By Dennis Reyes,2014-05-31 12:14
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On capital punishment

    Good afternoon,everyone!Today,Ilike to share with you some of

    my thoughts a book Ive recently read On Crimes and

    Punishments by Cesare Baccaria .

    After reading his book,Ifind his ideas on the punishment of death especially interest me.We all know that Human Right Origanizations around the world has been appealing to abolish captial punishment for ages,and for some reasons,some countries are unanimously criticizing China of its human right issues ,and one of there most powerful grounds of argument is the huge number of annual death penalties in China.So I have always been wondering-do we have the right to sentence a criminal to death?And if so,is capital punishment the most effective method of highest punishment we now have?

    First,there is this question.Does a country have the right to execute a criminal?In his book,Baccaria states thatthe law are

    only the sum of the smallest poritions of the private liberty of each individaualand its goal is to protect the right that every member of the community has got left.So he deduced that no one would give up the right to live because it is the prerepuisite of every kinds of right,thus a community doesnt have the

    legitimate right to sentence one to death,since the right to live is

    something its members had not and would not give up Well,I am not with him on this point.From my point of view,at the every beginning,when a social contract was made,it is reasonable to assume,on basis of the contractors intention to

    protect their owe rights that they would not infringe upon the liberty of the other members.Thus,the community was offered, by its






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