Cabrach Diaries Transcribed by Phyllis Goodall

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Cabrach Diaries Transcribed by Phyllis Goodallby,BY,By

    Cabrach Diaries Transcribed by Phyllis Goodall




    Born 25th Dec 1861

    Died 2nd February 1915

    Excerpts from

     The Buck Diaries from 1891 to 1915

John Thomas Duncan 25th December 1861

    Elizabeth Reid 9th September 1877

    William Souter Duncan 13th April 1903

    John & Elizabeth married 8th July 1903

    John Thomas Duncan 29th October 1904

    Lizzie Ann Duncan 9th November 1906

    Mary Jane Duncan 30th September 1908

    Maggie Helen Duncan 18th August 1910


    February 1891

    2nd ...old Bell of Auchmair died today aged 86

     3rd fresh today misty and wet James Smith here tonight telling me James Law and Cryle had quarrelled about eating new grass the bargain was all the pasture on both the places but one park of new grass beside the house John Smith to go down tomorrow

     4th I cleaned the bees broad and pruned the gooseberries bushes in upper garden John Robertson plowing stibble a very fine day. John Smith at Conttach . Cryle not at home. Mother down at Auchmair

     5th Old Bell buried today....A. Gordon took Love away tonight. Mother not well. Marjorie here working. Isa Innes stopped and milked cow at night.

     6th Mother a little better I milked Cow this morning. pruned all the red Currants in lower garden today Sorted fireplace out of an old dip tin. May Reid here today took in turnips to byre a fine day

     7th ... pruning bushes in upper garden James Beattie Wm Kellas & Milloy on Buck shooting hares 8 and 5

     9th pruning bushes forenoon I let on the water Mother Lizzie Reid & I thrashed a little at dinnertime ...

     10th Sent sock and culter with Legerwood to Howtown in bed all day a fine day

     13th A. Gordon brought home Love mare

     14th James Reid [father-in-law] took mare down to Auchmair again I unable to get up to attend her. Mrs Gordon Bracklach sent over lintseed meal for my leg, its none better

     16th ...Peter Simpson's son died today

    19th Feb A. Gordon came up with mares this morning and started to plow lea....Cow served by Bracklach's bull. Sandy Duncan & Garrow here tonight Sang a lot of Songs. a fine day.

     21st Saturday A. Gordon finished lea and started stibble. Mrs Gordon Bracklach here played a few springs on piano. A.G. took home his mare with him tonight. took sock and culter to Smithy to be sharpened. a fine day

     24th A. Gordon finished stibble and started clean land forenoon he went to plowing match afternoon. A very fine day

     26th A.Gordon finished plowing clean ground ...left Love. I got up this afternoon for the first time. Leg healed up....fine day...Wm. Kellas ans John Clark here tonight. sent ducks with Thomson to Auchmillan

     March 1891 nd 2 1891 A.Gordon took away Love and cart today a terrable day of wind and showers of snow

     4th a year today since William Souter died at 5.35pm gone but not forgotten [William Souter 1864-1890,

    son of David Souter & Ann Reid]

     5th a foul sort of day. James shand here tonight putting Lock on room door

     6th James Shand sorting stable and bed

     9th Monday A stormy day John Smith here today telling me he was going to Huntly on Wednesday and that Murdoch wanted all accounts as he is to wind up the estate

     19th John Smith, Alexr. Gordon and Helen Souter or Gordon, John Robertson, James Reid here today. John Smith paid Alexr Gordons, Helens & Mothers Legacies. J. Reid & J. Robertson witnesses to the discharge deed. Mother & Helen & Sandy & I divided the clothes. M ?40. H ?37"18"3 A. ?1"89

     20th ...A Chapman's man collecting money for horse service to mares I paid him ?1 for serv. to mare Love

     26th ewe lambed today first one

     31st Wm. Gordon here with Census Schedules

    April 1891

    2nd ...J. Dawson asking loan of sturdie instruments

     6th J. Reid cleaned snow out of mill wheel. May Reid & Jane Nicoll took in turnips. took in a rick "Rover2 killed 4 large rats they had made a terrable mess of rick

    8th Maggie Beattie 20 years of age today [dr of James Beattie & Rachel McCombie]

     9th I was up today for first since 21st march with my leg. Let out mare and cleaned her, she has a terrable udder and two big lumps on belly. A. Gordon here for her, took her to Smiddy to get on a shoe.

