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    Unit 2 Topic 1

    Section B



    favorite actor Chinese arm hand leg foot feet

     2. 继续学习用have/has描述人的相貌特征并能用be动词进行转换 例如,My face is round. = I have a round face.

Your face is long. =

His hair is short. =

Her hair is long. =

His arms are long. =

Her arms are short. =

His feet are big. =

Her feet are small. =



    ? 选择填空

     1. Zhang Junfeng have a round face?

    Yes, he .

    A. Do; do B. Does; does C. Is; is 2. Miss Lee is a teacher, and she has eyes.

    A. a big B. big C. wide 3. his hair short?

    Yes, it .

    A. Is; is B. Is; isnt C. Are; are

     4. Liu Fang is my .

    A. good friends B. a good friend C. good friend 5. Yao Ming has two big .

    A. foot B. feet C. foots 6. Sally a round face and a small mouth.

    A. is B. have C. has 7. My good friend is Chinese.

    A. a B. / C. A or B 8. she long arms?

    A. Does; have B. Does; has C. Do; has ? 根据汉语或首字母提示完成句子

    1. We are from China. We are C .

    2. Jackie Chan is my f actor.

    3. A desk has four l .

    4. Fan Bingbing is an a .

    5. Look! Her ()are small.


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