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Resume - Porak Computing Services, IncPorak,Inc,INC,PORAK


13933 Legend Way, #101 (303) 995-9716 (C)

    Broomfield, CO 80020


    ; 30+ years running a sales, integration and customization computer corporation in the computer CAD CAM industry. rdColorado Springs based AutoDesk dealership with the emphasis on AutoCAD and 3 party programs. Being the main

    stakeholder myself, I lead my staff of 15 to effectively develop quality software with least cost. Most the time the systems

    went out with our own software included for the appropriate vertical market. The internal software was developed by our

    team and managed by myself.

    ; 25 years Database development experience starting on IBM S360, Series 1, Burroughs. B 6700 through Informix and

    into todays standards of MS SQL2008R2, DB2 and Oracle.

    ; 25 years IBM Certified MAPICS Partner (Application Specialist). Several products developed for MAPICS integration

    including BOMRS? for AutoCAD, CATIA, CADAM and SolidWorks.

    ; 25 years as 2D and 3D AEC developer. All aspects of Engineering, Design, Visualization and Construction. ; CATIA V4 & V5, FORTRAN and Scientific Mathematical software development including DB2 in iSeries and AIX. ; Over 15 years of experience in low-level programming and development (C, x86 Assembler Language).

    ; 20 years GIS development in ESRI GIS / GEOSPATIAL tools, MapInfo, ArcGIS, AutoDesk MAP, AutoDesk MAPGuide,

    Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial 11g; Oracle Topology 10g, MS SQL for the US government, local city government

    and local REA’s. Currently working with GPS, Satellite and Trimble for real time tracking of vehicles, guidance and

    Agricultural automation.

    ; 15 years with private and Government DOD, Aerospace, NASA.

    ; Recent development work in ESRI on GIS / GEOSPACIAL with MSSQL2008R2.

    ; Developed on legacy systems (AS/400, System36/38, S390) to Unix midrange (RS/6000, Sun) to PCs running Windows,

    Linux and OS/2.

    ; Proficient or familiar with a vast array of programming languages, concepts and technologies, including, but not limited to: C,

    C++, C#, Java, VB, VBA, .NET, Fortran, PL/1, Unix, AIX, Perl, Korn, COBOL, RPG/400, vi, user interfaces MFC ; Databases (SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, OS/400, Universe), client/server, debugging, Crystal Reports.

    Database technologies SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, DTS & Erwin data modeler. Previous version SQL 4.2/6.0 “SQL transfer


    ; Network/Server Administration. Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Server, Team Foundation

    Server, Small Business Server, Share Point Server, Citrix Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, AIX, HPUX, Solaris and Linux

    System Administration.(IBM, HP, Sun, REDHAT). Oracle triggers with JAVA.

    ; CAD systems including AutoDesk/AutoCAD, CATIA/CADAM, SolidWorks, MicroStation, ProEngineer.

    ; BIM frameworks including Revit, ArchiCAD.

    ; CATIA development to interface to Pro Engineer and CATIA interface to AutoCad for IBM and Samsonite (see Samsonite

    work experience below) Artificial Intelligence, Robotics.

    ; Aircraft simulation development for the US Air Force, CAE in Montreal, Canada and Matra of Paris, France.

Technical Skills: rd; JavaScript UI and WPF UI (WinForms, Silverlight, 3 party)

    ; Mobile application development Android, iPhone, Windows mobile.

    ; COM, MFC, SDK, DirectX, Direct3D Mobile, OpenGL ES (1 and 2), GDI, GDL, OpenCV

    ; Developing in .NET for 9 years now. Started with Visual Studio 2002-10 and Managed C++, VB.NET, C#.NET.

    ; .NET 4.0 utilizing Linq to SQL or Entities. Parallelism. WVVM, MEF, CSLA 3.6, ASP.Net, Portal and Thin or Thick


    ; Team Foundation Server source control, Team Database and development environment.

    ; Subversion for Unix and full integration into VS2010 Windows.

    ; Agile development techniques and management programs including Version One, Jira, Confluence

    ; GIT source control and Jenkins continuous build. .

    ; Rational systems ClearCase and ClearQwest Source Control and defect maintenance.

