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Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept

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    Premiered at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show and derived from the production CTS sedan, the CTS Coupe Concept features an all-new body that adopts the brand's 'Art and Science' design language with sharp, shear forms and crisp edges.

    From the official Press Release:

    Exterior Design

    The CTS Coupe Concept is a dramatic design statement,” said Ed Welburn, VP, GM Global Design.

    We did not create it as the result of sifting through reams of market data, nor is its shape trimmed to suit the input collected at a consumer clinic – it is emotion on four wheels and the very essence of what defines Cadillac today.”

    This Coupe Concept is a natural extension of our design language, and of the CTS itself,” said Jim

    Taylor, Cadillac general manager.

    Very simply, the dramatic design of the sedan begged the question of what it would look like in the unbridled form of a Coupe.”

    Created by the CTS design team, the CTS Coupe has a fast-rake styling: it has the same wheelbase as

    the CTS, but an overall height that is approximately two inches (51 mm) lower and an overall length that is two inches (51 mm) shorter – blends with hand-sculpted bodywork that bulges around the wheels, giving the vehicle a ready-to-pounce stance that is dramatic, powerful and sleek. Just about every decade, Cadillac designs a breakthrough car that becomes synonymous with the brand’s character of the period, such as the 1938 60 Special, the 1959 lineup, the 1975 Seville and the 2003 Sixteen Concept,” said Clay Dean, Cadillac’s global design director.

    The CTS Coupe Concept carries the baton from the Evoq Concept that ushered in the Art and Science era in 1999.”

    Among the CTS Coupe Concept’s signature design cues are a number of elements that suggest the look of a carefully cut diamond – particularly at the rear.

    These elements are seen in everything from the chrome header above the rear license plate holder to the indents that comprise the basic form of the rear fascia.

    The diamond-cut elements enhance the sleek profile of the car,” said John Manoogian II, director of

    exterior design for Cadillac.

    The CTS Coupe uses the elements, along with other nods to classic Cadillac cues – such as vertical

    headlamps and taillamps – to acknowledge the brand’s heritage without resorting to nostalgia. It is a forward-looking design in every sense of the term.”

    Although based on the sedan, the CTS Coupe shares only the instrument panel, console, headlamps, front fenders and grille with the production model. Unique elements include:

    Classic hardtop styling, with no B-pillar

    CTS production windshield laid at a faster angle to create a sleeker profile Chrome, split seven-spoke wheel design; 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels Sculpted lower front fascia with unique brake-cooling vents

    Slim-profile outside mirrors

    XLR-type hidden door handles with proximity remote opening

    Unique front fender vents

    Diamond-cut rear fascia with mesh lower grilles and center-outlet exhaust

    Taillamps with a subtle fin profile and are highlighted with LED lighting technology with light pipes Rear spoiler integrated into the center high-mounted stop lamp

    Sculpted roof-mounted antenna for OnStar, XM Satellite Radio, etc.

    Each line and angle of the bodywork was carefully honed, and the final design’s proportions were judged by the eyes of the design team, not computer-generated math data,” said Manoogian

    The surfaces of CTS Coupe Concept are complex, inviting careful inspection. The rear fenders, for example, were sculpted by hand in the design studio until they provided a perfect, muscular form that wrapped tightly over the wheels.

    At the top, the rear fenders are beveled – owing to the diamond-cut theme – and become part of a horizontal plane that runs from the leading edge of the taillamps and merges into the roof. At first glance, the design appears effectively simple, because there are no extraneous moldings, spoilers or other protrusions, but the more you look at it, the more complex it becomes,” said Manoogian.

    The angles and bevels were carefully carved to enhance the car’s sleek shape, but aren’t ‘busy’ or distracting – there’s really nothing quite like it.”

    Interior Design

    The CTS Coupe Concept has a classic 2+2 interior layout, highlighted by black leather and microfiber trim that is complemented by yellow ochre-colored seat inserts and leather stitching.It shares the instrument panel and center console with the CTS, but features unique front and rear

    seats, a continuous console running between the front and rear seats, and custom door panels. The CTS Coupe is a personal car – something a customer would choose to reward him or herself – and

    the passenger environment reflects that,” said Eric Clough, interior design director.

    The interior uses the already excellent CTS design and takes it to a new, bolder level.”

    Custom-trimmed sport seats from Recaro are located in all four positions.

    The yellow ochre color provides contrast with the black surrounding trim and is used for the seats, instrument panel, shifter knob and more.

    Black microfiber fabric covers the front and rear armrests, that are part of a continuous console that stretches from the instrument panel to rear seats. Carbon-fiber trim accents the console. The interior also features ambient lighting throughout, creating a distinctive environment at night.

    The multimedia system includes a Bose audio system, 40-gigabyte hard drive, Satellite Radio, Turn-by-Turn Navigation and a display screen that rises out of the center of the instrument panel. Technical Features

    The CTS Coupe extends the acclaimed of the sedan and is capable of supporting a broad engine range of gasoline and diesel engines, such as the 3.6L V-6 engines family, including the 304-horsepower (227 kW) Direct Injection power plant.

    The Coupe Concept also is designed for a new 2.9L turbo-diesel being developed for international markets, that will deliver an estimated 250 horsepower (184 kW) and 406 lb.-ft. of torque (550 Nm). A six-speed manual transmission backs the engine, sending torque to an independently sprung rear


    The CTS sport-tuned suspension gives it a slightly lower ride height than a production CTS – a look enhanced by the car’s rakish shape and large, 20-inch front and 21-inch rear tires mounted on chrome, split-spoke, aluminum alloy wheels.

    The high-performance brakes feature cross-drilled rotors, six-front piston calipers and four-piston rear calipers.

    Clay Modeling Process - Image Gallery

    Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept - Technical Specifications

    Vehicle type: two-door, four-passenger rear-wheel-drive coupe Wheelbase (in / mm): 113.4 / 2880

    Length (in / mm): 187 / 4750

    Width (in / mm): 73.6 / 1870

    Height (in / mm): 54.7 / 1390

    Track (in / mm): 61.8 / 1570 (front); 62 / 1575 (rear)

    Powertrain: 2.9L turbo-diesel; six-speed manual transmission Suspension: four-wheel independent: MacPherson strut front; multilink

    rear, progressive rate coil springs, monotube shock


    Brakes: four-wheel disc; crossed-drilled rotors

    Wheels: cast aluminum; 20-in front, 21-in rear

    (Source: Cadillac)

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