By Phyllis Holmes,2014-04-11 19:18
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    Have you remembered the historical event that Martin Luther King nearly dedicated his whole life to end segregation and racial discrimination with non-violence? Have you remembered the meaningful and impressing speech which touched the white overall---“I have a dream? At the time, it did

    have affected a large quantity of people and nations. Through this action, what else can we learn from him except the sense of national pride and sense of responsibility? It is he who kept a stiff upper lip for his dream and never say goodbye to it no matter what trouble he may encounter. As far as I am concerned, it is just the sprit, quality which is worth learning for us.

    In the contemporary society, the employment of college students has been being one of the hot issues. College students are a group of people who have rich expertise and proficient theory. However, the factual shortcoming is the lack of social practice. Thus, they always walk into society with full confidence and perfect dream after graduation, but how many of them have persisted to their dream to the end? Almost none!

    With regard to this phenomenon, I have carried on an investigation. Majorities of people would say that they have encountered the non-solved problems and heavy pressures from

    all aspects and they have no choice. They never find the inner causes.

    Is it the so-called dream for them? Should they give it up so easily? Can not they overcome the hardship? Why they always can find excuse for their ridiculous behavior?

    All in all, they are short of the persistence and the ability to adapt to the social environment

    If I were they, I would not give up at least, because dream is perfect, sweet and beauty, the road is winding and zigzagging. Only the tough and hardship can help you arrive the summit of success. If I were they, I would initiatively rise to meet the challenges and actively propose solutions to deal with it rather than abandon it.

    In my concept, dream must be along with tough. If you want to realize your dream, you must suffer the pain and stand the pain. Without the persistence, what you have is not dream but fantasy.

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