8AChapter 1A

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8AChapter 1A

    8 A M1U1 ;期末复习练习卷一;

    I. Choose the best answer:

    ( )1. My new shoes are too small.

     A. socks B. trainers C. toys D. trousers ( ) 2. He is terribly lazy. He never tidies his room.

     A. dirty B. idle C. idol D. hardworking ( ) 3. What you told me yesterday sounds ______.

     A. great B. carefully C. happily D. clearly ( ) 4. There is______ „ s ‟ in the word „ smile ‟ ,_____ „ s ‟ is the first letter.

     A. an, the B. a, the C. an, an D. a, an ( ) 5. An encyclopaedia tells us about __________.

     A. numbers B. words C. facts D. names ( ) 6. If words have the same first two letters, the _____ letter decides the alphabetical order.

     A. first B. second C. third D. fourth ( ) 7. ______ makes it easier for the post office to deliver letters.

     A. A signature B. A date C. A greeting D. A postal code ( ) 8. Do you usually play _______ rugby at school?

     A. the B. a C. an D. / ( )9. Alices father is _______ university teacher. But he was _____ actor two years ago.

     A. a, a B. an, a C. a, an D. an, an ( ) 10. _______ interesting information the students have collected!

     A. What B. What a C. How D. How a ( ) 11. Yesterday I got a letter _______ my cousin who lives _______Britain.

     A. to, in B. from, to C. from, in D. to, from ( ) 12. I have received three letters, but ________ of them is from my boy friend.

     A. all B. neither C. none D. every ( ) 13. Jackie Chan can ______Chinese and he will _______ us something about Hong Kong.

     A. say, talk B. say, tell C. speak, tell D. tell, talk ( ) 14. Sandy draws _______pictures and play chess ________.

     A. good, well B. good, good C. well, good D. well, well ( ) 15. A man ________ Washington became the first President of the U.S.A.

    A. is called B. calls C. called D. calling ( ) 16. Tim Green enjoys _______ rugby and tennis at weekends.

     A. to play B. plays C. playing D. to playing ( ) 17. Pauls ________ is to work as a dentist in the future.

     A. magazine B. ambition C. hobby D. address ( ) 18. He likes to do experiments. Hell probably be ________.

    A. a doctor B. an astronaut C. a scientist D. an engineer ( ) 19. There are so many interesting books here. I really dont know _____ for my son.

     A. what to choose B. which book to choose C. how to choose D. where to buy ( ) 20. Which is _______ to the sun, Mercury or Pluto?

     A. closer B. the closest C. more close D. close

    II. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box in their proper form.

    1. Are you ______________ in science. I think it is very _______________.(interest) 2. I ‟ m about five__________( foot) five inches tall. What about you?

    3. My parents are the _____________(own) of the big hotel.

    4. You must do your homework __________________.(careful).

    5. The speech was kind of ____________. So I felt a little ____________(bore). 6. My pen-friend _______________(close) some __________(photo) of himself in his last letter. 7. He looked _____________(happy) at his son and said, You did a very good job.

    III. Rewrite the sentences as required.

    1. He has a meeting every Monday. (否定句)

    He __________ ___________ a meeting every Monday.

    2. My father is a worker.(保持原句意思)

    My father ___________ _________ a worker.

    3. I hope I will become an astronaut.. (保持原句意思)

    My ________ is to become an astronaut.

    4. He does his homework every day.(否定句)

    He __________ ___________ his homework every day.

    5. I go to see my grandparents once a week. (划线提问)

    __________ _________ do you go to see your grandparents?

    6. There is little time left. (改反意疑问句)

     There is little time left, _________ ___________?

    IV. Choose the words and expressions and complete the passage.

     My name is Sharon and I am 14 years old. I was born in Shanghai, China. Now I live in the United States with my family.

     I have a little two-year-old brother ____1____ Leon Lin. Unlike the rest of my family, he was born in the United States. Leon is a lovely boy, but sometimes he is a pest. He often steals my belongings, bites me and screams at me. Dad and mum ___2___ blame him for anything. Instead, they blame everything on me. I got frustrated and angry with Leon for even being born. Still I love him very much. I‟m six times ___3____ than he. I should take good care of him.

     Mom is very kind, smart, pretty and strict at home, she cooks delicious dinners for the whole family. Also she ___4___ me both some Chinese and maths. But mum is not good at English. I guess that is because she came to America late. Having Leon to take care of, she is unable to go to work. But she cares for the household, like bringing me to my piano lessons, my swimming classes, shopping, cooking, etc.

     Dad works hard every day in Norwalk. On weekends, when he gets home, he has a quick dinner and immediately goes to work again. He is very busy, but he often helps me with my English. He is also very strict with me. When I need some money for something, Dad always asks me why I need it. After my explanation, he will give me the money. Dad has a bad temper. When he gets ___5_____, he will blame everything on someone else. But hes not bad. I still love

    him very much.

    ( ) 1. A. name B. named C. call D. is called ( ) 2. A. ever B. always C. never D. often ( ) 3. A. old B. young C. younger D. older ( ) 4. A. teaches B. helps C. teach D. help ( ) 5. A. temper B. angry C. happy D. angrily

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