     11th Auchmair sowed today first in the place

     16th a very bad day dinging on sleet ground all white. A. Gordon brought home mare Love, he through with sowing

     17th Apr a better day. J. Reid brought up Missy mare tonight.

    18th Apr... Love running out milk today

     19th Sunday, mare's (Love?) colt born at 3am

     24th Friday harrowing lea corn, had Love in yoke today for first time after foaling very quiet. Helen of

     Auchmair up. Maggie Beattie and Isa Innes washed the foal with carbolic soap for to destroy dog ticks that were biting him he is very sore bitten.

     25th dunged and digged a bit of the garden

    May 1891

     1st Friday A. Gordon brought up his mare & left her & sowed rye grass and clover. thrashed last of corn Dawson commenced to plow this park of clean ground behind kiln. John Souter started to plow other half of his lea. heavy rain afternoon.

     2nd a cold day with snow; carted up peats with Missy. Browns egg man brought me bee feeder price 1/-

     4th ...J. Reid planting potatoes and sowing his corn

     5th At Mary Fair...

     8th ..Mains of Elrick plowing at Bodiebae J Law grubbed and harrowed ground for potatoes

     11th opened drills for potatoes I n morning. I went to Rhynie with Missy brought home 2 bags bran @ 7/6 each, bag of dist 2/-, bag of meal from carrier he brought 1 boll meal and 3 stones prone. I paid him for everything but the meal, gave him ?1"13-, due him 16/-. Troup 8lbs nails 8lb staples 2/10. 1/4 lb tobacco 1/-

     12th ...Love to smiddy two new fore shoes, took her and foal to Auchmair I stopped all night there.

     16th J. Law allowed Rover to cut 3 of ewes. A ewe with twins drowned in ditch; gave ewes corn and bran today, stormy day, snow on ground. Charles Gordon insured James Law for ?100.

     18th J. Law cleaning out ditch, also 19th & 20th

     27th J. Law spreading mole heaps

     30th Sorting waterworks...

     June 1891

     1st Monday ...I gave Alexr Gordon Auchmair a ?20 pound note to pay my rent ?13"4

     2nd a very fine day, Simpson linking, May and I breaking clods forenoon, May and Simpson afternooon gathering weeds

     8th ... I went with Missie for AG's cart manure & Maggie Duglas trunk.. dunging with both carts afternoon. I received ?6"15 from A. Gordon the change of ?20 after paying the rent

     17th Wm sowed 12 drills of turnips a second time

     19th ... a terrable warm day

     20th ... clipped hogs today

     23rd Bank clipped 600 sheep today

     26th Cabrach concert I went down with Jane Souter. Simpson mossing today; expensses at con 1/8

     27th I was at the Cabrach Picnic today; came on a bad day, a terrable spate in Kinny burn; expenses 1/2..

     July 1891

    2nd Fast day ... shepherd of Clova here bidding to his clipping. fine day

     3rd mossing

     4th Wm went to Clova's clipping but they did not clip owing to wet

     11th finished casting peats at dinnertime...on of the big twins died with the gilding, a few very stiff and


     17th wet forenoon, howing afternoon, I up, leg worse

     18th ...Wm laying casy...

     24th John Souter's great feast and rejoicing that he has got a new house to hold his pretty wife darling Meg.

     25th Bank clipped his ewes today

     28th a very cold wind and rain Wm. Simpson away to Glass market had no errand took Bright dog with him

     29th a very bad day Simpson not home yet

     30th Cabrach Market I unable to be at it

     31th A very fine day. Simpson and dog came home this morning. Mother not well. Stock hive swarmed today

    Second time, and hived. Quey calved, cow calf red. i up and down at Bees when swarming. Ewe hogs back

    to hill again

     August 1891

    1st Saturday Misses L. Gordon & Maggie Smith here today. Wm. Nicoll Wm Simpson & I weighed wool today weight of wool without bags cwt 14" qr1"lb9 or 1605 lbs. finished Setting of peats by dinner time

     3rd Willie went for Wm Kellas's mare and cart to take away the wool Sim(him?) and Wm. Nicoll took inover 6 bags to Blackhills a terrible spate of rain

     4th Wm. Simpson went to Gartly with wool John took on two of our bags. he brought home bag of Inch(?) meal and bag of prone from Sim Carrier and 2 stones of sugar from Troup put on super on top swarm

