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     Unit 5 It must belong to Carla

     I Analysis of the Teaching Material教材分析

     1Status and Function

     The topic of this unit is a picnic, In this unit, students Learn to make inferences .Such topic is helpful to activate students imagination and

    improve students ability to deduce. Either less or more advanced students will be active in the activities in class. So its useful to improre students spoken English and

    communicative competence.

     The first periods mainly introduces the key vocabulary and the target language to

    students. Through listening and oral practice, students have a brief understanding of

    how to make inferences.

    II. Teaching Aims and Demands教学目的和要求

    1knowledge Objects

    (1) key Vocabulary

     belong , belong to, plate ,author toy, picnic

    (2) Target Language Whose book is this? It must be Marys.

    Wanda Wilbur is her favorite author.

    2. Ability Objects

     (1)Train students listening skill.

    (2)Train students communicative competence using the target language. 3Moral Objects

    When you are on a picnic, remember to bring litter back to keep our environment clean and tidy.

II. Teaching Key Points教学重点

    1 .Listen for the target language

    2 .Oral practice using the target language

    IV. Teaching Methods教学方法

    1. Scene teaching method

    2. Listening method

    3. Pair work

    V .Teaching Aid教学工具

    1. Blackboard drawings

    2 .A tape recorder

    3 .A projector

    VI. Teaching Procedures教学过程

    Step I Revision

    Check homework. Invite different students to say the answers to the exercises on

    pages 12-14 of the workbook

    Step II 1a

    This activity introduces the key vocabulary.

     Write the key vocabulary words on the blackboard. belong v. belong to plate n . author n toy n. picnic n. Say the words one by one and have students repeat several times until they can read

    them fluently and accurately.

    Ask different students to explain in their own words the meanings of the words

    belong to, author and picnic.

Belong means to be owned by somebody.

    An author is a writer of a book or a play

    A picnic is a meal eaten out of doors.

    Then invite two students to draw a plate next to the word plate and a toy car next to toy.

    Focus attention on the picture. Have students point to each item and say its name. Call students attention to the chart with the headlines clothing. Fun things and kitchen things at the top. Invite different students to explain the meanings of the column heads.

    Say, Please look at the picture and write the things you see in the correct columns in the chart. Point out the sample answers. Get students to complete the task on their own. As they work, move show the correct answers on the screen by a projector. Clothing Fun things Kitchen

    Things book

    Hat volleyball plate

    Jacket CD cups

    t-shirt toy car


Step III Ib

    This activity gives students practice in understanding the target language in spoken conversation. Call students’ attention to the chart, set a time limit of two minutes.

    Students read the persons, the things and the reasons.

    Say, you will hear a conversation As you listen, draw lines to connect the person in the first column with the thing in the second column. Then draw another line to connect the thing in the second ling with the reason in the third column. Point out the sample answer. Say, the name Carla in the first column connects to volleyball in the second column because thats the thing they are talking about. And

    the word volleyball in the second column connects with the sentence she loves volleyball in the third column.

    Play the recording the first time

    Students only listen. Play the recording again. This time students listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

    Check the answers,


     Janes little brother-toy car-he was the only little kid at the picnic. Mary-book-Wanda Wilbur is her favorite author.

    Carla-volleyball-She loves volleyball.

    Deng Wen-magazine-He loves cats.

    Grace-CD-She always listens to classical music.


    Girl1: Whose volleyball is this?

    Boy1: It must be Carlas. She loves volleyball.

    Girl1:How about this toy car?

    Girl2:Oh,that toy car mast belong to Janes brother. He was the only little kid at the


And the magazine must belong to Deng Wen. He loves cats.

    Boy1: Oh, and look, someone left a book.

    Girl2: lh,yrahand how about this CD?

    Girl1: Okand how about this CD?

    Girl2HmmmmmThe CD must belong to Grace. She always listens to classical music.

    Step IV 1c

    This activity provides oral practice using the target language.

    Point to the picture in Activity 1b.Invite pair of students to say the conversation in the speech bubbles.

    Sa: Whose volleyball is this?

    Sb: It must be Carlas. She loves volleyball.

    Point out the conversation in the box. Invite another pair of students to say it to the class

    Sa: Whose book is this?

    Sb :It must be Marys. Wanda Wilbur is her favorite author.

    Write the conversation on the blackboard.

    Point out the chart in Activity 1b.Say.

    Now work with a partner .Start by reading the conversations in the picture and in the box: Then make conversations using the information in the chart in Activity 1b. Talk about which each thing might belong to and give a reason. Get students to practice in pairs. As they work, move around the classroom listening in on various pairs and offering help with language and pronunciation as needed.

    After all the students have had an opportunity to ask and answer questions, stop the activity. Get different pairs of students to say their conversations to the class. Step v Summary

    Say ,In this class, weve learned the key vocabulary words belong to, plate , author, toy and picnic and done much listening and oral practice using the target language, Step VI Homework

    (1) day and remember the spelling of the vocabulary words.

    (2) Say the conversations in Activity 1c to get a further understanding of the target


    Step VII Blackboard Design

    Unit5 It must belong to Carla section A

     The First period

    1key vocabulary: belong v. belong to plate n author n toy n

    picnic n

    2Target language: Whose book is this It must be Marys. Wanda Wilbur

    is her favorite author


    1 本课有约半节课的时间都在举行小组竞赛?极大的调动了学生之间?



    2 本课一开始就开展了游戏?让学生猜人物的职业?学生饶有兴趣?在



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