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    How to improve the staffs enthusiasm

    To Personal Manager

    From Yin Jia Jia

    Date 12.27 Dec 2010

    Subject How to improve the staff’s enthusiasm

    At present, many of the existing management company poor job, lack of initiative enthusiasm problem, so from the following aspects improve enthusiasm

    First, from system avoid. The management of the company lack of initiative, the problem in the small and medium-sized enterprise exists generally, is not a price of the two problems. Exist because system has defects. Thoroughly solve we must start from the system on evasion. Personally, I think we should set up simple standardized work process. Simple standardized work process is as follows:

    1, by oneself or the departments according to every department, every person's job responsibilities, the focus of the weekly standard and a simple job provisions in writing, announced at the weekend. Important the standard of work and completion time with through the general manager of the instructions shall prevail.

    2, the general manager's office a person for supervision and remind (intends to take the specialist implementation), according to the individual or department completed a circumstance to give certain rewards and punishment. For a temporary arrangement work, also want to send people supervision and remind.

    3, no implement and objective cause, by my mouth in time report and adjust working methods. Completed within a time limit.

    4, general manager at any time for personal work random spot, and promptly guide, again by supervision and remind people of individual opinion according to old total work for communication and remind.

    5, for old total repeatedly and not to execute or carrying them out and failing to meet the expected effect of things, agent must bear the responsibility. This responsibility is to give certain financial penalties.


    Second, to training cadres active work habits. Now, the cadre sometimes appear insufficient initiative, a work is to hold key, confuse your priorities and delay delay work. 2 it is the lack of certain work experience. In view of this situation, to all the aspects of the management training. Training also points two aspects. A is lets everybody how to distinguish work priorities, the correct time management and target management. 2 it is raising your work experience, let everybody goal and old total requirements of the agreement, more to be and company goals. Three is anything can not consider too simple, not too complicated. Carefully do a good job, can not have the "probably", "almost", "estimate," "should be" of the word.


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