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    1Last night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg:a __1__ of about eighty miles.It was late and I was in a hurry.However:if anyone asked me how fast I was __2__:I'd say I was not overspeeding. Several times I got __3__ behind a slowmoving truck on a narrow road:and I was holding my fists tightly with __4__.

    At one point along an open highway:I __5__ a crossroad with a traffic light.I was alone on the road by now:but as I __6__ the light:it turned red and I braked to a stop.I looked left:right and behind me.Nothing.No cars:no suggestion of headlights:but there I sat:waiting for the light to __7__:the only human being for at least a mile in any __8__.

    I started __9__ why I refused to run the light.I was not afraid of being __10__:because there was obviously no policeman around:and there certainly would have been no __11__ in going through it.

    Much later that night:after I __12__ a group of my friends in Lewisburg and climbed into bed near midnight:the question of why I'd stopped for that light __13__ I think I stopped me.同 ) we all have with each other.It's not only the __14__:but it's an arrangement we have:and we trust each other to __15__ it?we don't go through red lights.Like most of us:I'm more likely to be __16__ from doing something bad by the social convention that __17__ it than by any law against it.

    It's amazing that we ever __18__ each other to do the right thing:isn't it?And we do:too. Trust is our __19__ preference.

    I was so __20__ of myself for stopping for the red light that night

    1?A.flight B?distance

    C?road D?length

    2?A.thinking B?driving

    C?complaining D?running

    3?A.stopped B?changed

    C?stuck D?lost

    4?A.horror B?strength

    C?understanding D?impatience

    5?A.ran off B?came to

    C?passed by D?left behind

    6?A.passed B?watched

    C?approached D?found

    7?A.stop B?change

    C?turn D?die

    8?A.way B?side

    C?city D?direction

    9?A.wondering B?suspecting

    C?struggling D?regretting10?A.abused B?fined

    C?injured D?killed

    11?A.danger B?sign

    C?time D?record

    12?A.met with B?got overC?got rid of D?called back13?A.turned out to B?came back to

    C?referred to D?occurred to14?A.virtue B?suggestionC?law D?order

    15?A.honor B?solve

    C?break D?judge

    16?A.stopped B?protectedC?rejected D?frightened17?A.speaks of B?stands byC?takes in D?disapproves of18?A.suspect B?trust

    C?teach D?care

    19?A.only B?first

    C?lucky D?living

    20?A.sorry B?doubtfulC?sure D?proud

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