WSET Level 2

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WSET Level 2

WSET Level 2

1. Where does a red wine get its colour from? C

    a) Artificial colouring. 非自然

    b) The addition of red wine.

    c) The skins of the grapes.

    d) Stainless steel tanks. 不锈钢铁罐

    2. Which is the correct sequence in making RED wine? B a) Fermentation, crushing, pressing, maturation b) Crushing, fermentation, pressing, maturation. 压倒的 发酵 化脓 成熟

    c) Crushing, pressing, fermentation, maturation d) Crushing, fermentation, maturation, pressing

    3. Which one of the following wines should be avoided when serving oily fish? 油腻的C

    a) High acid, low tannin red wines.

    b) Dry, light bodied white wines.

    c) High tannin, full bodied red wines. d) Off-dry, high acid white wines.

4. Wines make from grapes grown in cool regions typically are: A

    a) High acidity

    b) Full bodied

    c) High tannin

    d) High in alcohol

     5. A customer wants to try a new world wine similar to Hermitage. Which of the

    following wine will you recommend?

    a) Central Otago Pinot Noir 中央Otago黑比诺葡萄酒 B

    b) Barossa Valley Shiraz

    c) Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

    d) Maipo Merlot

    6. In which country is Barolo DOCG produced? A a) Italy.

    b) Spain.

    c) Portugal. 葡萄牙

    d) Greece. 希腊

7. Which grape variety is used to make AC Pouilly-Fumé? C

    a) Riesling.

    b) Sauvignon Blanc.

    c) Sémillon.

d) Chenin Blanc.

8. Bulk/Inexpensive wines in Australia are typically produced in which of the

    following regions? C

    a) New South Wales

    b) South Australia

    c) South Eastern Australia

    d) West Australia

9. Fermentation of white wine is typically at what temperature range? B

    a) 10-15C

    b) 15-20C

    c) 20-25C

    d) 25-30C

10. Using which of the followings will give the best oak flavour? A

    a) Oak barrels 橡木桶

    b) Oak chips 碎屑 薄木片

    c) Oak essence 本质 香气香精

    d) Oak staves 侧板

    11. Which spirit uses the initials VSOP? c a) Vodka.

    b) Gin.

    c) Cognac.

    d) Scotch Whisky.

    12. Medoc is most famous for? a a) Dry red wine

    b) Sweet white wine

    c) Both dry red wine and sweet white wine d) Sparkling wine

13. What style of wine is AC Muscat de Beaumes de Venise? a

    a) Dry fortified white. 加强型白酒

    b) Sweet fortified white.

    c) Dry fortified red.

    d) Sweet fortified red.

    14. Where is Nuits-Saint-Georges? a a) Burgundy.

    b) Bordeaux.

    c) Loire.

d) Rhône.

15. In which country is the region of Marlborough? a

    a) New Zealand.

    b) Australia.

    c) Canada.

    d) South Africa.

    16. Alsace is most famous for? a a) Dry white wine

    b) Sweet white wine

    c) Dry red wine

    d) Sparkling wine

17. Which of the following grape varieties is best for hot region? a

    a) Merlot.

    b) Pinot Noir.

    c) Riesling.

    d) Sauvignon Blanc.

    18. Which of the following regions has the coolest climate;冷气候?? a a) Alsace

    b) Bordeaux

    c) Burgundy

    d) Loire

19. Which gas is given off during alcoholic fermentation? c

    a) Sulphur Dioxide. 二氧化物

    b) Nitrogen Dioxide.

    c) Carbon Dioxide. CO2

    d) Hydrogen Dioxide.

    20. Which one of the following grape varieties is aromatic? aromatic 芳香 a a) Gewurztraminer. ;琼瑶浆?

    b) Nebbiolo.

    c) Cabernet Franc.

    d) Grenache.

21. Which one of the following is CORRECTLY matched? d

    a) Vouvray and Italy. 卢瓦尔

    b) Beaujolais and Bordeaux. c) Meursault and Portugal.

    d) Sangiovese and Chianti Classico.

22. Which of the following grape varieties has the lowest tannin? c

    a) Cabernet Sauvignon

    b) Merlot

    c) Pinot Noir

    d) Shiraz

23. The main different that distinguishes;区别? tank method from traditional method is:

    a) First fermentation in tank b

    b) Second fermentation in tank

    c) Bubbles are being injected into the wine d) The wine is sweet

24. Which of the following wine is likely to benefit the most from bottle aging? b

    a) Beaujolais

    b) Cote-Rotie 罗纳河谷最北端

    c) Sancerre 法国中部卢瓦尔河谷 桑塞尔白

    d) Valpolicella 意大利威尼托 维波利红酒

25. What does the word ‘secco’ mean? b

    a) Sweet.

    b) Dry.

    c) Sparkling.

    d) Medium sweet.

    26. What style of wine would you recommend to match a sour taste dish?;搭配有酸味的菜? c

    a) Aromatic 芳香

    b) Full bodied

    c) High acidity

    d) Low tannin

    27. Casablanca Valley is in which country? b a) Argentina

    b) Australia

    c) Chile

    d) South Africa

28. Which of the following grape variety is not commonly seen in Germany? b

    a) Riesling. 通常

    b) Sauvignon Blanc.

    c) Muller-Thurgau

    d) Silvaner


29. Pinotage is most commonly seen in wines from which country? d

    a) Argentina 阿根廷

    b) Australia

    c) Chile

    d) South Africa

30. Which one of the following is a white grape variety? a

    a) Verdicchio. 维德乔 意大利 Marche 马尔舍

    b) Sangiovese.

    c) Merlot.

    d) Gamay.

    31. Which one of the following is a flavoured spirit? 有味的烈酒 a a) Gin

    b) Rum

    c) Tequila

    d) Vodka. 纯白冷冽的

32. Which is the dominant占优势的?突出的 grape used in making Chateauneuf-du-Pape

    ;罗纳河谷?? a

    a) Grenache

    b) Merlot

    c) Nebbiolo

    d) Syrah

33. Which one of the following is a varietally labelled wine? c

    a) Gevrey-Chambertin. 加有标示的

    b) Pouilly-Fuissé.

    c) Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. d) Saint-Emilion.

    34. What is the main grape used in Rioja? c a) Barbera

    b) Garnacha

    c) Tempranillo

    d) Trebbiano