BI SE1 Product Core Value Campaign Product Brief

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BI SE1 Product Core Value Campaign Product Brief

BI SE1 Product Core Value Campaign

    Product Brief


    For Midsize Organizations

    Oracle Product Brief: Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One



    Why your organization needs a Business Intelligence (BI) solution

    A large and growing supply of highly valuable data when does this become a

    burden rather than a benefit? At the point when you realize you can’t manage it anymore. Making sure you never reach that point will enable your organization to use data effectively as the basis of actionable insight, and a potential source of competitive advantage.

    From burden to benefit: making sense of data

    The alternative to an effective BI solution is an inefficient, expensive and uncoordinated data infrastructure a challenge many growing organizations

    struggle to address. How do you reduce the time and money spent compiling data from multiple semi-compatible and dispersed systems? How do you produce comprehensive but digestible reporting that delivers actionable insight to improve the quality of decision-making? What’s needed is a unified approach to

    the management and utilization of organizational data assets. The centralization of those assets helps ensure accuracy, completeness and simple insight. Any solution must also be affordable and easy to install, manage, maintain and use.

    Business Intelligence the power of integration

    A truly unified and comprehensive BI solution should include a single, central repository for all organizational data, regardless of source. It should also include all the tools needed to extract maximum value from those data assets. Solution components should be integrated with one another to allow detailed analysis of data in multiple formats and from dispersed, heterogeneous sources. Users should be able to see all their key data metrics simultaneously and be able to run custom analyses with a few mouse clicks. A simple interface that promotes easy access to and clear presentation of actionable information is also important. Oracle Product Core Value Campaigns, BI Product Brief Page: 1 of 6 Date: 08.12.2008

    When it comes to using organizational data to help achieve objectives such as cutting costs or securing customer retention targets, visibility is vital. Reveal and eliminate invisible costs

    The ability to access all your data centrally and have a single federated view of it, regardless of its original source, gives organizations the visibility they need to identify costs that may otherwise remain hidden. This could include identifying and resolving process bottlenecks, or cross-referencing supplier data with ordering information to reveal efficiency opportunities.

    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One simply smarter data


    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One consists of a suite of tools for data management and analysis that allows growing organizations to maintain control over increasing volumes of data. It also enables them to use that data intelligently to further improve the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their business decisions. Importantly, these capabilities are delivered in an affordable, pre-configured package that also helps them manage their future growth cost-effectively.



    Helping you make even better decisions

    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a data management and insight generation platform that can drive management and operational benefits right across the organization from the moment you install it.


    Competitive advantage through actionable insight: The real power of

    organizational data is in the actionable operational insight that can be generated from it. Consolidated access to all of that data, a unified view of key metrics and fast, automated, high-quality reporting helps deliver that insight efficiently. Opportunities to establish competitive advantage through a lower cost base or increased productivity can be identified more easily as a result. Real-time operational visibility: Access to a definitive, unified view of

    organizational data ensures a snapshot of current performance is always available to management. This helps accelerate the identification of optimization opportunities and improves an organization’s adaptability – critical in enhancing

    competitive position, particularly in challenging economic conditions. Stronger customer relationships: The ability to analyze organizational data at

    a very granular level and in a variety of different ways can enable organizations to tailor their offerings more closely to customer requirements. This kind of attention to detail can play a crucial role in retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

    Oracle Product Core Value Campaigns, BI Product Brief Page: 2 of 6 Date: 08.12.2008


    Lowered costs: Centralized and automated data management, analysis and reporting helps drive efficiencies across the organization. Management and maintenance of organizational data is simplified and accelerated. Expensive and time-consuming manual administration is eliminated, and hidden costs can be identified and addressed.

    Improved reporting quality: The delivery of actionable insight depends on accurate information presented in a consistent format. The clarity this provides enables standard benchmarking of business and IT operations, and simplifies data interpretation.

    Enhanced application performance and productivity: The improved

    operational visibility that a centralized, consolidated pool of data provides supports the optimization of application performance. This in turn improves the efficiency of the entire IT infrastructure and helps generate incremental productivity benefits across the entire organization.