    ; MAPICS XA software development since 1986. IBM system 32/36/38 and AS/400. MAPICS Installation, support,

    backup, recovery and upgrade planning. Development in CL, RPGLE and DTS.

    ; IBM FileNet P8 Platform v3.5

    ; PHP 5 and 6, MySQL and Apache.


; GIS / GEOSPACIAL / Mapping experience with ESRI GIS / GEOSPATIAL tools ArcGIS / GEOSPATIAL

    8.x/9.0/9.1/9.2, ArcIMS 4.x/9.0/9.1, ArcView, ArcInfo and ArcSDE, QGIS open source.

    ; MapInfo, Mapextreme, Spatialware, Map Guide and others.

    ; Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial 11g; Oracle Topology 10g

    ; Oracle Database 11g Geocoder; Oracle Spatial 11g GeoRaster

    ; .NET Architecture for GPS, satellite in the field of Telematics (including GIS / GEOSPATIAL Data Access).

    ; .NET Architecture for Construction Engineering with SQL server2008/CAD, SSRS & DTS.

    ; .NET Architecture stand alone SQL2005 Infragistics .NET Winforms for Construction banking. ; Microsoft’s MFC GUI enhanced by many ActiveX controls including SmartGrid, Business Objects ?, True DB,

    Treeview controls, Extendable Property Pages.

    ; Microsoft Windows CE for portable devices and imbedded 2002-2008.

    ; Animation and rendering using 3D Studio.

    ; AutoCad style driver development in the Heidi API. Heidi's primitive-based API incurs less function call overhead

    than vertex-based APIs, such as OpenGL. Heidi supports dots, markers, polylines, polytriangles, polygons, ellipses,

    text, and images. Heidi is a higher performance richer API. The basics are mostly the same, so OpenGL is a subset

    of Heidi. There are also wonderful extensions to Heidi to handle shading, Nurbs and complex surfaces. ; 3D design writing dll’s for Solidworks.

    ; Gaming animation utilizing 3D Studio

    ; SharePoint client/server services

    ; Silver light 2, 3, 4.

    ; WPF, .NET GUI VS Technologies Telerik, Infragistics and ComponentOne

    ; Software C++ program porting/migration from Windows to Unix.

    ; Crystal Reports version 8, 9 and 10 experience as standalone executable or through activeX dynamic runtime use from

    C++ or VB.NET.

    ; MS-SQL, ORACLE and DB2 database administration and programming through Linq to SQL & ADO.NET,

    FileStream and CLR. Database technologies SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, DTS and Erwin data modeler.

    ; Responsible for migration, installation, configuration, troubleshooting AIX base operating system related issues.

    ; System Expert tools, Query Analyzer/Optimizer to monitor system performance and troubleshooting the bottlenecks. ; Database clustering and replication experience.

    ; Java development (J2EE) in the Telematics industry and guidance under android.

    ; System performance monitoring and tuning as required utilizing command line utilities (vmstat, sar, iostat, fpmon etc.)

    and IBM SMIT and Performance Diagnostic Tools (PDT) reporting.

    ; Full Software Engineering at the feature-level, architectural design, implementation, delivery and

    maintenance/enhancements of the products, complete testing at the unit level, created architectural designs and

    resolve architectural issues and coding challenges, and made architectural and coding decisions about the product


    ; Responsible for in-house system backups and recovery.

    ; Responsible for Disaster recovery at remote site for all the crucial applications. Designed and coded various script for

    automatic download the application at remote site in case of disaster recovery.

    ; Perform general AIX management administration tasks, including creation of users and groups, remote printing,

    network printing, remote tape and disk access, TCP/IP configuration, AIX to Novell printing, ownership and permission

    settings, Volume Group, file system management, NFS etc.

    ; Installed and configured AIX on new systems.

    ; Assessment of workload, CPU utilization, Disk activity, Disk Space on various RISC systems and troubleshooting with

    the coordination of the vendor.

    ; Specialized software integration experience with DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MAPICS, JD Edwards, CATIA,

    CADAM, PRO-E, Intergraph and all AutoCAD products.