     5th Simpson with mare at Smith 4 removes a scythe board from Wm Smith at upper Howbog afternoon for two hogs cutting bents after he came back

     6th cutting bent forenoon ran potatoes 7 set them up and a few drills turnips and howed. a Second time

     7th driving bent forenoon running turnips afternoon and howing Muckle Jock finished howing first time. I made a cover for bees

     8th Carting up peats from other house forenoon and howing afternon I making cover for bee hives

     10th leg feeling bad received returns for wool they have made the weight 1qr 16lb more than me ?38"4"8 1562 lbs @5/

     11th George Gordon here this morning I gave him ?15 for quey ?1 to get back I laid up with leg again worse than ever this time John Smith tok off his lambs today

     12th Wm. howing Sent May to post took her 5 hours to go and come

     13th My leg burst and bled today a good deal. Wm howing Muckle Jock cutting his hay at Sharps rather cold day

     18th a bad day Wm cutting thistles forenoon went to Mill of Auchindoir for meal afternoon 3 bolls meal 8st hash for dogs and sack of prone

     19th Wm cutting thistles all day. Miss I. Innes and Miss M.J. Bain calling afternoon a fine day

     21st Friday George Sangers Circus at Huntly today a lot at it from here. Wm Kellas cemented his room today .... a very bad day a lot of rain

     24th ....paid Legatwood 2/4 for beehive, from R Murray 30lb McDougall's sheep dip

     27th Willie and May gathering and binding up hay. finished by night then it commenced to thunder and rain. from R. Murray 6oz olive oil Very warm today

     28th ...Willie went away to Johns fair without telling that he was going a good market John Robertson 21 lambs @ 9/6 John Souter sold mare 3 year old ?28

     31st ....Cowie horse dealer here trying to buy mare and foal offered me ?51 for both

     September 1891

     1st Alexandr Gordon at Mary Fair ... Willie driving grouse

     7th ..Eben Beattie here I syringed out his ears as he was a little deaf in one of them

     8th Wm Duncan here tonight pulled all the berries bad crop destroyed with wind and birds

     9th ...piner gimmer died today

     10th Sent for Wm kellas & John Robertson to take in hay a very fine say for it. A Gordon came by dinnertime & JR went home. Dr Galloway at Wm Simpson disease Erysipelas, he was up at night. I was told to keep my bed for awhile yet.

     15th Simpson & May setting up peats

     23rd Willie cutting rashes and Mains of Elrick he has taken away 6 loads; rather cold day. Mrs & Miss Ferguson here begging, gave her 3/-

     24th ...took off supers not much (honey) in them. John Smith cut corn at Craig today

     25th...Bracklach driving Jane Daun's peats afternoon

     28th Aldunie commenced harvest and Auchmair too, first in the place, Factor of Tornie commenced on Saturday. Bracklach driving Jane Daun's peats forenoon, J. Reid afternoon. Willie and May helping, not very dry, a fine day. I up today.

     30th Willie carting up bedding 4 loads forenoon, carting peats afternoon 6 loads. J. Reid bought John McDonalds Gun, over with it tonight.

    October 1891

    2nd ...corn frosted this morning

     3rd ..Alex Scott wanting ?40 for his winter foggage

     5th Cut all clean ground corn today but little bit at end. John Souter & Fettis began today. Aldunie leading.

     8th Raking and binding up clean ground, time at it to cut and bind May & Willie 22 hours. Drew out lambs tonight

     10th Simpson left this morning for me speaking to him about having my sheep shut out and his in; and he kept 16 all summer instead of 4 ewes which was the bargain. May with Wm. Kellas all day; a fine day

     12th a fine harvest day, most of them leading. Bracklach hewking. J. Souter started reaper today. May with W. Kellas afternoon. Bright dog off today.

     13th a fine day.W. Smith came up for mare and took her down and shod her and let her come herself. J. Souter begun to lead. a strong wind and rain tonight. Mother & May hewking today, put up six. I cleaning clock.

