By Sara Shaw,2014-06-16 10:52
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     Academia Sinica E-news No. 95


    Date Time Venue Speaker Title Moderator

    Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

    Global COE Earth Science

    Program of Tohoku

    University with Special Auditorium, 3F, Inst. Prof. Eiji Ohtani Director Bor-Ming 14:00 Emphasis on the High of Earth Sciences Tohoku Univ., Japan Jahn Pressure Research in

    Dynamics of the Earth and

    Planetary Interiors

    Copper(I) Nitrite Complexes

    with Anion Thu Conference Room Prof. Sodio C. N. Hsu [HB(3,5-Me2Pz)3]- Ligand: Dr. Steve Sheng-Fa 12/4 A108, Inst. of Kaohsiung Medical A Synthetic Model for the Yu Chemistry Univ. Copper Nitrite Reductase

    Active Site 15:30 Room 217,

    Department of Prof. Hui-Ming Hung Chemistry, NTU National Taiwan Aerosol, Cloud & BBQ Dr. Hung-Wen Li (Hosted by Inst. of Univ. Atomic and

    Molecular Sciences)