Work Experience

Trimble Corporation Westminster, CO

    Sr. Android Java GPS Engineer (Triple Crown) 03/2013 current

    ; Developing Trimble AG device Android API utilizing Java, Eclipse, GIT and JIRA. The Project replicates widgets and

    Gui controls specific to GPS tracking and guidance. Modifying content providers as required for new guidance


Cerner Corporation Kansas City, MO

    Sr. WinForms Engineer (Ivesia) 05/2012 03/2013

    ; One of the top priorities for IP development at Cerner Corporation leading up to their 2014.01 release is the

    refresh of the user interface of the main set of health care software solution set called Millennium. Within this

    broad set of solutions across the continuum of health care is the PathNet solution for operating the laboratory.

    The refresh objective involved updating the look and feel to a more modern style by applying color themes,

    gradients, and other aesthetically pleasing improvements. Cerner created a user interface style guide to create a

    common look and feel standard for its Win32 applications. Not only did the project involve applying this

    standard but also required improving usability and clarity of the function of screen elements through

    reorganizing screen layout and ensuring accessibility of screen element functions.

    ; I was the C++ tech lead while utilizing C++, C#, VS 2010, SVN and JIRA. The Project is achieving a single style for all

    the screens within a lab product family.

Topcon AG Corporation Minneapolis, MN

    Sr. GIS Analysis and Imbedded Engineer (Oxford) 09/2012 01/2013

    ; Development and Analysis work on the TopconAG SGIS product. This is a full GPS planting through harvest software

    tool used in tractor/field automation for farming. Using GPS and field data, paths are optimized and automated with

    sensors for hydrogen content, edge detection and path fill.Fertalizing and seeding completely automated. Tools used,

    VS 2008 C++, QGIS, QtGIS, VSS.

Stant Corporation Connersville, IN

    AS/400 MAPICS Consultant/Developer (World Technologies) 04/2012 03/2013

    ; Developed DTS to transfer data off an Access Data Project hosted on MSSQL 2005 into a DB2 AS/400 database.

    Target it to integrate with MAPICS XA fields and setup the rest as DB2 tables. Series of SSRS reports were developed

    against iSeries DB2.

CPS, Crop Production Services Loveland, CO

    Sr. .NET Developer (TEKsystems) 03/2012 04/2012

    ; Debugged and problem resolution of a sales commission reporting system. Silverlight Telerik, C#, WCF, Linq to

    Entities based. Needing to build user confidence, I started by documented and created test routines for the data written

    in C#, TSQL and workflows. Nice animation built in expressions and blend, tended to help the user. System made up

    of several VMs, including Printer, DataMigration. Data is warehoused from IBM, iseries and imported into MSSQL


State of Illinois, Department of Natural resources Springfield, IL ndLead ESRI Developer (22 Century) 09/2011 02/2012

    ; Developed new Silverlight ESRI data capture for the State of Illinois. Attribute data is captured with a Silverlight, REST

    RIA client application with connections to ESRI Microsoft SQL server 2008R2. ESRI Mobile, ESRI API all built in the

    Silverlight 4.0, MS c# and .NET 4.0. All new Cartography selection and attribute system for data collection.

    I started the contract with the State of Illinois after it had started and immediately took over as lead. The ESRI

    project has an external connected database (unlike the standard feature layer, feature database) to add additional

    attributes. The current DataBase developer developed using ADO.NET, it was too late to convert to Linq to SQL.

    Silverlight was chosen because of its light weight requirements on the client workstations. The Microsoft Silverlight

    platform includes a lightweight version of the .NET Framework CLR (CoreCLR) and the Silverlight runtime - all


    hosted via a browser plugin. The ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight 2.4 offered many useful templates and prebuilt

    tools to make app development quick.

    I designed a wizard style form process that leads the user to filling out field data, down to the monthly schedule for

    land management. This was built from a series of Silverlight controls, custom controls and bindings.

    I setup and installed all the local development servers (Windows, TFS, IIS, MSSQL 2008R2, Sharepoint, ArcInfo

    Feature and Data). Some of the technologies are VS2010 C#, WCF, REST, RIA, MVC, WPF and MEF. I provided

    automated deployment scripts for servers and clients. I managed the project and acted as technical lead, even

    though I was hired as the GUI developer. I optimized the MSSQL server through indexing and lookup tables. This

    was a successful first version of their application with more to come.