     14th I whistled Bright dog away from W. Simpson today

     15th ...A man came tonight James Stewart engaged him for a few days at 4/- a day

     16th-20th thatching ricks

     21st Man James Stewart left paid him 4/6 per day for 3 1/2days 4/6

     26th wind to dry stooks. Ramsy cutting grass for rapes, making rapes and thatched rick

     27th Ramsy mending bridge at end of J. Reid's garden to get over with peats

     28th ...paid Ramsy tonight

     29th ...cows on stibble....Bob came tonight brought his bicycle

     30th Bob and may taking up potatoes forenoon. George Reid in over asking the loan of a dog, let him have Bright

     31st Bob taking up potatoes finished them today. Ramsay's rick hot Mother took it down and stooked it out. Wm Kellas to come and build it but too late before done raping his ricks; two socks and culter to smiddy. J. Dawson 3 bottles honey ale

     November 1891

    2nd A very fine day. Bob pitted potatoes & cleaned ditch back of peatstack. Wm. Kellas came up went to moss with Bob took home one load then took up hewks and built rest into two ricks

     3rd Wm Kellas took Love and took down the two cripples to McAdam butcher, brought home sack of dist 60lb dip, staw collar for foal... [William Kellas at Powneed s of Alexander Kellas & Helen Bain]

     5th Wm. Kellas went to Clova for wood with Love for workbench and ladder and 15 second deals. Bob to Bracklach's ball.

     6th ...Wm Simpson here tonight I paid him his fee less ?5 for unexpired time, I gave him ?4 tonight and ?3 before. So we are clear.

     7th Maggie Douglas got a son this morning

     9th ...A. Gordon away seeking pasture a few minutes late. Mains of Kildrummy let for ?14 - cannot get pasture. Feed James law wages ?12-

     10th Bob took down foal to Auchmair & up Missy. 50 loads of new peats home

     11th a terrible spate...Bodiebae bridges flooded

     12th Bob building up peats. A.Gordon came up and feared & started Bob to plough afternoon

     13th ..rambs in back park one got out & among ewes all night..

     14th ..croft style left open tonight ewes among turnips Sunday morning had been in all night badly cut

     16th market Rhynie

     17th Wm Hendry came this morning carted home rashes and bedding

     18th ...Concert tonight

     19th Bob went down to Auchmair for slates took back mare. I thatched bees. Hendry thatching mill afternoon Wilson slating afternoon about 30 slates did not finish

     20th Hendry finished thatching by dinnertime Bob and him fastened netting afternoon. Slater back and finished repairing; charge for work & slates 7/- I paid Hendry 6/-

    21st I let out 4 rambs today. Bank let out his.

     23rd Bracklach out rambs tonight

     25th Helen of Auchmair here early this morning telling me that Sandy took her money from her and would not let her take the ewes. May to Auchmillan for Bright came home without him. Bob took cow to Auchmair tonight stopped all night for market tomorrow.

     26th Bob at Dufftown market with black cow best bid ?18"10, my reserve ?19"10. Stopped at Auchmair all night. I gave Bob ?1.

     28th Term day, gave May her fee ?3 - George Reid brought home Bright; terrible night, drifted; our sheep down among Kirton's turnips. Wm. Kellas got them and brought them home

     30th Mid Clova trying Bruce for his pasture offered him ?24 would not let it till he saw the shepherd, splendid foggage on it

     December 1891

    1st James Law back to Mid Clova to see if we were getting it; the Laird will not let him let it to any other one

     2nd Bob took cow to Rhynie Murray gave him ?19

     3rd James Law plowing and 4th & 5th

     5th James & Johnnie Smith here tonight. Bob clipped their heads I not able.

     7th J. Reid offered Bruce ?30 for his pasture keep shepherd & dogs by far too much by ?7

     8th Bob & J.Reid went to mill of Auchindoir for wood and hens meat...1 bag dist for Jane Daun. J. Robertson sheep away to Auchinleath for wintering

     12th Sent away offer for wood of Tonley for sheep to 1st

     April ?16"10 and ?17"10 if they extend time to 10th

     April....paid poor rates ?1"10"71/2 and Wm smith's account 10/2

     14th Bob preparing for foal coming home went down for it afternoon took mare with him left her to thrash

     15th and onward shooting white hares

     23rd Gordon McWilliam here tonight about dinner at Ardwell

     24th sent letter with bills for pasture to Hunter & Gordon Advocates. Bob's fiddle came tonight. Case smashed, fiddle very narrow escape

     25th Bob at Christmas tree, Diarist 30 y.o.


