skill in growing plants

By Sharon Russell,2014-05-31 15:25
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skill in growing plants

She was tickled pink when she heard that she was the only person who was offered

    such a chance.

    A. extremely pleased

    B. extremely offended

    C. extremely upset

5. I’m afraid we shouldn’t go on chatting like this. The new manager could arrive

    out of blue.

    A. unexpectedly; without warning

    B. with an angry expression

    C. to give somebody a lesson.

6. Our boss is rather stern and sometimes looks a bit haughty, but he isn’t really as

    black as he’s painted.

    A. as dark-skinned as he is described B. as dangerous as he looks

    C. as bad as he is said to be

7. He’s browned off with his job and decided to enter a university to study for his

    second degree.

    A. unequal to

    B. bored; fed up

    C. desperate for.

    8. No doubt that your father has green fingers. What a lovely garden! A. has a skill in keeping grass green forever B. works very hard

    C. has a skill in growing plants

    9. I’m afraid something bad may happen. We need to prepare for the worst.

     A. I’ve seen the red light.

     B. I’ve seen the green light.

     C. I’ve seen the yellow light.

    10. The government has finally given permission to start the project that has been discussed for several years.

     A. given the red light to

     B. given the green light to

     C. given the yellow light to

    11. We seldom see you, but you are off the next minute.

     A. see you only once in a blue moon.

     B. see you only once in a silver moon.

     C. see you only once in a grey moon.

    12. She has been in very good health after she made a habit of jogging every morning.

     A. in the brown

     B. in the red

     C. in the pink

    13. Mr. Johnson is the chief editor in this press who is responsible for crossing out or altering the offensive parts of a book before it is shown to the public.

     A. holds the red pencil.

     B. holds the blue pencil.

     C. holds the black pencil.

14. This is a rich district where many wealthy people live in their luxurious houses.

     A. a brown-stone district

     B. a red-stone district

     C. a white-stone district

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