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    If you’re tired of watching your weight yo-yo all around, tired

    of stressing over what you can and can’t eat, just plain tired of trying to lose weight, then this is the plan for you. The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System teaches you how to eat the right foods so that weight loss becomes automatic. It’s as easy as it sounds. You can eat as much as you want, which means you’ll never feel hungry, while you melt the pounds away.


    You may not realize, but your diet could be the reason you’re gaining weight. Especially if you’re on a starvation diet or a reduced calorie diet. Here’s why: Three things happen when you eat, the food is either burned as fuel, discarded as waste, or it’s stored. As fat! If you eat less calories, your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to the fat. Your body thinks you’re starving to death. That’s why most people who lose weight this way, gain it all back, and sometimes even more, once they start eating again. It’s so happy to see food, it stores it all up just in case it starves again.

    This is why even though you are eating less you can still gain weight. It’s also why losing weight has been so frustrating. You’ve been doing it all wrong.

    The important key to weight loss is speeding up your metabolism, not starving yourself.

    If you have a fast metabolism, more of the food you eat will be burned as energy and less will be stored as fat. But if we were born with a slow metabolism, or even if it’s slowed down as we

    have gotten older, we have to find ways into tricking it to speed up.

    The other important thing to learn is that when you go on a conventional diet, your body starts to lose lean muscle. That’s

the last thing you want to do if you’re trying to lose weight.

    Because lean muscle burns calories! The more lean muscle tissue you have the more calories you can burn, even while you’re sleeping. So guess what? Cutting calories and losing lean muscle is exactly how not to lose weight. This type of diet plan is doomed to fail.


    The key to losing weight is eating. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? It’s no lie. Because on this program you eat more often with just the right combinations of food to increase your metabolism. By eating every two to three hours, like you will on this program, your body won’t ever think you’re starving to death. So it stops trying to hold on to the fat. Your metabolism speeds up, starts burning more of what you ate as fuel, and the weight stops to drop off! You become the efficient fuel machine you were meant to be.

    On this program, you’ll eat lots of food and you’ll eat often. But you’ll be eating efficiently. Because each meal is designed with the right combinations of food to keep your metabolism, your body’s fat burning furnace, running on high. At the same time, these foods preserve the lean muscle tissue that keeps your body burning more calories all day long. In no time, you’ll be losing weight like never before. And most importantly, you’ll never be

    hungry again.

AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!

    STEP 1: Read the book

    Simply by getting familiar with what’s inside the booklet, you’ll learn everything you need to know to reprogram your metabolism and keep it that way for life. The meals are specifically chosen and prepared so that you can eat without adding a lot of calories and fat that could slow your metabolism.

    Before you begin, make sure you read through the entire book, learn how to make a Food Lover’s Fat Loss Plate and

    understand how the right combinations of food will speed up your metabolism. Read through the section Cooking Fat Free so you can learn how to avoid adding unnecessary fat to your food, so as not to sabotage all your hard work. And read the section Enemies Of Fat Loss so you can avoid the pitfalls that can slow your results.

    The Quick Start Guide in the back of the book gives you the program at a glance. But you’ll need to have read the entire booklet first to understand everything so as to get the results you’re looking for.

STEP 2: Time to shop and cook

    The trick to making the program work is having a fat burning meal hand whenever you get hungry. The best way to do this is prepare a week’s worth of food in advance. You’ll need a cooler, so you can carry your food with you no matter where you go. We suggest a cooler that holds a six pack of soda. It may seem inconvenient at first, but once you start losing the weight, the cooler will become your friend. And the section of Pre-Preparing Your Food will show you how to save time shopping and cooking for what you need. Things like how it doesn’t take any longer to grill 8 chicken breasts than it does one. These tips will help ensure you stay on your program, because you’ll learn how easy it is, once you just change your old (and wrong) patterns.

STEP 3: Eat up!

    Now for the exciting part. The eating. Five times a day you should be having something to eat, every two and a half to three hours. To make one of your meals that will speed up your metabolism, just combine one food from each of the three groups A, B and C. Then get ready to watch the pounds melt away!

    Don’t forget, the key to this program is to never miss a meal. You must keep your metabolism running on high. So make sure

you always have access to the food on your plan. You’ll find

    you’re eating more than you ever imagined and losing weight faster than you ever thought possible.