    March 1892

    14th G.Reid & Bob winnowed up last of corn 11/2 qrs for seed still stormy. R. Simpson says Muckle Jock has over 30 of his sheep dead with poverty, a perfect shame to keep beasts and hunger them & himself well able to buy meat, but perfect greed will not let him, the old miser.

     18th Friday Still a very forcy fresh, water very big today. Cow set off to Bracklach to the Bull herself She swam the water it was so big, like to take her down. So she got two jumps.

     21st Bob thatching little house back of stable, took mare down to Auchmair at night. John Smith here tonight. a fine day.

     22nd fine day. Foal followed Ligerwood to Blackhills, Bob went after him at night, both stopped there all night, Auchmair plowing match today. Plowing.

     23rd Bob home with colt from Blackhills 9am. Spreading mole heaps today, fine fresh day, every one plowing. ...Mrs Clark delivered of a Son about 11pmjust my mother and Mrs Fettes with her child born an hour before Dr Grant arrived

     25th This is a very fine day. Bob spreading mole heaps finished; cleaning out ditch while afternoon ...Muckle Jock has sent the strongest of his sheep away to the hill to look for munth and the Invalids are put in the Hospital. This is the night of the Concert for guide poles.

     26th Saturday storm again

     31st ...A.G. went down with Love to Powneed for another load of lime

    April 1892

    ...the Dillet all in a blaze; sent old coins to Mr Nicoll 1st

     2nd ...Draughts between Upper & Lower Cabrach...

     4th ..hoggs...very ill with foot rot

     6th A.G. sowed all our lea 31/2qrs of Scotch birley 4 ewes lambed

     9th (Sat.)... Bob &JL driving peats...

     12th ... Mrs Duncan Pisgah here...

     14th Brother & Alfred his son here

     18th ... brought up McDonald's glass to examine clover seeds..

     21st ... five ewes died with a weed last night..

     23rd Brother & son left this morning by 5am. I not up..

     26th ...traction engine up with manure today..ewes corn done today cannot get any here about to buy; a fine day

     27th ...snowing this morning...

     28th always snowing very bad day forenoon. Bob and James took hay to hill to the hogs; among sheep all day. Bracklach ironing withers. Thompson brought Clover seeds, Red 7lb. White 4lb. Alsike 1lb. Meadow Fescue 1lb. Cocks 1lb.

     29th April v. frosty, to Gartly for sheeps food, locust beans ground 3cwt. Cotton Cake 3cwt. oilcake 1/2cwt. lamp glass from Ligertwood, from Mitchell 2lb pease, 1lb writing paper, fresh afternoon, Bob dinner 1/- from Murray 1doz rhubarb pills

     30th other swarm of bees dead. So they are all dead now all loss and no gain ...Mrs Gordon of Bracklach delivered of a son

     May 1892

    4th Rolled clean ground put on 6 bolls of lime harrowed. Sowed grass seed, harrowed sowed clover harrowed with grass seed harrows and started to roll again. A.G. that sowed it. Rather rough and cold today. Sheep got nothing today.

     5th James Law sowed and harrowed Reid's farm

     7th ..dipped hoggs with High 65 dip 6 of them awanting

     9th Bob carting off stones and finished rolling...

     10th finished cross plowing of turnip ground..,.

     12th ..breaking clods

     13th James Dawson & Bob at Blackhills fiddling tonight. Bank got down their potatoes

     14th (Sat.)...James and Bob in garden forenoon planting kale cabbage & potatoes

     18th opened dunged and planted 4 drills of potatoes gave them 6 loads of dung & 1/2bag each of mixed bones & mineral Stag 7 manure

     20th ..old Annie McHardy buried today aged 81 years [dr Samuel McHardy & Isobel McOmie]

     21st James to Peter McWilliam's funeral his age 84 years [s John McWilliam & Helen Black]

     23rd feed Wiliam wilson by the week 8/- per week

     27th James Beattie started to cut peats. auchmair sowed about 1 acre turnips today first in place, Milton

     sowed today

     28th ...James left at dinnertime gave him his fee ú12 and 2/6 for faithfullness...Wilson came home tonight, fine day

     31st Love served tonight with Jock o'Bogie. Wm Kellas carted Bodiebae's young mare tonight June 1892

    2nd ...Eben Innes up for wire strainer

     4th Bob...he feed tonight to Bodiebae for ú10

     7th Sent ú20 to Bracklach to pay rent.. a fearful heat 98 degrees in shade

     8th James Dallas & Alex Scott here, I insured colt against accident & disease and risk of cutting for 25s

     10th Mr Morrison & son round cutting colts Cut J. Robertson's and ours here with a new instrument an American invention; it is very quick work besides the sticks

    13th stormy shower half snow half rain

     17th David Morrison here looking at colt..

