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    How to protect yourself in different disasters? A: Have you heard the fire yesterday

    B: what?

    A: An adult was killed because he don't understand the method to escape from the big fire.

    B: Really? It's a pity. I think a man should know how to react when drop into the disaster, after all, the society is now everywhere full of risk factors. A: Yes you're right. When the fire happens, such as in the bus, a person should timely alarm, then to make full use of any fire extinguisher(灭火器) actively, if there

    is no fire extinguisher or its quantity is insufficient, he can use the clothes etc on blaze.

    B: What if in high-rise fire?

    A: Come down to(提及) a higher floor, room sheet, curtain fabric can come in handy. you should tear them in ropes, and joined to the balcony window to escape. When all the passage was cut off, the best shelter is a toilet. Use the clothes to wrap your head, the most important thing is to cover your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling a lot of smoke, then try to make fire fighters know your location and wait for rescue. B: oh yeh. We should judge all horses as individuals.(具体问题具体分析;For

    example, if a fire occurred on the bus, you should quickly get off, if you can not get off successfully, you need to quickly find a safe hammer, and then use it to beat the edge of bus windows, because the center of the glass is also the hardest place, which is not easy to break.

    A: Yes, we must remember that the edges and corners of the Glass are the most vulnerable.

    B: Yeh, If there is no safety hammer, women's high heels are also a good thing, Whirl up the heel and try your best to hit the glass, the more thinner heel, the better. When the windows is broken, you should get out quickly, and then be far away from the bus. A:En, It is very right, we have to avoid being burned. Such as when the earthquake occurred, someone cannot escape, he should avoid to escape, untill after the shaking

    did he stopped and go out again. Most important of all, avoid stdand in the middle of the room and timely find the shelter. What's more, evacuating(撤退) should take the

    stairs instead of taking the elevator.

    B: That can be avoided hitting by falling objects , right?

    A: Very right. Sometimes we need hands-on, such as when a person drop in the water and need a rescue boat. He should wear jackets(穿上救生衣) and rapidly sent a signal

    for help. Unless there is nothing surroundings, don't give up.

    B: Oh, Be sure to send out a distress alerting signal.

    A: Yes, we live in such risk factors and have to know the correct way to deal with them, or life will seem very vulnerable(脆弱的).

    B: Yes, no matter what kind of disaster, one must calm down, only his peace of mind could save his life, meanwhile, can give other opportunities to save ourselves. A: so, some methods of protect ourselves in catastrophe are very necessary. B: so, I think I have to read some books about that.

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