June Stump Speech

By Margaret Walker,2014-05-09 20:39
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June Stump Speech

Do you know how many REALTORS? there are in NAR?

    1.1 million. We’re bigger than the whole state of Rhode Island!

    Rhode Island was one of the original thirteen colonies that declared independence from England. The colonies stood up to fight for the freedom we all enjoy today. Why were they successful? Because they were united under one goal. When Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence, he told John Hancock, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    I believe REALTORS? have the same opportunity today to stand together. If we do, we can accomplish amazing goals and put real estate On the Rise in 2010. That’s what the REALTOR?

    Party is all about. It’s a movement of real estate professionals fighting to keep the dream of homeownership alive in this country. We want to reenergize the REALTOR? Party this year. That’s why we’ve initiated a new campaign around three simple yet revolutionary words:

Vote. Act. Invest.


    Let’s talk about voting first. It’s important that we VOTE for candidates at the local, state, and

    national levels who support the REALTOR? Party. Voting is one of our most fundamental and precious rights as Americans. Our business has taken numerous hits in recent years. As REALTORS?, we need to exercise our vote and put leaders into office who understand and support our industry. Eighty percent of REALTORS? are registered to vote, we need to increase our numbers. Important Midterm congressional elections are taking place in November. Exercising your vote this fall is key to standing with the REALTOR? Party. Check later in the year to see who the REALTOR? Party is supporting.


    We need to do more than just vote as one party. We also need to ACT as one. That means every

    REALTOR? should participate in the Calls for Actionwhether from NAR or your state or local


    Eighteen percent of REALTORS? answered the Call for Action on the Homebuyer Tax Credit last year. It helped revive our economy, but we can do better.

Do you remember the pictures of President Obama’s inauguration with nearly 2 million people

    filling the National Mall? Imagine if we could fill the Mall with REALTORS? who answered the Calls for Action. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Leaders on Capitol Hill would certainly know where

    REALTORS? stand on the issues that matter to us.

In fact, we have an important Call for Action up right now. Two housing programs vital to the stsuccess of our industry have expired. The National Flood Insurance Program expired on May 31.

    REALTORS? have been urging Congress to pass a comprehensive reform bill for the National Flood Insurance Program all year. But Congress left town for the Memorial Day recess without reauthorizing the program. This hurts the entire real estate industry. Now zero new or renewal flood policies can be issued until the program is extended.

But NFIP isn’t our only challenge right now. Congress also didn’t reauthorize funding for the

    Section 502 Rural Housing Program. This program provides zero-down payment mortgages to families in rural areas of every state. Many of these families signed contracts before April 30th and plan to use the homebuyer tax credit. If this program is not restored soon, they will lose their chance to do so. The Call for Action urges Congress to reauthorize these programs immediately. Go to and answer the CFA today.

While you’re at the REALTOR? Action Center, if you’re a broker, sign up for the Broker

    Involvement Program. The program is taking off like a cannon right out of the Revolutionary War. Over 1,000 Brokers have registered just this year. More than four thousand Brokers are currently enrolled. We want to reach 6,000 by the Annual Conference in November. It only takes a few minutes to fill out and send the form online or by fax.


    We are asking you to vote and to act on behalf of the REALTOR? Party. But if we want REALTOR? voices heard clearly on Capitol Hill, we must also INVEST.

    You would not go through life without home owners insurance or auto insurance. The same should be true for your business. Invest in RPAC and you will protect the health of your business and your livelihood. The only requirement is that you are a REALTOR? member. RPAC helps us to actively support candidates on both sides of the aisle who understand and embrace REALTOR? issues.

There is a lot going on in our nation’s capitol today. Overhauling our financial system and

    restructuring Fannie and Freddie are just two of the major issues that would greatly affect how real estate is bought and sold.

It’s more important than ever that REALTORS? put our stamp on who leads us in Washington. If

    we don’t, someone else will. And it’s a good bet that they won't understand REALTOR? issues or

    be supportive of them.

    Although every REALTOR? in our Association has his own set of beliefs, we are united in the fact that we want to see our businesses and our industry succeed. That means standing together and Act, Vote and Invest in our future. Homeownership is one of the basic dreams of Americans. We need to protect it by standing together and stoking its flame.

To get involved, check out the REALTOR? Action Center Facebook page, or go to While you’re there, take your first virtual step onto the National Mall and answer the Call for Action!

    I have heard from many REALTORS? across Region 3 since returning from our Mid Year meetings. REALTORS?, like myself, who are committed to accomplishing the goals set out by NAR for Region 3 this year. We need everyone’s help to get “the job done”. Ask your broker today “are you signed up for the Broker Involvement Program”. If the answer is “NO” then take the first step. Call your local Board and someone will help you. It’s a simple process and one that can help

    keep our industry in the forefront with Congress.

As always, I am but a click away at

    Paula J. Miller

    NAR Region 3 Vice President

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