     22nd ...Wilson cleaning out mid byre..

     27th Dawson drilling at Howbog, A. yeats man drilling at Powneed; clipped yeld sheep. A. Gordon,James & Johnnie Smith, W. Dawson, P. Gordon Mearns, M.Giles, Bill Gordon, Jane Daun,Mary Reid, Wilson & myself

     28th mare served 2nd time JoB

     30th Cabrach fast day, Clova shepherd bidding to clipping on Saturday (July 2nd) July 1892

    4th terrible rain, Wilson cleaning henhouses

     6th St Sair's Fair, G. Robertson here asking blBright

     7th ..fearful hurricane, Wm Robertson Gentle shepherd up with bitch & got her lined with Bright dog

     11th very fine day, Towenreef clipping today. Bank started hoe

     13th John Gordon Shepherd's Gaugh's wedding

     16th M. Dawson Haddoch operated on in Rhynie by Dr Gordon

     18th clipped ewes, tarred lambs 12am to 4pm; Mrs Reid, Mary Reid, Jane Daun, Mr&Mrs Law, Mary Giles, Wm Duncan & A. Gordon packing wool and Wilson taking. gave Mrs Reid 2 fleeces, Mrs Nicoll 2,Mary Reid 1, Mrs Law 1, A. Gordon 1

     20th Wilson left. i gave him his wages in full

     21st Very fine day. Thomson has a new horse today. Mrs Law sent fresh herring our first of the season. every body hoeing but us no one to hoe or do anything

     22nd vfd, engaged John Grant drafts player @ 1/- per day per day...I started to poultice leg today

     25th V.fine dya all day; man hoeing turnips all day, did 4 drills; A Gordon came up and after 6.45pm set up potatoes and ran 14 drills of turnips. Bracklach here afternoon. Forsyth left Howbog today. john souter started hoe.

     26th Tues. man hoeing all day. Helen of Auchmair up with Annie & Maggie & Peter III here. ..Wilson over for his kist offered to come back to hoe turnips and drive peats; very fine day.

     27th ..Jeannie Reid to Elrick to se if Jane Gordon would come to hoe; she is to come...A. Gordon engaged a girl Maggie Menzie 15 years from now to term, wages ú3"10 and 5/- more if she does well.

     28th Very strong heat today. Miss Jane Daun & Jane Gordon hoeing today. Cabrach Market

     29th just man & Jane Gordon at turnips today; Jane Daun at Back of hill setting peats; day...I think hottest we have had.

     30th James Dawson for riding saddle & bridle going to Glen Rinnes

     August 1892

    1st rather wet & cold forenoon ...hoeing finished 7pm. time taken in hoeing 111/2 acres 9 days of one man

     2nd Man in moss all day setting up peats; Wm. Beattie cutting hay afternoon. Our woman came home to- night. Nice like girl will do if she is as good as she looks

     3rd Man in moss forenoon, heavy rain before dinner-time. Wm. Beattie finished hay forenoon, time he took cutting 11/2 acres 8 hours, all three in moss afternoon Willie, John & Maggie; paid Wm Beattie 5/- for day & half. A.G. Scott & Mr Richie here & James Law with petition.

     8th ...Wilson wanting back; to take him 1/- a day

     12th Fri Wilson at Dufftown for lime (21/2 bolls), took fleece of wool to Jane Peadie, brought home Maggie's kist

    15th ...marking ewes to sell, 39 broken mouthed & 63 whole mouthed...Wm. Kellas taking measure of

    trough going to put in a diper to A.Yeats

     19th Wilson boiling arsenic and prepering for dipping lambs

     22nd mare & colt to smiddy, mare 1 remove, colt fet pared

     23rd James Smith, Wilson & Dawson at Lonach games

     24th Wilson mending road for driving peats. James Reid cutting rashes to himself in back park. James Smith, Lizzie and Jane Sharp landed here between 4 & 5pm from games. Lizzie looking very white in face. A very warm day.

