Outline of the smog in London

By April Freeman,2014-05-26 20:15
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Outline of the smog in London

    Outline of the smog in London

    Through exploring what caused the smog in London and how London dealt

    with it, we can have a good knowledge of the smog in Beijing, so that we could

    prevent the smog harming our health.

    1Introduction to Smog



    2Brief History of Sulfurous Smog in London

    2.1. Causes

    2.2. Practical Situation

    2.3. Measures

    3Plant Effects

    3.1. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

    3.2. Ozone (O3)

    3.3. Peroxyacetyl Nitrate

    4. Health Effects

    4.1. Oxidants

    4.2. Carbon Monoxide (CO)

    4.3. Aerosols

    5. Materials Effects

    5.1. Acids

    5.2. Oxidants

    6. Megacity and Regional Impacts

    6.1. Acid Rain

    6.2. Visibility Reduction

    6.3. Crop Reduction and Loss

    6.4. Urban Heat Island Effects and Global Radiative Balance

    6.5. Cloud Effects

    7. Conclusions and Perspectives


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    Paul Brown, environment correspondent

    Saturday 30 November 200250 years after the great smog, a new killer arises

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