    How Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One enables you to lower costs - permanently

    ; Increased visibility: Powerful analysis of consolidated data facilitates

    identification of otherwise invisible cost saving opportunities

    ; Faster, easier analysis and reporting: Centralized data, customizable

    queries and automated reporting reduce the cost of data manipulation,

    analysis and presentation

    ; Easier management: Eliminates costly management of dispersed data

    islands with a single, unified repository

    ; Task automation: Automates many time-consuming, manual data

    management tasks such as report collation

    ; Built-in scalability: Provides a smooth transition to larger scale

    databases with the same technology and interfaces, allowing incremental

    investment in capacity and features, rather than wholesale replacement

    ; Straightforward integration: Helps reduce the cost of IT developments

    through easy integration with existing infrastructure elements via open

    standards-based platform



    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One

    designed for midsize organizations

    Oracle Product Core Value Campaigns, BI Product Brief Page: 3 of 6 Date: 08.12.2008

    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a complete, integrated BI system specifically designed for the needs, resources and budgets of midsize organizations and workgroups. The key elements include:

    ; Oracle Database Standard Edition One: The enterprise-class relational

    database tailored to the needs, resources and budgets of growing

    organizations, and the foundation of affordable, effective business


    ; Oracle Warehouse Builder: A leading extract, transform and load (ETL)

    tool that enables you to build and efficiently maintain a high-quality data

    warehouse based on multiple source systems

    ; Oracle Business Intelligence Server: A powerful enterprise-class query

    and analysis server that gives you a simple, unified view of data from

    multiple sources including multiple non-Oracle sources such as Microsoft

    SQL Server, Microsoft Office Excel, XML, flat files and many more

    ; Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards: An intuitive

    Web browser interface for instant viewing of key metrics, customized data

    analysis and convenient summary reporting

    ; Oracle Business Intelligence Answers: A 100% thin client ad hoc

    query and analysis solution. Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence

    Interactive Dashboards and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

    provides fast, easy query creation, dashboard-based manipulation and

    flexible publication options

    ; Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher: A unified solution for the

    creation, management and delivery of all an organization’s business

    documents and insight reports


    Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One how midsize

    organizations are already benefiting

    “One of the biggest benefits of our business performance management system is having information available in near real time. We no longer need to spend hours or days answering executive managers’ questions. We now literally have information at our fingertips and we can immediately provide the answers they need to make informed decisions.” – Jan- Willem Beldman, Team Lead for

    Analytical Applications and Data Quality, Mentor Graphics Corporation “Insight created a business case that encompasses Procure to Pay and BI such that the justification for both was clear. It also brought to light some potential other opportunities for

    improvement that may be used in the future.” – Keith Evans,

    Senior Vice President of Strategy, Technology & Information, Standard Parking Corporation Oracle Product Core Value Campaigns, BI Product Brief Page: 4 of 6 Date: 08.12.2008

     “Having taken advantage of Oracle’s infrastructure software, we achieved the required interoperability.” Mario Araneda Pizarro, Head of Information and Technology, SIGFE

    “With Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, we now receive clear business information in good time. As a result, the management team at Rexnord FlatTop is able to make well thought-out decisions.” Bernard van Driel, Finance & IT Manager, Rexnord FlatTop Europe B.V.




    Oracle Business Intelligence myth vs reality

    Oracle is renowned as a supplier of extremely reliable, secure, open and flexible enterprise-class databases and other technologies. It also supplies the same enterprise-class products to midsize organizations, tailored specifically to their requirements and budgets. So, if you thought our BI solutions were just for big business we’d like to invite you to think again.

    Market myth: An Oracle BI solution is far too expensive to buy and run for

    growing organizations.

    Oracle reality: Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a

    comprehensive BI solution that is truly affordable for midsize

    businesses with between 5 and 50 users, and actually helps to

    quickly reduce operational costs.

    Market myth: An Oracle BI solution is far too complex for midsize

    organizations, requiring a significant training investment

    and/or the recruitment of expensive Oracle specialists. Oracle reality: Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One has been

    designed to provide simple installation, and is preconfigured

    for immediate use right out of the box. Its modular

    construction allows for flexible implementations, enabling you

    to add functionality as needs dictate. Once up and running,

    intuitive interfaces enable business users to enjoy the full

    power of the solution with no technical skills required. Market myth: An Oracle BI solution would commit our organization to

    investment duplication as we grow.

    Oracle reality: Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One uses the

    same technology components as editions designed for larger

    organizations. Upgrades are cost-effective, allowing you to Oracle Product Core Value Campaigns, BI Product Brief Page: 5 of 6 Date: 08.12.2008

    protect your initial investment no matter how big your

    business becomes.

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