    25th Wilson driving peats(and following days)

     27th Bracklach's lambs came home, about 450. Bob won Bicycle race at Rhynie prize 2/6 & he paid 14/- for hire of Bicycle.That's making money fast.

     29th Driving & rashes to James Reid. James law & him thatching Reid's house... Loads of peats today 10.

     30th ...Wilson at Lodge

     31st Wilson at Lodge for Alex Gordon who was at Culsh taking pasture, did not succeed

     September 1892

    1st Cutting bent. ..J. Reid sent away 43lb clean wool & patterns to Galashiels

     3rd ...took plow to smiddy of Howtown

     5th forenoon Wilson took inover 122 ewes & wedder hoggs and left 185 in back hill

     7th Wilson flauchtering divotts for peat stack which fell all down last night, building at it afternoon. Barbra to Auchmair Alex. Gordon came up & builded up hay John McDonald & Isa Innes here. John Souter dipping at Bracklach J. Mearns dog muzzle, wrote to Petrie and Alexr Roberts

     8th carted up divotts and thatched peat stack forenoon, to smiddy with mare hind shoe off, afternon Mrs Beattie & Helen Henderson here, Barbra at Rhynie. Bracklach at Lanark sales. Very fine warm day.

     9th cutting crested dogs tail for rapes forenoon. Barbra came home by 11am

     10th Wilson driving peats to Jane Daun all day

     13th Reach Greenloan buried [John Riach, s of James Riach & Margaret Shearer]

     14th Mains of Elrick seeking 2 loads of rashes, Barbra pulling berries

     15th Rhynie market, Kirkton ú16"10 for his stots, J. Robertson ú14"15, Bob bottle whisky from Mitchell

     16th 2 rams ú2"10 each and 1 ú1"10

     20th Maggie took mare to smiddy to get on a shoe. Smith away on hill shooting did not get her shod.

     21st Maggie took mare to smiddy got on her shoe

     22nd Gillan came by 1pm engaged him for a week at 9/-

     23rd Wm. Kellas up plastering windows

     28th .. Maggie & Mary Reid away to their harvest today

     29th ...I took a very severe pain in bowels a sort of cramp...Gilling left tonight I paid him 10/-

     30th most of them harvesting, Mary Giles over; Nelly delighted with bees feeding, eaten 4lb already October 1892

     3rd ...I ill last night with pain in bowels poulticing all day not better yet

     5th a terrible day of rain had to give beasts meat in house. Snow afternoon. Very cold

     6th fine day. Mr Spence Finglenny & his shepherd here for ewes 60 whole-mouthed... our corn very green yet afraid it wont ripe

     10th Alexr kellas here seeing about feeing. John Sharp here saying I am to get their grazing pasture the same as before; wrote to M.Lumsden & Brother

     14th James reid & Wilson at Dillet road all day. Very fine day. Cabrach market. Milton sold 10, Bracklach 5, Pisgow 5, Redford 4 cattle

     15th Sat ...Bracklach begging for Dr Galloway.. I clipped Bob's head. Mary Giles over with trout & milk

     17th a great storm on country, all white and snowing all day...Alex Scott here for fire insurance

     18th James Reid & Wilson cleaning out water pipes, very full of growth

     19th ...put some lime in cistern

     20th carting stones & gravel to road afternoon; 4 days of 2 men & afternoon of horse 7 cart. Most of them cutting afternoon, fine day.

     21st ground covered with snow, corn laid flat. Wilson to smiddy new blade & scythe hung and scythe stone, put lime in duck house, cleaned up cart shed. Wilson for away.

     24th want 10 sheep, afrad they are smored

     25th Wilson got 9 of them, left them in the broad Saugh

     50. He says Clova is wanting 100 & that he saw a fox on K(R)ibbock



    2 Monday : very cold & stormy. threshed twice & winnowed some corn took in over 2 loads turnips put into byre. Miss Lizzie Scott Milton here afternon looking well. Mrs Stewart away to work for her sister. powis had a tea party.

    3 James Dawson, Alex Scott, John Taylo Mill out shooting 5, 5, 2 white hares. Snowing near all day. 4 Playing brod. Snowing . wm Kellas up tonight.

