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Welcome to BTI Day 1 - June 14th:

"Ecological Innovation and the Apollo Experiment"

    Peter Teague

    Michael and Ted welcome lecture: "Shifting Paradigms and the Breakthrough Approach"

I. Modernization & Development - Day 2,3 - June 15th & 16th:

Modernization Theory

"The Social Constraint Toward Self-Constraint"

    Norbert Elias in The Civilizing Process. Vol. II. State Formation and Civilization.:: 365-379 (Page

    count: 14)

Culture and Democracy

    Ronald Inglehart in Culture Matters, (Basic Books: 2000) :: (Page count: 17)

    The Progress Paradox

    Gregg Easterbrook (Random House: 2003) :: Chapter 2 (Page count: 44)

Break Through (skim)

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus (Mariner Books: 2007) :: Chapter 7, “Status and Security.” (Page count: 30)

    The History of Sexuality

    Michel Foucault :: Right of Death and Power over Life 135-148 (Page count: 14 pages) Story of the Security State

    Nick Adams, Breakthrough Institute (Page count: 15 pages)

    Total Page Count: 134 pages

Challenges to Modernization Theory and the Challenge of Development

    We Have Never Been Modern

    Bruno Latour (Harvard University Press: 1991) :: Chapter 1 (Page count: 12)

Al Qaeda and What it Means to Be Modern

    John Gray (The New Press: 2003) Chapters 1,2, 6,7, 8 (Page count: 77) Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet

    Jeffrey Sachs (Penguin Press: 2008) :: Chapter 2, pages 17-31 (Page count: 15) The Post-American World

    Fareed Zakaria (W.W. Norton: 2008) :: Chapters 1, 4 and 5 (Page count: 84) The Bottom Billion

    Paul Collier (Oxford University Press: 2007) :: Chapters 1, 6, 11 (Page count: 49)

     Total Page Count: 237

    Lectures: Nick Adams (second morning): Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Elias, Bourdieu, Foucault, Giddens, Inglehart

II. Social Psychology and/of American Modernity - Days 4-5 - June 17, 18:

Social Space and Symbolic Power

Pierre Bourdieu :: 123-139 (Page count: 16)

The Rise of the Creative Class

    Richard Florida (Basic Books: 2002) :: Chapters 3 (Page count: 17) The Impact of Inequality

    Richard Wilkinson (New Press: 2005) :: Chapter 1-3 (Page count: 100)

    American Environics ResearchAnnual Social Values Survey (reference)

    Total Page Count: 133


Elsewhere USA

    Dalton Conley (Random House: 2009) :: Chapters 1 (19-38), 3 (67-84), Conclusion (172-190) (Page count: 54)

Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After all

    David Leonhardt (The New York Times: April 2008) (Page count: 3)

The Green Bubble

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus (The New Republic: May 2009) (Page count: 3)

Dire Messages reduce belief in Global Warming

    Matthew Feinberg and Rob Willer (Intro and Discussion) (Page count: 6)

Break Through (skim)

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus (Mariner Books: 2007) :: Chapters 6 “Death of

    Environmentalism” and 8 “Status and Security.” (Page count: 52)

     Guest lecturers:

    Robb Willer

    Michael and Ted: Road Map to a Progressive Majority

    Total Page Count: 118

III. Aspirational Philosophy and Politics - Day 6 - June 21

Break Through (skim)

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus (Mariner Books: 2007) :: Chapters 9 “Pragmatism” and

    10 “Greatness” (Page count: 57)

Essay on "Self Reliance"

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (Page count: 20)

Individualism Old and New

    John Dewey (Prometheus Books: 1999) :: Chapter 5, "Toward a New Individualism" (pps 37-49)

    and pages 81-83 of Chapter 8, "Individualism in Our Day" (Page count: 16)

    Discussion Led by Jesse Jenkins-- "The Project of Individualism" - from the Enlightenment to a modern conception of the project of individualism, and what it implies for our political, legal

    and moral structures.

    Total Page Count: 93

IV. Economics & Innovation Policy - Day 7--June 22:

The Origin of Wealth

    Eric Beinhocker (Harvard Business School Press, 2006):: Chapters 1-3 (Page count: 73)

    The Past & Future of America’s Economy: Long Waves of Innovation that Power Cycles of Growth

    Robert Atkinson (Edward Elgar Publishing Inc: 2004) :: Chapters 2, 7, (Page count: 57)

    Making Washington Focus: First, Re-Educate the Economists Robert Atkinson (Democracy Journal, Fall 2009)

"Is America Losing It's Mojo?"

     Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek, Fall 2009) (Page count: 4)

"Can the Future Be Built in America?"

