tea culture

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tea culture

     tea culture

    basic introduction

    the origin of tea culture

    classification of tea culture

    the benefits of tea

    the development of the tea ceremony

    the connotation of tea drinking

    social function

    modern effect

Basic introduction

    Tea culture consists of the technics of appreciating tea, the benefits of tea, the connotation of tea drinking. And spirits of it and the presentation ways of the procedure unify to each other, and it is a kind of cultural phenomenon. Tea culture has a long history and have something to do with religion. There are at least people from 100 countries who love drinking tea and the way to drink it ranges from country to country and all them have its own merits. In china, it is a culture to get guests tea to show the host families’ welcome.

    The origin of tea culture

    China is not only the birthplace of tea ,but also the womb of tea culture.

    Chinese tea has been discovered and made use of for four or five thousand years. However it has not faded with the time and has been known all over the world. Tea is the national tea of China. It originated at Shennong, known at Zhou Gong , risen at Tang dynasty , dated back to Song. Tea culture results from the combination of Chinese Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism thought. Our tea culture differs from all the other cultures as a miracle.

     Chinese tea religion is divided into three levels. Level 1 tea area is represented by blue ocean fleet in the south of the Yangtze river, southwest.,Secondary tea area is mainly in the northwest, north river blue as representative ,level 3 tea area is represented by Czech union in south China). At the same time , tea has bacome the most popular , most universial and most healthy drink of our world. Tea blens heaven, earth, people as a whole and advocates “ all the tea drinks are


    Basic classification of tea

    Green tea, black tea, dark green tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, white tea, scented tea


    Most of tea production in China such as green tea is not fermented tea, the fresh leaves after stalling air directly down to the secondary and tertiary baidu hot pot making is to keep its green features. Green tea has the characteristics of high fragrance, green, form beauty. Green tea is a fermented tea. Because of its green leaves and soup, so here comes its name. As one of the China top ten famous teas green tea is the west lake longjing, "biluochun" in taihu lake, xinyang maojian tea, huangshan maofeng tea, luan GuaPian, taiping monkey chief, lushan clouds, sichuan tea mengding, Gu Zhuzi bamboo shoots.

    On the contrary, black tea and green tea is a kind of fermented tea, fermentation degree greater than 80%). Since it looked red tea it is maned. Chinese black tea varieties mainly include: QiGong - produced in qimen county in anhui, to Germany, and the float saddle in jiangxi province and other places; DianGong - from yunnan lincang, Buddha, shun ning and other places of the sea, and the HuoGong - from luan, anhui huoshan, etc; Appropriate red - made in yixing, jiangsu province; The red - produced in hunan, we (we tea factory in hunan province) and xinhua, taoyuan, etc; ChuanGong high - from yibin in sichuan province, county and other places; Wu Gong - are found in places such as guangdong, Britain. Especially in qimen county of black tea is the most famous. Black tea is made of a kind of fermented tea. Because its leaves and red soup, the name. The famous Chinese tea have AnWei QiGong town ChuanGong XuanGong red, hubei, sichuan, yunnan.

    Dark green tea was mainly sold to the border region, coarse old raw materials, processing when stacking fermentation for a long time, makeing the leaf colour is dark brown. It is indispensable daily necessities of Tibetan, Mongolian, uygur and other ethnic brothers. It can be divided into "hunan black tea", "hubei old oolong tea", "guangxi six fort tea", "west road tea" in sichuan Tibetan tea, yunnan tea "tight", "tea", "tea party", and "round tea" and other varieties. Dark green tea has a lipid-lowering efficacy, reduceing weight and blood pressure and has been widespread in southeast Asia and Japan, hereinafter referred to as "tea", "slimming tea".

    Oolong tea is a kind of semi-fermented tea between red and green tea. The appropriate fermentation when producing makes the blade slightly red, and it is a kind of tea between green tea and black tea. It has the fresh green tea, black tea strong alcohol. Because of its leaf middle green, margin red, therefore is called "green leaves red edge"

    JunShan silver needle tea, yellow tea. In the process of making it, after boring pile yellow it form yellow. It has"Yellow flower tea", "Huang Xiaocha", "Huang Dacha" three categories. Green tea is not fermented, and yellow tea is a fermented tea.

    White tea is China's specialty, mainly through the withering, drying made. White tea appearance, aroma and taste is very good. It don't fry not knead when processing, will only tender, back with pastel tea dry or use slow fire to dry, and make the white full retention. "Silver needle", "white peony, gongmei", "longevity" eyebrow.

    Scented tea, and jasmine tea, the advantage of the characteristics of tea is good at absorb peculiar smell, the most common of jasmine scented tea is jasmine tea, scented tea is made with green tea, useful also made of black tea. Suzhou jasmine tea, scented tea is the famous brand; Fujian jasmine tea, luzhou-flavor tea, tea is mellow, smell strong, soup green, freshness lasting. The benefits of tea

    (1) tea can make people spirits, enhance thinking and memory ability.


    (2) tea can eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, and have to keep the normal heart, blood

    vessels, such as gastrointestinal function.

    (3) drinking tea to prevent dental caries has great benefits.

    (4) tea contains many trace elements beneficial to human body.

    (5) the tea has the effect of inhibition of tumor, drinking tea can significantly inhibit the growth of

    cancer cells.

    (6) tea can inhibit cell senescence, people live longer.