    5 a big storm . Thomson giving 2/9 for brown hares

    6 Mary Giles over for churn, theirs broken, back with it at night

    7James Reid to post, his watch came but no glass, sent it back

    9 stormy. Jane Daun here asking if she could milk to Maggies loon as long as here. my side rather painful today

    10...Wm Kellas bidding to Helen Yetts funeral...threshing twice scarcely any water...Ligertwood round with sledge

    11 Helen Yeats Redford buried today, aged 64... no water in dam .Reid, Bracklach & Aldunie to play brod 12 Great Diorama at school tonight. Mrs Peter Scott delivered of a daughter

    13 Friday fresh threshed a big thresh...Mary Giles over for churn

    14 winnowed 5 bushels 34lbs per bushel ...Mary Douglas bidding to her marriage

    16 fresh

    17 dinging on sleet..Harry took mare to smiddy to be sharped..ligetwood round with tandem.. I wrote to Souter

    18 Harry to Rhynie with foggage and our mare brought home sack of bran from carrier...Troup two lamp glasses & wick and a few screws..Powis let out his horse, fresh but slippery

    19 ... Harry carting up turnips 11 loads to the pit..Archibald asking rashes for bedding 20 very stormy...Maggie Douglas married to Joss 7 child number of mouths at the wedding 40 Mother Bracklach Powis & me were not there

    21 Wm Smith up measuring for a swey..

    23 fine fresh day snow all away... Mrs Stewart & Jane Nicol taking home the dishes... brods 24 ... Muckle Jock leading home his rakings

    25...Isa Innes up asking for rashes to thatch her house.. it was mains of Elrick's 2 sons that were cutting rashes not Archibald

    26... Harry took Love to Auchmair..Alex Gordon plowing with his colt going fine

    27 Harry cleared out stroup pipe choked

    28 Mother in bed all day not well

    30 ...fine day all plowing .. washing day

    31.. Eben Innes cutting rashes in back park

    February 1893

    1 Thur..AG up with mares.. sorted mill wheel, colt & cows' stalls.. started Harry tp plow lea. I sent Jane to Auchmair for long swingletree

    2 Harry in plow all day Wm Kellas telling me I am to get his mare on Saturday he can't plow for frost.. driving dung

    3 Harry in plow.. I over for Robertson's cart at night..Wm Kellas driving dung from Lodge.. Mother at Bodiebae.. Muckle Jock spreading mole heaps

    4 Alex Gordon & Harry to Gartly with W Kellas mare Love and Migsy for seed corn

    6 fine fresh day.. Harry carted 2 loads of dung on to stibble for turnips 4 loads of sheep dung .. Alex up with mare and Big Jock's cart & his mother's clock

    7 ...Jane spread dung.. Harry plowed lea 22 hours to 11/2acres

    8 * about an insch of snow

    9 ..Jane looking for lost lamb, could not find it

    10 * Harry took down harrows to Shand & mares to Auchmair

    11 * Harry to Clova for wood for stable door ..Jane Nicoll to post..Alex Yeats died today 13 very bad day

    14 a terrible night

    15 A.Yeats funeral aged 58 years [Alexander Yeats s of John Yeats & Elspet Bain]

    16 gave J. Reid a great licking at brod

    17 took Love to Auchmair this morning.. Shand came, him and mason started work at 10.30.. sent Jane to smiddy for 2 bolts & 2 eyes

    18 Shand back by dinnertime got door on too late for Wm Reid going home

    20 Wm Reid pointed door and left after dinner. I paid him 3/- for stones he would not have anything for work. shand finished door, made 2 lids, sorted bed & piano

    21 Harry cleaning harness all day went for mare at night cleaned till 3am next morning I helping him and has hurted my leg and it getting on so well

    22 Plowing match came off 1st John Sheed 2nd Gordon McBain, Harry, J Dawson & Wm Kellas not at it 23 frosty but some plowing. Alex Gordon came up for the mare tonight

    24 Sandy up with sheep, Dancy and him fiddling

    25 Alex brought up Love tonight, wants a shoe.. Reid at Aldunie playing. Cow ill tonight gave her 2 glass whisky and some ginger among tea

    28 ...gave sheep some straw... more of them dying, will soon be all dead I am thinking. I never saw them so bad

    March 1893

    Friday 3 ...Peter McConachie & James Jopp her with petition for school at Ballochford 4 Isa Innes house thatched today

    8 ...Lizzie Smith & P. Scott came up from Forgue. Big Wright here all night. J Dawson and him playing on fiddle grand night.

    9 .. Mrs Milloy up

    10 ... Harry skinned & buried 4 sheep

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