies.ppt). The use of extension points for extending the network to a remote area, V0.1 17/06/2014 Page 4 ; ARCHEOGUIDE Consortium

IST-1999-11306 ARCHEOGUIDE Restricted Kick-off meeting minutes

    the use of directional antennas for interconnection between base stations and the use of solar cells for power supply of remote base stations were envisaged.

17. Mr. Panag. Kyriakoulakos introduced the issue of “3D Models” for the virtual reconstruction of

    ancient buildings (3D-models.doc). He presented a previous work on Ancient Olympia buildings modelling, on videotape. This work was performed by PR in cooperation with the HMC. The produced videotape served in the past as part of the material that was used in support of the candidature of Athens as the host of 2004 Olympics. He commented on minimal acceptable conditions for modelling quality on a wearable (12 frames/sec and 500 polygons/frame), for interior versus exterior views and for ambiance effects.

18. Mr. Axel Hildebrand introduced the issue of “Wearable computers” (wearable.ppt) and

    “Position trackers” (tracker.ppt). Several models of wearable computers proposed by different manufacturers were presented as well as, several complementary options for position trackers (optical, magnetic, acoustic, inertial). It was agreed that further survey of related technologies would be part of

    the work to be performed in task1.1.

Action items for the next 3 months

19. Mr. Axel Hildebrand proposed a structure of the work for Task-1.1 Survey of

    ARCHEOGUIDE related applications which is the main active task during the first two months of the project:

    (A) State of the Art in enabling technologies

    Wearable computers


    Tracking system

    Interaction devices (Pointer, Microphone, Headphone)

    Communication Infrastructure

    DB for content representation

    Protocols/(de facto) standards (MPEG, VRML, XML,…)

    Data representation (avatars,…)

    Integration of Animation

    (B) Survey of mobile AR applications

    National projects (ARVIKA,…)

    EC projects (IST, ESPRIT,…) (Aquarelle, TOURBOT,…)

    International Projects (MS activities, IWAR ’98’99’00, …)

Additional ideas on the proposed structure concerned:

    a) possible link to work of task 5.1 (Market survey and positioning),

    b) asking vendors of enabling technologies for related applications and customers lists

    c) survey of cultural heritage projects related to Virtual Environments

20. Consortium Agreement (CA)

    a) Comments from partners to INTRACOM before February 14

    b) CA ready for signatures before end of February

Next Meeting

    It was agreed that the next meeting will take place in Darmstadt, late March. The exact dates will be agreed on due time.

    V0.1 17/06/2014 Page 5 ; ARCHEOGUIDE Consortium

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