The Aerospece Industry in the UK

By Melanie Campbell,2014-09-05 13:42
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The Aerospece Industry in the UKThe

The Aerospece Industry in the UK

    The UK aerospace industry is the third-largest in the world ,producing the full range of products from civil and military aircrafts to missiles satellites and engines.

     The development of UKs aerospace industry has gone

    through a long history .It was in 1908 when the first flight was made in the UK. By 1998 the British industry was the biggest and most sophisticated in the world .After the first world war the new aircraft develop rapidly. The aircraft-building industry was reduced to a few major companies by series of mergers and the Roll Royce became the most successful aero-engine manufacturer at that time.Moreover the new aircraft types also provided the base for the development of aviation industry.

     During the inter-war period,one of the most significant event was the development of radar by the UKs Marconi

    company .Frank Whittle developed the worlds first jet

    engine in 1937.In addition ,the British companies were very prominent in each field,such as aircraftengines and

    aviation electronics.

    In 1993 war came again to provide another spurt of technological change,with many successful aircraft designs in action.However, the years following the second war were problematic for US industry. British companies have to compete with Anerican companies which have more advantages. The British military aircraft wasnt selling very

    well. Its enormous market began to shrunk.In order to solve the these the problems, The UKs industry endeavored to

    cooperate with the European aircraft manufacturers which have the same problems. The successful cooperation led to many successful programmes between France and other European countires . During this time British aerospece built their own range of regional jets.Its likely that the

    British smaller aircraft will go into a European joint-venture.

     The British aerospace industry has also been through some major changes of ownship in the last twenty-five years. Some companies bankrupt and had to be resued by government and some companies were nationalised as one company. Both Rolls-Royce and British Aerospce were privatised by conservatives and have been very successful both induvidual projects and international joint-venture.

The Arospace industry in UKs is now very profitable and

    advanced .It has brought a lot of benefits to British economy .In brife, although the UKs aerospace has gone

    through difficult time, it will make more great progress in the future!

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