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    The similarity and difference between English and Chinese

     The similarity:

     Even though Chinese and English are two different language system, they all exist in the earth and have similar evolution. 人类


    维也没有民族性,全人类都一样。The brains physical structure

    of human being is the same and it has no nationality ,so the function of the brain thought also has no nationality . (叶蜚声,1981)

    In the aspect morphology and syntactic ,these two language both reflect discrimination against women .In English , Eve is derived

    from one of Adams rib(Bible).In Chinese ,women always have no rights in the family—“在家从父,出嫁从夫,夫死从子”,Be obedient to your

    father at home ,obey your husband after you get married, and submit your son when husband died. All these reveal that women have low state and attach to men.

    The difference:

    English and Chinese are belong to completely different language system in coinage or words combination. English is the inflected language with flexible word formation. The male words or affix can represent men and women. However, Chinese is the absolute form. Instead of adding affixes ,it manifests the gender discrimination through adding .


    It is a fact that language discrimination exists in these two types of language or maybe other language. It is common in the patriarchal society. On the other hand , the great difference between English and Chinese national culture leads to the different particular forms of language sexual discrimination .But no matter it is general or specific ,it both shows the discrimination to women.

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