Chapter1 Introduction I

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Chapter1 Introduction IChap


授课章节名称 1 次课,2学时! Chapter 1 Introduction I

    Understanding of:

    教学目的与要求 1 Brief introduction to the U.S.

    2 Geographical features; location, area and different names

    教学重点 Different names of the U.S.

    教学难点 The location of the country

    思考题与作业 Official name? Capital city? The size of the country? Loction?


    I. Introduction to the course and requirements (5mins) II. Discussion What do you know about the U.S.? (5mins) III. Demonstration (5mins)

    1. Brief introduction to the U.S.

    1) Official name: the United States of America

    2) Other names: America; the States; the U.S.; U.S.A; Uncle Sam

    3) 50 states and 1 capital district:

    ? Largest: a. Alaska ( of all the states); b. Texas (of the mainland)

    ? Smallest: Rhode Island

    ? Newest states: Alaska, Hawaii

     4) First four biggest countries in the world: Russia, Canada, China, U.S. (9.3 million square kilometers)

     5) Size: The U.S has a land area of 9.3 million square kilometers, with the continent extending 4,505 km

    east to west, 2,574 km north to south.

    2. Geographical Features

    Location: Its Atlantic coast faces the developed countries of Western Europe and its Pacific coast and

    Hawaii give the nation an approach to the Far East and Australasia.

    ; The continental US stretches across North America. It borders Canada to the North and Mexico to

    the south.

    ; Alaska juts from north-western Canada and Hawaii lies off the country's western coast, in the



    middle of the Pacific.

    ; The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and the Pacific Ocean is to the west.

    ; Capital City: Washington D.C.

    ; State Size: Alaska is the largest and Rhode Island is the smallest. But on mainland Texas is the


    IV. Conclusion (5mins)


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