    PennDOT Harrisburg, PA

    Lead ESRI Architect (Compunnel) 07/2011 09/2011

    ; Architected new Mobil ESRI data capture for the State of Pennsylvania. Knowledge capture, state requirements,

    Oracle 10g, ESRI Mobile, Upgraded to a 3D DOT approach. Attributed with 3D photos. All new Cartography system.

    Scan of the roads using trimbal remote client and measurement of the bridges is expected to take 5 years of data

    capture.ROADS project.

    LogoVision Aspen, CO

    Chief Scientist 10/2010 07/2011

    ; Image and object recognition development. Lead architect and BA. Direct requirements gathering from user base and

    projected users. Working with stakeholders for best cost delivery and market impact. I filed for a new Patent in search

    and recognition filed based on Sift and Surf recognition algorithms. . Andriod, iPhone and Windows 7 Tablets.

    Middleware WCF C# .Net4.0 and SQL Server 2008V2. Employed CLR and Filestream technologies for speed

    enhancements. Other environments included MySQL database with Unix (XCode, Linux) C++ middleware soap/rest

    services. Introducing AR in the device market by developing new drivers for the Andriod and iPhone. Developed both

    the Andriod and Ios versions of LogoVision and Serge. Wrote internal test function from a WPF .NET, Winforms


    ; Engineered a 500TB Highly optimized partitioned, clustered failover MSSQL 2008V2 server. Integrated IIS7.5

    clustered network load balanced external facing servers. Web service environment most appropriate for large scale

    image handling.

    Bloomberg Manhattan, NY

    Sr. Developer/Consultant (Triple Crown) 05/2010 10/2010

    ; Concurrent programming in MS C# WCF restful Web Service development driving MSSQL stored procedures and

    functions for high speed data transfer. JavaScript UI with C++ BAS services. End user facing JavaScript UI that also

    had a Blackberry UI. Middleware WCF C# .Net3.5 and SQL Server 2008V2. Employed CLR and Filestream

    technologies for speed enhancements. ETL Data Warehousing, mining and aggregation using optimized partitioned,

    mirrored MSSQL servers. Working in the ISSS (internal) division. Informix system conversion to MSSQL and

    database decommissioning. Other environments included Fortran front end UI and Progress database with Unix (AIX,

    Solaris, HPUX, Linux) C++ middleware soap/rest services.

    Dana Corporation Maumee, OH

    Contract Sr. Mapics developer and project manager 04/2010 05/2010

    ; AS/400 Mapics, Bpics manufacturing consultant . Information Knowledge capture and documentation so IT tech

    support could be lead from India. Lead a team to develop the off-shore technical programming and current software

    support of the Canadian operations of Dana Corporation. My responsibilities included coordination of team members

    specialties in the automotive manufacturing needs of Dana. Software support included Mapics IFS, Bpics, Infinium,

    Notes, Future 3, AutoFlow, EDI T-Sets, Trusted Link


1Mage Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. Software Developer/Engineer (ConsultNet) 09/2009 10/2009

    ; C++ AIX Unix programmer. Rebuild/Extend IBM Universe Database Shell under AIX, Linux and HPUX.

JBS/5 Rivers Cattle Loveland, CO

    Contract Sr. Software Developer/Engineer 02/2009 04/2009

    ; VB.NET 3.5 Developer on thick client to SQL2008 backend 3 tier architecture. Microsoft SQL server database data

    modeling, SSIS and SSRS. WinForms UI. System managed cattle feed yard operations for up to 6 million head of

    cattle, feeding, medicine release, diet, etc. Data designed to work on and off-line. Designed in VS2008 Linq to MS

    SQL 2008. Used full TFS 2008 with team database.

Signal Behavioral Health Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. Software Developer/BA (Ciber) 01/2009 02/2009

    ; ASP.NET 3.5 Architect for Substance Abuse data client and vendor entry. Used both an old ASP web based solution

    and new requirements gathering to design the user experience and the technical backend. Designed in VS2008

    ASP.NET 3.5, MS SQL 2008, AJAX, Telerik and Infragistics controls. CSLA 3.6 framework with Linq to Entities support.

    Installed and configured TFS 2008 for 10 developers for this ASP.NET project.

