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4bafdeb2a300a - franchise

     th24 Annual Conference

    7-9 June, 2010

    University of New South Wales

    Sydney, Australia

    Australian School of Business

5.30pm Pre-Conference BBQ

     Join your ISoF colleagues for an Aussie BBQ and Welcome to Australia

     Venue: To be advised

8.30 9.00 am Registration and Refreshments

9.00 9.30 am Welcome to Country

    Official Launch of ISoF 2010

    (Dean, Australian School of Business, Professor Alec Cameron)

     Chairs’ Welcome:

     Jenny Buchan, University of New South Wales

     Lorelle Frazer, Griffith University

     Liz Spencer, Bond University

     (2010 ISoF Program Chairs)

    9.30 10.30 am Session 1: Franchising Governance and Networks

     Chair: Patrick Kaufmann, Boston University (USA)

    1. How Multi-Unit Franchising Impacts on the Four Franchising Imperatives A

    Preliminary Investigation

    Kelli Bodey, Griffith University (Australia)

    Scott Weaven, Griffith University (Australia)

    Debra Grace, Griffith University (Australia)

    2. The Simultaneous Use of Various Communication Means by Franchisors: Insights from

    the Subway Case

    Rozenn Perrigot, University of Rennes (France)

    Guy Basset, University of Rennes (France)

    Gerard Cliquet, University of Rennes (France)

    3. The Structure of Decision Rights in Franchising Networks: Property rights, agency cost

    and transaction cost explanations

     Nada Mumdžiev, University of Vienna (Austria)

    Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna (Austria)

10.30 10.45 am Energy Break

10.45 11.45 am Session 2: Franchising Expansion Strategies

     Chair: Evelien Croonan, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    4. International Expansion Modeling: Application to US and Australian Franchising Firms

    E. Hachemi Aliouche, University of New Hampshire (USA)

    Udo A. Schlentrich, University of New Hampshire (USA)

    Lorelle Frazer, Griffith University (Australia)

    5. Competition or Coverage: A Cross Sectional Analysis of the Structure of Multi-Unit

    Franchisee Ownership in U.S. Markets

    Robert E. Stassen, University of Arkansas (USA)

    Chris Newman, University of Arkansas (USA)

    6. Multi-unit Franchising: A Property Rights View

    Dildar Hussain, University of Vienna (Austria)

    Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna (Austria)

11.45 am 12.00 pm Energy Break

12.00 1.00 pm Session 3: Franchise Performance

     Chair: Nitin Sanghavi, Manchester Business School (UK)

    7. Correlates of Successful Franchise Performance

    Hyo-Jin (Jean) Jeon, The University of Oklahoma (USA)

    Rajiv P. Dant, The University of Oklahoma (USA)

    Brent L. Baker, University of North Dakota (USA)

    8. Entrepreneurial Orientation and The Franchise System: Organisational Antecedents and

    Performance Outcomes

    Lola Dada, Lancaster University (UK)

    Anna Watson, University of the Arts London (UK)

    9. Social Capital Transfer and Performance in Franchising

    Brinja Meiseberg, Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany)

    Thomas Ehrmann, Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany)

    1.00 2.00 pm Networking Lunch: Business Lounge, Level 6 Australian School of Business

2.00 3.00 pm Session 4: Legal Issues: Franchise Perspective

     Chair: William Slater Vincent, Life University (USA)

    10. The Demise of Notice and Cure Rights for Franchisees and possibly Franchisors

    Rupert M. Barkoff, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

    11. Do Disclosure Documents signal value to prospective franchisees? A conjoint analytic


    Owen Wright, Griffith University (Australia)

    Hume Winzar, Macquarie University (Australia)

    12. Good faith in the context of franchising agreements

    Andrew Terry, University of Sydney (Australia)

    Cary Di Lernia, University of Sydney (Australia)

3.00 3.15 pm Energy Break

    3.15 4.15 pm Session 5: Legal Issues: Macro Perspective

     Chair: Marko Grunhagen, Eastern Illinois University (USA)

    13. Stakeholder input into franchise inquiries: an Australian exploratory study

    Jenny Buchan, University of New South Wales (Australia)

    Jennifer Harris, University of New South Wales (Australia)

    14. A Global Survey of Relationship Laws for Franchising

    Elizabeth Crawford Spencer, Bond University (Australia)

