Public Speaking 2 Test PaperA

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Public Speaking 2 Test PaperA

    黑龙江外国语学院 2013-2014学年 2学期 Term 2 2013-2014 Academic Year Heilongjiang International University


    评阅结果 Final mark

    评阅人 Cody


    课程名称?Subject?! Public Speaking 2

     (No.) 13-14-2-040394

     (Department): 商学系

     (Major) 国际经济与贸易

     (Name) 段尊华

     (Students Number) BC13240206





    1Candidates should fill in the information appropriately.

    2Keep the handwriting clear and the paper tidy. 3Candidate should hand in this cover and paper together; the answer sheet should be attached to

    the cover.


黑龙江外国语学院 2013-2014学年 2学期

    Term 2 2013-2014 Academic Year Heilongjiang International University

机密?Confidential 编号?No.?! 13-14-2-040394A


    课程名称?Subject?!Public Speaking 2 考核类别Type of test?!考查

    课程类别(Type of course) : 专业必修课 考试形式(Test type) : 口语

    使用范围?Target group?!2013级财务管理1-8班,2013级国际经济与贸


    Students will select an article pertaining to current business news from a prominent English magazine, journal, newspaper, or website (e.g. Forbes, Harvard Business Review, BBC News, etc.). They will present this article to their classmates in the form of a two-minute speech, delivered from memory. The student will then answer two questions about their speech: one proposed by them and a follow-up question proposed by the teacher.

    On the exam date, each student will submit the following:

    ; A copy of their business news article (their speech)

    ; A glossary that includes at least five terms* from the article The total score for the final exam will be calculated based on the student’s

    oral delivery for the speech and their responses to questions.

    These terms include, but are not limited to: company names, jargon, business terminology, abbreviations, locations, etc. The purpose of this is to identify which words the student may have encountered without direct coaching on pronunciation or translation assistance from the teacher.


黑龙江外国语学院 2013-2014学年 2学期

    Term 2 2013-2014 Academic Year Heilongjiang International University

    Microsoft, Qihoo 360 sign tie-up deal


    Sourcechina daily

    BEIJING - Microsoft and China's leading Internet security company Qihoo 360 on Monday signed a cooperation deal covering mobile Internet and

    artificial intelligence, underscoring the multinational's determination to further tap the Chinese market.

    The two will begin cooperation in mobile Internet products such as Microsoft's chatbots Xiaobing and Qihoo 360's mobile security service, before moving on to technology exchanges in artificial intelligence, according to Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia (STCA). The tie-up is an effort to help Chinese mobile users enjoy better experiences of mobile Internet and artificial intelligence. It will contribute to

    the openness of China's mobile Internet, according to the STCA.

    SecuritySecurity refers to all the measures that are taken to protect a place, or to ensure that only people with permission enter it or leave it.

    Opennesssomething are open.

    Cooperation: some people work together.

    Intelligence: Intelligence is the quality of being intelligent or *

黑龙江外国语学院 2013-2014学年 2学期

    Term 2 2013-2014 Academic Year Heilongjiang International University


    Determination: the act of determining the properties of something.



     BC13240206 *

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