American Medical Response Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. Software Engineer/Team lead/BA (Ciber) 09/2008 01/2009

    ; Microsoft Software lead developer. MS SQL 2005 DB design, modeling and Architecting. Call center software

    development in VS2005 C# .NET 2.0, MS SQL server thick and thin client development, Rational systems, IBM FileNet

    P8 Platform v3.5. Microsoft SQL DB Modeling, SSIS, SSRS. Managed off-shore development team

SmartCAD Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. AutoCAD Software Developer 09/2005 09/2008

    ; AutoCAD engineering program conversion to support AutoCad release 2007. Millions of lines of code converted.

Sirko & Associates Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. AutoCAD Software Developer 09/2005 On-Call

    ; AutoCAD add-in program (ACAST) conversion to support release 2007-2010.

Walking Orbit Denver, CO

    Vice President Licensing business Unit, /Sr. Business Analyst 07/2004 01/2008

    ; I was on the design/architecting team to create a new vehicle tracking system like the onroads product but agnostic

    towards communications connection (wireless broadband, cell or satellite). Worked directly with stock holders to

    manage the development on a cost effective basis and kept the deliverables on schedule. Vehicles have GPS units

    with displays to receive messaging from base stations (clients through oracle server portal) for work orders. GPS units

    would send back real time tracking to monitor speed and route. Stored this for history in Oracle database and created

    raster views for client browser windows.

    ; Backend server code on Linux Using Oracle DB Views and triggers to Java objects. Messages would come in through

    satellite, cell, etc. to be stored in Oracle. User rules would regulate geofencing, speed, mandatory and non-mandatory


    ; Primary front end gui for data retrieval Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial 10g; Oracle Spatial 10g GeoRaster;

    Topology 10g nd; 2 Front end Licensed program based on Microsoft .NET creating a namespace over core code as an API deployable

    GIS / GEOSPACIAL / GEOSPACIAL application. Web based access to servers in Longmont.

    ; Wrote embedded C++ software drivers and white box testing for Stellar GPS and 850 control box.

Klebold Assoc. Broomfield, CO

    Sr. .NET Contract Developer 04/2007 10/2007 st; Converted Access data project to VB.NET thick client app. 1 target machine was Motion computing pad with

    camera. Program recorded construction progress reporting for the bank loans. Used MSSQL 2005 database SSIS, SSRS,


    SSAS and Erwin data modeler technologies. Prototyped under Windows CE on MotoQ, for Windows CE version of the


    Union Brass Eagan, MN

    Sr. Network Architect, Developer, Analyst, Server and Network Administration 07/1995 On-call

    ; Developed a series of SSIS packages to convert IBM AS/400 MAPICS user accounting and manufacturing data to

    INFOR Syteline MS SQL2008.

    ; Wrote software drivers and control logic for CNC machines. BiDirectional data transfer from MAPICS to SolidWorks,

    user interface in MFC C++. Extensive use of DTS (SSIS).

    ; Remote Windows servers and AS/400 maintenance and management.

    Rocky Mountain Prestress Denver, CO

    Contract Sr. DB Architect/Manufacturing Software Development Engineer 09/2001 On-Call

    ; Engineering program conversion to Windows utilizing Winforms, Win32/64, C++, OO, MS Office, SQL server. ; Senior Business Analysist on CAD/DB systems of programs/systems JIT/BOM/Manufacturing including robotics. ; Repaired device drivers on automated welding machine.

    ; Designed a device driver coming from SQL server input to a steel cutting/bending machine. ; Microsoft SQL server modeler/architect/programmer. Development of table structures, stored procedures,

    underlying triggers, views and user defined functions. Used Computer Associates Erwin data modeler and DTS, SSIS,

    SSRS. Designed DAO layer for SQL along with full user security integration within Active Directory. Now migrating into

    ADAM. Integration of SQL database with DB2 on AS/400 running JDE (J.D. Edwards) One World.

    ; Developed & maintained scheduler system in VB / VBA / C++ / MS-SQL / MFC 7.0 / Crystal Reports /

    WinForms. This is a custom gant chart to track the manufacturing schedule of Prestressed concrete pieces to

    be assembled into large buildings and parking garages.

