Pathology Billing Example CMS-1500 (path bil cms)

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Pathology Billing Example CMS-1500 (path bil cms)

    path bil cms

    Pathology Billing Example: CMS-1500 1

The example in this section assists providers who bill pathology services on the CMS-1500 claim form.

    Refer to the Pathology: Billing and Modifiers section of this manual for policy information related to this example. Refer to the CMS-1500 Completion section of this manual for instructions to complete claim fields not explained in the following example. For additional claim preparation information, refer to the Forms: Legibility and Completion Standards section of this manual.

    Billing Tips: When completing claims, do not enter the decimal points in ICD-9-CM codes or dollar

    amounts. If requested information does not fit neatly in the Reserved for Local Use field

    (Box 19) of the claim, type it on an 8? x 11-inch sheet of paper and attach it to the claim.

2 Pathology Billing Example: CMS-1500 Medical Services 394 May 2007

path bil cms


Billing Single Lab Figure 1. Using single claim line to bill same lab procedure more

    Procedure More Than than once on the same day.

    Once on Same Day

    This is a sample only. Please adapt to your billing situation.

    In this example, lab specimens for thyroid stimulating hormone

    (CPT-4 code 84443) are drawn at four 15-minute intervals in order to

    establish a diagnostic curve. Code 84443 is billed with modifier ZS

    (professional and technical component) in the Procedures,

    Services or Supplies/Modifier field (Box 24D).

    The date of service, June 2, 2007, is entered as 060207 in the

    Date(s) of Service field (Box 24A). Enter Place of Service code 81

    (independent laboratory) in Box 24B.

    In the Reserved for Local Use field (Box 19), specify the times that

    the specimens were analyzed.

    Enter the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code in the Diagnosis or Nature of

    Illness or Injury field (Box 21). ICD-9-CM code 244.9, for primary

    hypothyroidism, is used in this example. Enter the usual and

    customary charges in the Charges field (Box 24F). Enter a “4” in the

    Days or Units field (Box 24G) to show that four separate specimens

    were drawn and analyzed.

    Figure 1. Using Single Claim Line to Bill Same Lab Procedure More Than Once on the Same Day. 2 Pathology Billing Example: CMS-1500 Medical Services 429 March 2010

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