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    Topic1-Is college an altogether forgiving world? Why/why not? A: Oh, do you remember the passage we have learned the

    Commencement Speech Youll Never hear?

    B: Of course, its so unforgettable that I remember it clearly. So what?

    A: Do you agree with his view that college is an altogether forgiving world?

    B: Of course not. We are in college now, and we are not forgiven. You will not forget something such as failing to pass an exam or making a big mistake, will you?

    A: HmmMaybe you are right. But to some extent, I still insist that college is an all-forgiving world.

    B: Why do you think so? You know that all we do will be put on record. We cant change it forever.

    A: Yeah. But in my mind, college teaches us how to be adapted to the society. When we were young, we never decided anything by ourselves. However, we will often do so in the future. So we need a period to complete the transformation. This is college. B: You mean what we do in college will be forgiven and no one cares about it?

    A: Exactly. We will make lots of decisions in college. Most of them are wrong or childish. But everyone thinks it is natural. So they can

forgive your mistakes. Meanwhile, you are growing up.

B: I see. You are right. To some degree, many things we do are


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