    ; Developed Quality Control program in C++/MS-SQL/Crystal Reports for the pieces in the Scheduler system. I

    incorporating a repair order capability that was made up of custom MS Word template and communicated the

    document through MAPI calls and Active Directory (AD). Installer Installshield.

    ; Developed engineering librarian in ASP.NET (VB).

    ; Modified Outlook to act like a digital dashboard as a front end to the company intranet. Also changed the look and feel

    of outlook for a CRM prototype.

    ; Wrote device driver for custom labels being printed by Zebra printers.

    ; Migrated and Maintained C++ code for prestress concrete design. Installer through AD MSI push and post install

    program in C#.NET.

    ; Network administrator and Department manager over 3 people. (Crystal reports writer/software support engineer,

    VB programmer/script generator, workstation support engineer).

    ; Started on .NET development for portable devices, palms and phones for plant management system including RFID


    Porak Computing Services dba CAD Consultants Broomfield, CO

    Owner/President 07/1982 present

    ; As part of a successful conversion from MAPICS to Syteline, Developed a series of SSIS packages to convert IBM

    AS/400 MAPICS XA user accounting and manufacturing data to INFOR Syteline MS SQL2008.

    ; Developed software for the CAD industry for 31 years including GIS / GEOSPATIAL, Spatial mapping, Architectural

    and Construction, Manufacturing, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.

    ; Samsonite (1995-2004) partnered with IBM and Porak Computing Services to update the engineering and plant

    floor systems to AIX Unix RS/6000 workstations in their engineering department running CATIA, CADAM, AutoCAD

    and DB2. Seamless integration between AIX, embedded Windows Server in an IBM AS/400 iSeries Main Computing

    Processors, Workstations were configured for CATIA V4 & V5, Pro Engineer and AutoCAD for Unix. CAD

    programming was done in FORTRAN, DB2, AIX, CATIA. Later migrated all users to Windows 2000 workstations

    running windows versions of design software. Completed an integration of AIX backup into system library backup

    utilizing Storage Technologies Tape Jukebox. IBM published a white paper on the success of this partnership of

    Samsonite, Porak Computing Services and IBM.


    ; Contracted with the US Government Department of Defense. Developed MSDS database system for use by the US

    Army Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO. Used Microsoft Access database and VBA for the development and

    database. Built servers for the DECAM division/department. Setup and configured SUN Solaris workstations for use

    by GIS / GEOSPACIAL running ArcInfo and Oracle Database. Developed integration between ArcInfo and AutoCAD

    Civil Engineering modules. Migrated servers and clients from Novell Netware to Microsoft NT/2000 server with

    Microsoft Windows clients. Consulted for the DOIM department.

    ; Performed contract Microsoft network administration for small companies < 25 employees. Consulted on Exchange

    server, IIS, Proxy, Portal Server, SBS server.

    ; Worked directly in the Oil and Gas industry with Colorado Interstate Gas, Standard Oil, Chevron and well/core drilling. ; Setup and configured GIS and supported ArcInfo for the electrical co-ops of Colorado along with Electrical T & D

    Colorado Springs utilities.

    ; Developed and managed web sites based on ASP, J2EE, Microsoft VM, Adobe and FrontPage technologies. ; Contracted with IBM and Motorola to market, develop, sell and support AutoCAD in the Unix market. Converted both

    Architectural Construction System and AutoCAD components from Windows base to AIX. These programs are OOD

    and developed in C++.

    ; Contracted with Woodford Manufacturing to install and maintain MAPICS XA. Developed many RPG programs

    interfacing MAPICS Bill of Materials with business operations. First IBM system in 1986 was a system 36 running

    MAPICS and IBM operating system. Designed wide area network (WAN), using IBM technology in 1986. This system

    supported operations in Kansas City, Minneapolis MN as well as the Home office in Colorado Springs. Maintained

    programs through year 2000 updates and corrections. Migrated programs up through MAPICS version XA. Now all

    programs are running under native RPG/400 and IBM DB2 database.

    ; Contracted with United States Air Force Civil engineering divisions at Schriever, Peterson and NORAD Air Force

    Bases in Colorado Springs. Migrated Novell Netware networks to Windows NT/2000. Maintained design engineering

    software on classified networks. Developed simulation systems for use in war games for both the Air Force and the


    ; Customized the Architectural Construction System for Butler Building Systems. Developed line of business (LOB)

    application that started from order entry of a wood frame building to automatic document creation. Worked with a team

    of on-site engineers, both structural and computer to write system in OOD C++ and Visual basic.

