HPV Vaccine Awareness and Access

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HPV Vaccine Awareness and Access

    HPV Vaccine Awareness and Access Collaborative Activity Committee Conference Call

    April 20, 2009 ~ 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

    Participants: April Barry, Mark Byrne, Lisa Davis, Irene Hodge, Vijai Jaitley, Bindi Patel, Deborah

    Ritchey, Sharon Selbi, Jeff Silsbi, Lou Ann Weil, Kaye Weiss

    Goals and Objectives of the Committee

Improve awareness of HPV vaccine among family health providers

     Engage regional coalitions to effectively disseminate information about the HPV vaccine Publicity for vaccinations is crucial in increasing vaccination rates

    o Sanofi-Pasteur is partnering with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the

    Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to launch the Vaccines for Teens

    program, a national multimedia campaign designed to educate teens and their parents

    about the importance of vaccination against serious, potentially life-threatening


     The HPV vaccine is indeed an important cancer prevention vaccine

     The committee discussed developing a Power Point presentation to be used by committee

    members to help spread the word in their respective geographic regions

    o The Pennsylvania Department of Health is currently working on a similar tool as part

    of their HealthyWoman program, which focuses on breast and cervical cancer, but

    this resource is currently unavailable

     The Pennsylvania Cancer Education Network (PCEN) can also be the vehicle to spread the

    word about a Power Point presentation

     The committee also discussed the increasing rates of incidence in the senior population and

    how a campaign focusing on the people who serve the elderly may be a good group to engage

    in increasing awareness of this

    o The committee decided this was perhaps out of the focus area of the committee and

    decided to table this until further down the line, if at all.

    Design / Components of a Potential Educational Material

The tool should be easy to use, easy to understand, and “eye-catching.”

     The committee discussed whether the tool should be a printed message or a public service


    o A final decision on this can be made on a future conference call

     A high-profile spokesperson from Pennsylvania would be an important asset and useful in

    getting the word out about the committee’s objectives

     School nurses from high schools and colleges should be included in any discussions and can

    help in disseminating the message

    o Perhaps a women’s organization, like the Red Hat Society, can be included to help in

    increasing publicity and awareness.

    o The Red Hat Society, however, focuses on women over 50 and may not be best

    equipped to get the message out to the targeted areas of women in their teens and

    early 20’s.

     The committee discussed the need to bring in a younger person to help with getting out the right message to a younger population

    o Facebook and social networking sites can be used to help spread the word, but

    mothers and parents are typically the ones making the decisions for health-related


     The committee discussed whether or not they should target a specific age group or the general public.

     Working within the current structures is important since it is difficult to change people’s

    opinions and ideas

    o Encouraging PAP smears and screenings

    o Encouraging women to get HPV vaccine to protect themselves against cervical

    cancer does also have to mean promoting sexual activity

     The committee discussed the idea of targeting specific geographic areas and working with those communities to help them identify resources and needs

    o Allegheny and Philadelphia counties are the most prevalent in terms of cervical

    cancer incidence

    o April Barry provided a link to a report that shows the incidence of Cervical Cancer in

    Pennsylvania by county (page 7, table 12-F)

    o The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s EpiQMS database also has information

    that can be useful for the committee

     The committee discussed if an assessment of what is being done would be a more useful approach.

    o Mark Byrne informed the committee that the Pennsylvania Cancer Resource

    Database (PAC? Cancer Assets Inventory) is designed to perform such an assessment

    o The PSA / printed message can serve a dual function

    ; Primary function will be promoting awareness of HPV, the HPV vaccine,

    and the direct link HPV has to cervical cancer

    ; The secondary function can be to promote population of the Pennsylvania

    Cancer Resource Database and how it can be the assessment tool to see what

    is being done in Pennsylvania, as well as where gaps exist.

    ; This can be a useful piece to what the committee wants to


     Are insurers doing anything similar in terms of awareness campaigns or educational materials?

    o Blue Cross / Blue Shield is covering the costs of administering the vaccine

    o Some other insurance companies are not

    Pennsylvania Cervical Cancer Task Force November 2007 Report

The report is available through the PAC? website at

     One of the recommendations outlined in the report was to “ensure healthcare providers have

    access to current training on cervical cancer and HPV to facilitate the successful education of

    and care for their patients.”

    o One of the strategies to bring this about is to convene a speakers bureau of healthcare

    providers, nurses, and nurse practitioners to address professional associations and/or

    community groups

    ; A statewide speaker’s bureau, conference, or summit can be very beneficial

    and be a way to implement one of the task force’s recommendations

    Face-to-Face Meeting / Statewide Speaker’s Bureau

Merck, Fox Chase, and several individual institutions have such speakers bureaus, but there

    is not a statewide one.

     This could be an important educational component for the committee and be an opportunity

    to continue educational efforts

     There are funding opportunities for cervical cancer awareness events from Merck

    o This cannot be focused on the HPV vaccine due to a conflict of interest, but can be

    centered on cervical cancer

     There are also funding opportunities out there from other sources

     These sources can be researched in more detail by the committee at a later date, once a more

    focused vision for the conference and committee is determined.

     Perhaps the committee can look for grants from pharmaceuticals for education materials and

    potential broadcasting time to improve education efforts.

    o A more defined vision for the group and potential programs/projects will be needed

    before this can explored.

     It is important to know where we are today, where we need to be, and where we are going. The committee inquired as to what Merck is doing to get the word out about the vaccine,

    other than using commercials.

    The PAC? Coordinating Office will send a Doodle to best determine the time for the next committee

    conference call

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