    (7) tea can excited central nervous, enhance athletic ability.

    (8) drinking tea has a good weight loss and beauty effect.

    The development of the tea ceremony

    1. Fried tea: put dipping into a pot and water decoction. Fried tea in the tang dynasty, is the earliest art of tea tasting.

    2. Tea, tea bucket: Fried tea compared with the tang dynasty, poets prefer elegant tea art. Because of the wind of the song dynasty tea hot also popular comparison tea technology and tea quality, and the advantages and disadvantages of "tea", also known as "tea". Bucket of tea began in the tang and sheng yu song in our country, the rise of as the tribute tea came into being. 3. Tea: the yuan dynasty people has begun to widely used tea leaves or tea dust decoction to drink

    tea, do not add or less seasoning. This kind of simple and pure "clear water" way accepted by

    more and more people, and then boiling water method, the Ming dynasty, is formed "tea" this

    way of drinking tea, has been in use today.

    The connotation of the tea

    Tea culture is a part of Chinese excellent traditional culture, its content is very rich, involving science and technology, education, culture, art, medicine, health care, history, archaeology, economic trade, catering tourism, and disciplines with the general administration of press and publication industry, containing tea monographs, periodicals, tea tea, tea and poetry and song and dance, and novel, tea and tea art, tea, tea, and weddings and sacrifice, tea and zen teaches, and couplets, tea and tea proverbs and their stories, tea, tea, tea drinking customs and story, tea art performance, ceramic tea set, tea house, teahouse, brewing techniques, appreciating tea, tea expo and tea tourism, and other 20 one aspect.

    Social function

    Tea culture's social function mainly displays in carrying forward traditional virtues, culture and arts, cultivate one's morality raises a gender, edify sentiment, promoting national unity, social progress and development of economic trade, etc. Traditional virtue is through thousands of years of accumulation down and was admired by all previous dynasties people good moral, is the embodiment of the national spirit and social fashion. Traditional tea culture has a major love the motherland, selfless dedication, perseverance, modest courteously, thrift and diligence in the accommodation, etc. Wu Jiao farmers, Sir And hunan LiuXian and spare no effort for tea business, is not only a patriot, and contemporary tea outstanding representatives.

    Tea "tea classics", is the ancient tea study diligently, study hard, with great concentration of research and the crystallization of indomitable spirit. To tea hospitality, to drink tea, "tea cup" intoxicate is the han nationality to cherish the real reflection of work achievement, hard day. Word


    pledge arrangement with tea tea culture social function is "ses with tea, tea and tea party friend, fellowship with tea, tea cultivation, tea cultivation, tea drink, tea fitness, in poetry with tea, with tea art, tea show, tea dance and whisper, flying to the wenxin, tea to the tea ceremony, tea are sug gested, mobilizing and rich with tea with tea. Tea is the pride of China, the national self-respect, self-confidence and pride. Drinking tea can ses. World famous historian Dr Joseph Needham, science and technology to Chinese tea, as China's four great inventions (gunpowder, papermaking, the compass and printing), after the fifth major contribution to human.

    Modern effect

    Relying on high-tech and information in modern society, create more social wealth and material wealth will be more and more, life will be richer. East Asian countries in promoting the industrialization process, the absorption of western science and technology and technology of the same, the decadent western cultural values, customs and habits, into the society, the resulting moral crisis, such as money worship and extreme individualism tendency. Social development experience shows that modernization is not the only target, the spiritual civilization of modern society needs to adapt, need to explore the spirit of the excellent traditional culture resources. Tea culture is the historical and era of culture factors and reasonable factors, has in the modern society and is playing its positive role. Tea culture is a high culture, celebrities and famous people willing to participate in. Tea culture is popular culture, people widely participation. Universal tea culture, but also affect the society as a whole.

Tea culture in modern society mainly has five aspects:

    the first one is the tea culture as the center, with virtue attaches great importance to the group value of people, advocate the selfless dedication, cynical and mercenaries. Position is more important than profit, pay attention to coordinate the relationship between people, advocates the respect for people, attaches great importance to the bare DE, is conducive to people's mental balance, solve the modern people's spiritual confusion, improve people's cultural quality;

    The second is tea culture as the life challenge friends. In the fierce social competition, the market competition, the intense work, entertainment, complicated interpersonal relationship, and all kinds of pressure dependent upon people. Participate in the tea culture, may relax the spirit and body and mind, to cope with the challenges of life, Hong Kong tea the effect is very significant;

    The third is conducive to the construction of community civilization. The economy improves, but culture can't lag behind, social atmosphere can't foul, moral decay and ugly. After the reform and opening up the spread of tea culture shows that tea culture is a social change improper consumption activities and create spiritual civilization and promote social progress;

    The fourth is to improve people's quality of life, rich cultural life of the effect is obvious. Tea culture is informative, fun and recreation, taste the tea, tea sets, tea, watching the common tea art, tea, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment;

    The last one is to promote open, to promote international cultural exchanges. Shanghai zhabei four consecutive terms at international tea culture festival, enlarged the zhabei popularity at home and abroad, zhabei, one to four sets of team decided to have tea culture festival, and the investment construction of tea culture in zhabei park attractions, tea culture in order to built the grand view garden.


    International tea culture of the frequent communication make tea culture across borders and

    the world become the common spiritual wealth of human civilization.




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