    ; Developed the Architectural Construction System for the Home building market. Contracted with David Weekley

    Homes to integrate the system to their IBM System 36 based Home Builder Software?. The Architectural

    Construction system is written in C++ and was distributed world wide.

    ; Developed the Office Furniture System for the Colorado Department of Corrections. Created a office layout system

    that the State offices could run, design office layout cubicles, run a Bill of Materials to be sent to the prison to build the

    components from. The system was developed in C++ and had a self contained internal database that I designed.

    st ; Consulted with AutoDesk, Inc. in 1984 to help design CAD database for their AutoCAD product. I was AutoDesk’s 1

    developer creating a Bill of Material System utilizing relational hooks to an outside database from the AutoCAD DWG


    ; Developed printed circuit board measurement software for quality control. This utilized light pen device drivers I

    wrote in C for picking locations on the screen.

    ; Worked with Sunflex to develop touch screen technology input device for AutoCAD. The drivers became the

    monochrome device drivers for AutoDesk’s Hercules video card support. Device drivers deployed to clients for over

    10 years. Written in assembly for speed and to simulate Microsoft’s mouse driver for the touch screen. Also had a

    touch pad that I write the drivers for to simulate a mouse.

    ; Developed device drivers for Matra’s printed circuit board manufacturing for use within aircraft simulators.

    ; Wrote many post processors for Automated machine tools from milling to lathes.

    Other responsibilities while at CAD Consultants:

    ; Responsible for user configuration through Active Directory (AD & ADAM), Systems Management Information tool

    (SMIT), Naming & Directory Services (NDS)

    ; Responsible for migration, installation, configuration, troubleshooting all Windows, Unix and AS/400 base operating

    system related issues.

    ; Installation and configuration multi operating system networks including mixes like Microsoft Windows Server

    embedded into AS/400 server with AIX clients and Windows clients.

    ; Performed upgrades of operating systems, server tools and client tools.

    ; Able to manage development groups efficiently and effectively.

    Tindall Corp. Spartanburg, SC


    Contract Senior AutoDesk Developer 11/01/05 On-Call

    ; Converted Tindal Cast for AutoCad 2005

    ; Unicode conversion and master SmartCad library support

Architectural Data Systems Denver, CO

    Contract Senior AutoDesk Architectural Desktop Developer 12/2004 05/2005

    ; AutoCAD application add-on to attach remote portal XML data to objects inside architectural drawings utilizing the

    buzzsaw OMF. Modeled Microsoft SQL server 2000 database, DTS and Crystal Reporting.

Graphtec Technology Boulder, CO

    Application Software Programmer 07/1981 07/1982

    ; Helped hardware engineering develop the first color digital monitor. Developed drivers in assembly for the Sperry and

    VAX systems.

    ; Developed electrical relay documentation system for Allen Bradly.

AutoTrol Technology Denver, CO

    Application Software Programmer 07/1978 07/1981

    ; Process piping software for Oil refineries including Standard Oil, Chevron and Shell. Database stored through Cobol

    and HASP spool sheets IBM mainframe S390.

    ; Early GIS / GEOSPACIAL development storing database of topo maps.

    ; Custom printed circuit board manufacturing for Matra of Paris, France.

    st Bill of Material database system to be generally used in CAD systems. Combination of Fortran and ; Developed 1


Information Handling Systems Denver, CO

    Contract Software Programmer 07/1976 10/1976

    ; Developed statistical reporting program in COBOL on IBM 360 mainframe.


    19781979 Denver University Denver, CO

    ; Mathematics Masters Degree Course work completed.

    19741978 Denver University Denver, CO

    ; B.S., Mathematics (1 of only 2 with BS in 1978 out of a class of 400)

    ; Minors in physics and chemistry

Professional Organizations:

    19931998 AS/400 User Group Colorado Springs, CO

    ; President (1994-1995)

    1982current AutoDesk Developers Group San Rafael, CA

    ; Honorary 25 year developer member

    2001current VS.NET User Group Denver, CO

    ; Member


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