Print Quote Template

By Travis Jackson,2014-06-06 20:12
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Print Quote Template

Print Quote Template

    Specifications for Print Job

Pages plus cover:

Printer must specify additional costs per thousand:

Page Size:


Text Stock:

Text ink:

Cover Stock:

Cover Ink:

Electronic Files to Printer Date:

Deliver date:

Type of Software:


    Your response to the questions below (rated on a Pass/No Pass basis) will serve to identify you as a vendor who in the University of Minnesota's sole judgment has the ability to print and deliver this project on time and at quality standards. The University reserves the right to ask additional questions for clarification.

    A. Printer must bid directly on project and not through a print broker. No bid will be accepted from

    print brokers.

    1. Informational Only (will not be scored Pass/No Pass)

    a. Will you need to outsource any aspect of this print job? If yes, please describe.

     Yes No

    b. How many years have you been in business?

    c. List the specific printing equipment that will be used on this project (type and size of press, binding

    equipment, etc.)

    B, C and D will be scored Pass/No Pass. Any No Pass score may disqualify vendor from further consideration for the project.

B. Ability to Perform

    1. Can you meet or exceed the specification for this print job?

     Yes No

    2. Can you meet the delivery date* defined in the specifications if the purchase order is issued by


     Yes No

    3. Can you accept and output the files submitted in the specified software?

     Yes No

    4. Are there any circumstances impacting your firm that could affect your ability to perform under any

    award made at the University of Minnesota?

     Yes No

    5. Can you print this size ( )?

     Yes No

    * All delivery dates are firm and cannot be adjusted without approval of department.

     Failure of printer to meet any delivery date will result in a penalty assessment of one half of one percent of price of project per day that delivery is late. This penalty may be applied separately to each delivery point.


C. Relevant Experience/References

    1. List three similar completed projects with customer contact information.

D. Quality

    1. Please provide two samples (requirement) similar to the project described in this document. The

    samples will be judged on pass/no pass on the below criteria:

     Image Quality Pass No Pass N/A

     Registration Pass No Pass N/A

     Solids Pass No Pass N/A

     Cleanliness of Copy Pass No Pass N/A

     Resolution Pass No Pass N/A

     Color Consistence Pass No Pass N/A

     Finishing Quality Pass No Pass N/A

    2. Can you provide the proof indicated below?

     Yes No

     Yes No

E. Pricing

    Price: $

    Additional Cost Per Thousand: $

    Delivery Costs: $


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