    One last step before you start, is to make your eating schedule. A sample eating schedule might look like this:

7 am Breakfast

    10 am am snack

    12:30 pm Lunch

    3 pm pm snack

    6 pm Dinner

    For the first several days this may seem like a lot of food and you may not be hungry that often. But stick to your schedule and you’ll find that after a day or two, your metabolism is

    moving so fast, you are actually hungry every several hours. And the good news: on this plan, it will be time to eat again.

    But NEVER skip a meal. Especially breakfast. Remember that your fat burning starts speeding up with your first meal of the day. Plus the earlier in the day you eat your meal the more time your body has to burn the fat while you’re awake and active.

    Skipping a meal not only slows your metabolism, but once it get it racing again, you’ll find that when you miss a meal you get so

    ravenously hungry that the next time you eat you won’t be able to control yourself. This is why you must have access to a plan meal at all times. Consult the Pre-Preparing Your Food to make sure you always have a Fat Loss meal with you.

Fill in your Eating Schedule below:


    We’ve taken the guess work out of losing weight. By making a Food Lovers Fat Loss Plate, all you have to do is combine one of each of the foods from the three A, B, C categories below in the portion sizes listed. Each section represents a low fat, low calorie food that when combined with the other two groups will help increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. (You’ll also find a list of the A,B, and C

    foods in the Quick Start Guide fold out card in the back of this book.)

    Later in this book you’ll see we’ve provided you with cooking tips, recipe suggestions and preparation ideas for all the recommended foods. That way if the cooking is easy, you’ll

    find it easy to stay on this program, and you’ll find yourself losing the weight that you want. For instance, chicken breast, potato and asparagus can quickly become chicken sauteed in wine with capers, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Sounds much more exciting than any diet food you were probably used to. Just what we had planned.

    Be sure to check out the Sample Menus. We’ve given you suggestions for complete Food Lover’s Fat Loss Plates for each meal of the day. They’re ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do or eat. Just eat the meals listed(prepared the way you are directed in the Cooking Fat Free section) and watch the pounds disappear.

    As long as you eat one food from each group in the proper proportions(making sure not to add unnecessary oils and fats) you’ve got a Food Lovers Fat Loss Plate every time!


    Foods in the “B” category, Starchy Carbs, Fruits or Simple Sugars, when eaten alone without a protein from Group “A” raise the levels of your insulin in your blood and causes them to spike. When this happens it affects your weight loss by 1) telling your body to store everything you eat as fat and 2) telling

    your body not to release any stored fat as energy. Yikes! Basically, eating a Group “B” food alone can slow or stop your weight loss. You definitely don’t want to do that. The solution? Just be sure to always balance out a Group “B” food with the correct amount of food from a Group “A” Protein.


    You should eat a food from this group at every meal. Proteins are used as fuel and are necessary for your body to maintain muscle tissue, hair and vital organs. As we’ve learned, the more lean muscle, the better your body will burn the fat. And by balancing the Group B with the Group A, we keep the insulin from spiking and slowing your metabolism. These proteins are primarily found in animal sources such as meat, fish and poultry.

    The foods listed below as “Best Fat Burners” are the leanest of the proteins and will give you far and away the fastest results! Try to stick to this list as much as possible.

Portion Size:

    Men: App 4-6 oz Women: App 2-4 oz.

    The easiest way to approximate these portion sizes is to measure them to the palm of your hand. For most men, a 4-5 oz piece of protein, whether it be beef, chicken, etc. will be about the size of the palm of his hand. Same goes for a woman. A 2-3 oz. piece of protein will be about the size of the palm of her hand. So if you don’t have a scale nearby, give yourself a hand.

Best Group A Fat Burners chart goes here…….

Reduce These Group “A” Foods

    These next proteins are higher in fat than the “Best Fat Burners” and should be used in your eating plan much more sparingly.

    Portion Size: When you do eat proteins from this group, reduce the portion size by 1/3. That means roughly two thirds the size of your palm or more precisely:

Men: App. 3-4 oz. Women: App. 1-3 oz.

Next chart goes here……

    While Fat Free Cheese and Fat Free Cottage Cheese have no fat, they are still not ideal sources of protein for weight loss. So you are best to stick with the foods listed in the Best Fat Burners section for optimum weight loss.

Avoid These Proteins!