    Pete Engardio (Businessweek, Fall 2009) (Page count: 4)

Building a Green Economy

    Breakthrough Institute Draft Concept Paper (2010) (Page count: 6)

Guest lecturers:

    ; Rob Atkinson

    Total Page Count: 93

V. Technology Policy and its Implications Day 8--June 23

The Nature of Technology

    Brian Arthur (2009) (Chapter 1) (Page count: 18)

“Innovation Nation”

    Robert Atkinson (Democracy Journal: Winter 2009) (Page count: 6)

    “Case Studies in American Innovation: A New Look at Government Involvement in Technological Development” (Online)

    Zachary Arnold et al. (Breakthrough Institute: April 2009) :: Intro and skim chapters (Page count:


“A Capital Budget for Public Investment”

    Sherle Schwenninger (New American Foundation: 2008)

“Progress for Progressives: Technology & Effectiveness in Human Affairs”

    Daniel Sarewitz (Lecture in Science & Technology, Arizona State University: Sept. 2008) (Page

    count: 12)

Three Rules for Technological fixes

    Dan Sarewitz (Nature, December 2008) (Page count: 2)

    “Globalization of Technology-Based Growth: The Policy Imperative” Gregory Tassey (Journal of Technology Transfer: June 2008) (Page count: 15)

"Whole Earth Discipline"

    Stewart Brand:: (VIKING: 2009) Green Genes (117-142, 152-168) (Page count: 41)

Video: Steward Brand's Ted Talk:

     Total Page Count: 109

Guest Lecturer: Daniel Sarewitz


Pre-Humboldt Readings:

America at the Crossroads

    Francis Fukuyama :: (Yale University Press: 2006) (Page count: 57)

Contradictions of Second Modernity

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus

HUMBOLDT CAMPING TRIP: Day 9, 10, Weekend (June 24, 25)

VI. Energy & Climate Policy - Day 11,12,13--June 28, 29 and 30:

“Future Global Energy Prosperity: The Terrawatt Challenge”

    Richard Smalley (MRS Bulletin: June 2005) (Page count: 6)

“Powering the Planet”

    Nate Lewis (MRS Bulletin: October 2007) (Page count: 14)

Energy at the Crossroads: Global Perspectives and Uncertainties

    Vaclav Smil (MIT Press: 2003) :: 4, 5, (Page count: 135)

Renewable and Nuclear Heresies

    Jesse Ausubel (Page count: 15)

    The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy

    Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills (Basic Books: 2005) :: Chapter 1, 2, and 3 (Page count: 57)

    Total Page Count: 227

     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Large Scale Deployment of Renewables for Electricity Generation"

    Karsten Neuhoff (Oxford Review of Economic Policy: Vol 21, No 1, 2005) (Page count: 20) The Emerging Climate Consensus

    Nordhaus and Shellenberger (Breakthrough Institute: Spring 2009) :: in particular, "Fast, Clean

    & Cheap" and "Scrap Kyoto," pages 23-54; skim all others (Page count: 32)

Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution

    Charles Weiss and William Bonvillian (MIT Press: 2009) :: Chapters 1, 2, 3 (pages 1-55); Chapter

    5, pages 127-134, Chapter 6, pages 151-154 (Page count: 67)

    Total Page Count: 119


“Dangerous Assumptions”

    Roger Pielke Jr et al. (Nature: Vol 452, April 2008) (Page count: 2)

"Whole Earth Discipline"

    Stewart Brand:: (VIKING: 2009) New Nukes 75-116 (Page count: 42)

“The Geoengineering Option: A Last Resort Against Global Warming”

    David Victor (Foreign Affairs: March/April 2009) (Page count: 3)

“Beyond Green Jobs”

    Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus (The New Republic, June 2010)

    Total Page Count: 60

Guest lecturers:

    ; Roger Pielke, Jr.

    ; Nate Lewis

    ; Bill Bonvillian

    ; Dave Douglas

BTI staff lectures/presentations:

    - Jesse: Energy and Power: WTF?! Understanding units of energy, their scale and how to

    convert between them.

    -Devon (and/or Jesse): Asia's Rising Tigers and a strategy to secure America's clean

    energy competitiveness.

VI. National Security and Counterterrorism

How Terrorism Ends

     by Audrey Kurth Cronin (Page count: 206)

Why People Obey the Law

     by Tom Tyler - to be perused (Page count: 277)

Leaderless Jihad

     by Marc Sageman (Page count: 178)

Breakthrough White Paper on NSCT (Page count: 75 pages)

Violence and Social Order

     Douglass North et al (Page count: 271)

    Discipline and Punish

    Michel Foucault :: "The Body of the Condemned" 3-29 "Panopticism" 195-227 (Page count: 58)

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