    15. The Impact on the Regulatory Regime on Foreign Franchisors’ Entry in China: The KFC

    and McDonald’s Experience

    Zhiqiong June Wang, The University of Western Sydney (Australia)

    Andrew Terry, University of Sydney (Australia)

4.15 5.00 pm Wrap up and instructions for evening

5.00 pm sharp Bus transfer to Sydney Opera House

6.00 6.45 pm External tour of Sydney Opera House

    7.00 pm sharp Ferry transfer from Circular Quay to Restaurant, (short walk from wharf to


7.30 10.00 pm Conference Dinner

     After Dinner Speaker:

     Professor Andrew Terry, University of Sydney

10.00 pm Own arrangements (e.g. Taxi transfers)

9.00 9.30 am Refreshments

9.30 10.30 am Session 6: Internal Management Issues

     Chair: Manish Kacker, McMaster University (Canada)

    16. Acquisition of Local Knowledge by Franchisees: A Network Perspective

    Evelien Croonen, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    Maryse Brand, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    Roger Leenders, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    17. Implementing multi-channel strategies: Issues and opportunities for franchise websites

    Gerard Cliquet, University of Rennes (France)

    Patrick Kaufmann, Boston University (USA)

    Dale D Achabal, Santa Clara University (USA)

    18. The impact of service personalization of business-format franchises

    Odile J. Streed, Concordia College (USA)

10.30 10.45 am Energy Break

    10.45 11.45 am Session 7: Employees, Franchisees and the Brand

     Chair: Scott Weaven, Griffith University (Australia)

    19. HRM Challenges Facing the Franchise Sector

    Mohammad Ali Zolfagharian, University of Texas (USA)

    Audhesh Paswan, University of North Texas (USA)

    David E. Omholt, The Entrepreneur Authority LLP, Texas (USA)

    Ann Jordan, University of North Texas (USA)

    20. Franchisee-Based Brand Equity. The role of Brand Relationship Management &

    Franchisor Competence

    Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, Monash University (Australia)

    Margaret Matanda, Monash University (Australia)

    21. A preliminary investigation of organisation structure characteristics and brand within


    Ken Billot, Griffith University (Australia)

11.45 12.00 pm Energy Break

12.00 1.00 pm Session 8: Risk and franchising

     Chair: Rajiv Dant, University of Oklahoma (USA)

    22. Franchising During Times of Economic Recession: A Longitudinal analysis of Automotive

    Service Franchises

    Marko Grünhagen, Eastern Illinois University (USA)

    Richard L.Flight, Eastern Illinois University (USA)

    David J.Boggs, Eastern Illinois University (USA)

    23. A Comparison of Retail Franchises, Independent Businesses and Purchased Existing

    Independent Business Startups: Lessons from the Kauffman Firm Survey

    Dianne H.B. Welsh, The University of North Carolina (USA)

    David E. Desplaces, College of Charleston (USA)

    Amy E. Davis, College of Charleston (USA)

    24. Going Down Under: Risk in Franchising

    Frank H. Wadsworth, Indiana University Southeast (USA)

    K. Chris Cox, Indiana University Southeast (USA)

    1.00 2.15 pm Networking Lunch: Business Lounge, Level 6 Australian School of Business

2.15 3.15 pm Session 9: Panel on Franchising in the Asia-Pacific

     Chair: Greg Nathan, Franchise Relationships Institute (Australia)

    Panel Participants: Mohd Amy Azhar Mohd Harif, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

     Susan Flint-Hartle, Massey University (New Zealand)

     Sabina Jain, Austrade (India)

    June Wang, University of Western Sydney (Australia)

3.15 3.30 pm Energy Break

3.30 4.30 pm Awards and Closing Remarks

    Presentation of ISoF 2010 Awards

    ISoF Best Paper

    ISoF Best Reviewer

    ISoF Best Student Paper

    Lorelle Frazer

     Griffith University (Australia)

    ISoF Business Meeting and Outlook to the 2011 ISoF Conference in Boston, MA

     Cheryl Babcock, ISoF Executive Director and IIFE Director,

     Nova Southeastern University (USA)

     Pat Kaufmann, Boston University (USA)

     ISoF Individual Papers and CD of ISoF Proceedings from 1986-2010

     Are available for purchase. For additional information, visit the ISoF website at: and click on the International Society of Franchising,

    or contact Cheryl R. Babcock, CFE at +1 (954) 262-5071 or

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