April Calendar

By Joanne Patterson,2014-07-09 06:30
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April Calendar

    January Calendar

    Put an ice cube Finish the Draw 3 Have someone Can you Get your in 4 bowls: 1 by sentence “I snowflakes. at home read think of 3 family itself, 1 with want it to Draw 1 more these words: words that members to salt, 1 with snow because… snowflake. grape, glue, sugar and 1 with rhyme with spell their “. Draw a How many water. Which one gum, grab Can the word stnames for will melt 1? picture to go snowflakes you guess the ice? Make a you. Write along with are there all mystery prediction and the letters. your sentence together? letter? watch to see if

    you were right!

    Get a grown-up to Help your child After you Go to the Ask your Tell cut out circles draw a snowy scene build your library and family if someone at (same # as the # in white crayon on name snowman, get 2 books they like of letters in your white paper home what measure it. name). Write 1 (snowflakes, about snow: 1 penguins or letter of your snowman, etc). How tall is happened in with real polar bears name on each Paint over the it? Draw a hat the story information better. Make circle and glue drawing with blue and arms for them on top of watercolor and The Mitten. and 1 that is a graph from your snowman each other to watch it appear! a make their build a name believe story answers. snowman

    Mix equal parts Get a grown-up Make white Can you Use the What is Elmer’s glue and to draw a Play-Doh and think of 3 colors blue snow made shaving cream. circle, a mix in words that Spread it into a and white square, a glitter. It out of? snowman shape on rhyme with triangle, and looks like to make a Ice? Make cardstock. You the word a rectangle on shimmering pattern. can push some ice paper in snow! Practice snow? buttons, etc marker. Can squeezing it at home into it for you name the to help your eyes, a nose,

    shapes? Cut hand muscles etc. It will dry

    puffy! the shapes get strong

    out. When a grown-up Choose You have 5 Have someone Make a Draw 3 is reading you something to snowballs and at home read graph of snowmen: 1 a story at home measure how 1 melts. How these words: how many small, 1 put your finger long your leg many nose, neat, on the left is, how long boys and medium and snowballs are name, side to remind the side of how many 1 large left? them to start notebook. Can your bed is… girls live reading there you guess the (ideas:

pencil, mystery in your marker, hands) letter? house

Draw a picture of When you are Tell someone Pick your Gallop to 1 Tell your family at the putting your at home how favorite bottom of white side of someone at paper. Use a hole mittens on, snow comes juice and get your living home why punch and punch tell someone down from the a grown-up holes all over the room and some at home which sky pour it into paper. It will look like snowballs are hop on 1 animals hand is left an ice tray. falling on your foot back hibernate and which Homemade family! (This also helps strengthen hand is right popsicles! in the hand muscles).


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