    These proteins are EXTREMELY high in fat and should be avoided completely while you are losing weight. When you get down to your goal weight, you may begin to add these foods back into you eating program, but only very sparingly.

Next chart goes here…….

Group “B” Foods – Carbs & Fruits

    Carbohydrates are foods that break down to sugar in your body to fuel your muscles and your brain. But complex carbohydrates are the most beneficial to weight loss. They are converted to sugar very slowly. These include potatoes, yams, rice, wheat and other grains and vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are converted very quickly to sugar by your body. These include table sugar, candy, honey, molasses and most fruits.

    Even though all carbohydrates are eventually turned to sugar, the slower the process, the more likely you will keep your metabolism from grinding to a halt and your calories being stored as fat. By combining a carbohydrate with a protein, it aids in slowing down the process of the carbohydrate turning into a sugar. That is why you should never eat carbohydrates alone!

    Accelerated Fat Loss Meals: Although this plan asks you to eat once food from each category for each meal, there is one exception…and this is it. You can speed up your weight loss by dropping the carb, Group B food, from your mid-morning snack and your afternoon snack.

    We recommend using cautiously though. Some people suffer from low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, and eliminating carbs can exacerbate this problem. If you drop your Group B food

    from a meal and then find yourself dizzy or lightheaded, get

    some sugar into your system as quickly as possible a sweet

    fruit, juice or even a candy bar whatever you can find to get

    your blood sugar back up immediately. Also never drop the

    Group B food before any kind of exercise including your

    Accelerated Fat Burning Program. You’ll need the carb to give you energy during your workout.

Best Group B Fat Burners

    The Carbs and Fruits listed in this section are the very best to accelerate your metabolism. They are very “complex” which means they are converted into sugar in your body very slowly. That means they are less likely to “spike” your insulin which can slow or bring weight loss to a halt.

    We’ve listed a lot of easy to prepare and delicious carbs in this section. Contrary to what you may think, potatoes are excellent weight loss foods - so are yams and rice. You can cook them quickly in the microwave, add them to a grilled chicken breast and green veggie and voila! You’ve got a delicious, and filling, Food Lover’s Fat Loss Plate ready to eat in just minutes.

Portion Size: The portion sizes for men and women are as


     Men: App. App. 1 Cup Women: App. ?


    The easiest way to approximate these portion sizes is, again, by using your hand. But this time the proper portion size of the grains and cut fruits and carbs will be about the size of your fist. You’ll notice that when it comes to fruits and tubers (like potatoes) that equates to a medium to small fruit or tuber depending on your gender (and therefore the size of your fist.)

    Potato Yam Sweet Potato Rice

    Oatmeal Millet Barley Rice Noodles

    Parsnips/TurnipJicama Pinto Beans Squash s

    Grapefruit Mixed Berries Peaches Fresh Pineapple

    Strawberries Bananas Apples Pears

    Honeydew Melon Plums

Reduce These Group “B" Foods

    Since these carbs and fruits are converted much more quickly into sugar in your blood stream, you’ll want to eat them much less than the other carbs, as they tend to increase insulin levels and slow your metabolism.

    Additionally the foods made from processed grains -- like breads and pasta have very high amounts of calories. Try to eat these foods only in case of emergency until you get to your goal weight. The other Group B foods will give you significantly

    faster results.

    Portion Size: When you do eat proteins from this group reduce the portion size by 1/3. That means roughly two thirds the size of your fist or, more precisely:

     Men: App. App. 2/3 Cup Women: App. 1/2 Cup

    Corn Kidney Beans Corn Tortillas Lentils

    Bread Couscous Pasta Plantains

    Melon Grapes Mango Nectarines

    Oranges Tangerines Watermelon

Avoid These Carbs & Fruits!

    Due to the amount of calories and fat in these carbs and the extremely high sugar content of the fruits these Group B foods

    should be completely avoided until you get down to your goal weight then only added very cautiously back into your eating program.

    Bagels Pancakes Cereal Flour Tortillas

    Muffins Waffles Granola

    Figs Cherries Raisins Prunes / Dates

    Passion Fruit

    Group “C” Foods - Vegetables

    Vegetables are also carbohydrates, but they generally have so few calories and so much fiber that they have very little affect on your metabolism. You can generally eat all the vegetables

    you want sincethey provide your body with the fiber and vitamins it needs. Not only are you filling up on healthy food, you’re arming it to help prevent diseases that only vegetables

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