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what is beauty what is beauty bbc all beauty is sad unlucky so unlucky life is beauty age is beauty unlucky number 13 luck is no excuse luck is no excuse3

    Beauty is lucky or unlucky

    Every person has his or her own appearance. Some people are born beautiful, who is popular with her classmates. They are lucky. On the contrary, some people are always complaint about their appearances, who are often paid little attention to. They think they are unlucky.

    What do you think about it ? Do you mind your own appearance ?

    A: I think beauty is lucky. It is very important. Because people often judge the others by appearance when they meet each other for the first time. If you have better appearance other people will have more motivation to realize you.

    A: I am not agree with you, the outward beauty be just surface, inside mind virtue more importance, there is outward beauty, you possibility just many the layer envy, so I think outward beauty to be just mask!

    B: But most people like judge a book by its cover! For comtemporary society, external appearance is important and a person with good appearance is always easy to get a better job through person to person interview than others. Futhermore, for male

    colleges ,beautiful lady is more attractable than that not and it can improve corporate's image and vitality.

    B: Don't judge a book by its cover! My parents offer me the apperance, so I don't choose what I want. Thus, I laid more emphasis on the inner characteristics and personality. Anyway, no matter how your appearance is, you should keep going and doing what you like.

    C;Beautiful people are more confident. The beautiful appearance and the stature are womens pround capital of her life. Beautiful is

    the capital. If you are beautiful enough, you can become a star. And also can marry good man with good condition, Thats benefit to bear

    and rear better children.

    C;The beautiful woman easy to receive the harassment in the life. Dont you know The greatest beauty hangs the greatest ruin? For

    example, Many female had been sexually harassed at work. Now do you think that attractive is lucky?

    Everyone lives in the different lifes, they have their own appearances, some of them think it is perfect , but the others think it is hard and unfair. But everyone is living for himself. The world is unfair .we

    just need to live by our hearts, to taste life by heart ,no matter whether it is bitter or sweet. To do what we like, no matter what people say. What we can do is to let others appreciate us from our temperament, character, conduct and other things.

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