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    My favorite holiday -----The Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival of this year is February 3.Howerer;the dates of

    thSpring Festival are always on Dec.30 of lunar calendar. So they are

    usually not on the same day on the solar calendar.

    As the Spring Festival is coming means the spring will come soon ,next sow and harvest season will begin, people was pass the cold winter. Spring Festival is the most grand and lively Chinese traditional festival.

    The Spring Festival came from a myth. Long long ago, there was a monster named Nian. Nian always lived in the sea, it will went out eaten domestic animals and humans in the New Year’s Eve.

    Therefore, when New Years Eve is coming , people all hide in

    mountains .In a New Years Eve, an old beggar went into a village

    and beg some foods , but everyone just want hide quickly, they dont

    attend to the beggar. Only an old kindness lady gave some foods to him. The old beggar told to the lady that he can help her rush Nian. The old beggar paste big red paper on the door of the old ladys

    house, light many candles and set off fire crackers . As Nian saw the red colour, brightness flame and heard the blast noise, it shook serious, just a moment, Nian was run away.

    When villagers came back, they feel so unbelieveable that the old lady was safe. The old lady told them how did the old beggar rush Nian, people all kown how to rush Nian. Hence, in the New Years

    Eve, every family paste antithetical couplet, set off fire crackers, ablaze with lights. In celend of the first moom, people visit relatives and friends with finest blessings. This tradition keep on now.

    ; I love the Spring Festival have four point reasons. First, it is Chinese most grand traditional festival. China have been 5000 years. Almost every year Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival, just time is different. Celebrate the festival was stabled in my heart. Second , my families can reunite in the Spring Festival. I can stay with my parents, my grandparents and my brother, we have meal in a big dinning table, and every families with a smiling face. Its so

    warm and fragrant. Third, I like the Spring Festival atmosphere. In the Spring Festival, everyone abandon theirs misfortune, sorrow, fury and tired, their heart full of happiness. I can see everyone was joyful. In the Spring Festival, there was no quarrel, no fight, no gloom, no despair. The atmosphere was so joyful and harmonious. When I stay in the surroundings I feel very comfortable. The last, money given to children as a lunar New Year gift. As I was a child, every Spring Festival, parents, grandparents and relatives give me

    money as a New Year gift. They gave me 20-100 yuan, maybe it is little, but when I assemble the money it will be a big number. I can use the money by myself. I feel I am the richest boy in the world when I hold the money. Although I havent this gift as I grown up,

    but receive the gift is my best memory in my childhood.

    When the Spring Festival is coming my families will prepare many foods, just like fishes, duck, chicken, pork, beef, bacon, vegetable, New Year cake and others. We will tidy up whole house, clean everywhere welcome the Spring Festival. In the New Year Eve we paste antithetical, door-god and the character fu. We hang up big

    red lantern and Chinese knot. I did the job every year from I am 15 years old. I hang the character fu upside down. Its means that

    happiness is arrived. Then, my parents cook family reunion dinner. Before family reunion dinner, my grandma lead us worship our ancestors and god of wealth, my brother set off fire crackers. The family reunion dinner mainly have 18 dishes, it is the richest dinner all the year around. As we begin eat, my brother and I toast to my grandma and parents, and bless them. They bless us, too. We talk about the past year and the new year. We stay up late or all night on New Years Eve. After the dinner, children always go out play fireworks. I like fireworks very much, when I am a child I like play

    it and now, I like watch it fire. In the night ,we hold together watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala, then we eat cake. Eat New Year cake means your life be very sweet your work be rising higher step by step in the new year. But in the north of china, people always eat dumplings made by themselves. As the CCTV spring Festival Gala end, the first day of new year advent ,each family set off firecrackers, it means new year is begin.

    In the lunar New Years Day, we all go outside with rich dress.

    Firstly, we pay a New Year call to our grandma, our grandfather and our grandmother. We eat family reunion dinner in my uncles room.

    In the second day, we call on friends and relatives and pay a New Year call to them. In my hometown, we can saw people perform lion and dragon dances. In the third day night. We make the celebration send every celestials and ancestor off.

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