Unit six

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Unit six

    Supplementary Exercises for Unit Six (Book II)

    Part One Reading Comprehension

    Passage One

    Predicting the future is always risky. But it's probably safe to say that at least a few

    thhistorians will one day speak of the 20 mcentury as America's "Disney era". Today , it’s

    certainly difficult to think of any other single thing that represents modern America as powerfully as the company.that created Mickey Mouse. Globally, brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds may

    thbe more widely-known, but neither represents 20 century America in quite the same way as


    The reasons for Disney's success are varied and numerous, but ultimately the credit belongs to one personthe man who created the cartoon and built the company from nothing, Walt Disney. Ironically, he could not draw particularly well. But he was a genius in plenty of other respects. In business, his greatest skills were his insight and his management ability. After setting himself in Hollywood, he single-handedly pioneered the concepts of branding and merchandising- something his company still does brilliantly today.

    But what really distinguished Disney was his ability to identify with his audiences. Disney always made sure his films championed the little guy, and made him feel proud to be

    American.This he achieved by creating characters that reflected the hopes and fears of ordinary people. Some celebrated American achievements Disney's very first cartoon Plane Crazy,

    featuring a silent Mickey Mouse, was inspired by Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic. Others, like the Three Little Pigs and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, showed how, through

    hard work and helping one's fellow men, ordinary Americans could survive social and economic crises like the Great Depression.

     Disneys other great virtue was the fact that his company unlike other big corporations

     had a human face.His Hollywood studio the headquarters operated just like a

    democracy, where everyone was on first-name terms and had a say in how things should be run. He was also regarded as a great patriot because not only did his cartoons celebrated America, but, during World War II, his studios made training films for American soldiers.

    th 1. According to the passage the 20 century America might be regarded as the "Disney era"

    because _B_______.

     A) Disney was popular in America

     B) Disney created Mickey Mouse

     C) Disney is a widely-known brand

     D) Disney reflects modern America

     2. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A

     A) WaIt Disney created branding and merchandising alone.

     B) Walt Disney understood ordinary people very we?.

     C) Walt Disney's success is largely due to the hard work of his staff.

     D) WaIt Disney was laughed at by other people because he couldn't draw well.

     3. Disney's films identify with audience through characters who __D________.

    A) made great achievements

    B) are hard working and intelligent

    C) could survive crises like ordinary people

    D) have the same worries and hopes like ordinary people


     4. The little guy in paragraph 3 refers to __A_________.

    A) American heroes

    Bordinary people

    CDisneys audiences

    Dproud Americans

     5. People think Disneys studio operated like a democracy because ___C_________.

    Apeople there were friendly to each other

    Bthe company built a human face before its lobby

    Cpeople use their first names as special terms

    Dthe studio trained American soldiers

    Passage Two

     In the United States, the need to protect plant and animal species has become a highly controversial and sharp political issue since the passage of the Engangered Species Act in 1973.

    The act, designed to protect species living areas, and policies that preserve land and forests

    compete with economic interests.In the 1990s, for example, the wood cutters in the western

    United States were challenged legally in their attempt to cut trees for timber in the Cascade Mountains. The challenge was mounted to protect the endangered spotted owl, whose remaining population occupies the forests and requires the intact, ancient forest for survival. The problematic situation set the interest of environmentalists against those of corporations and individuala who stood to lose jobs. After months of debate and legal battles, the fate of the wood - cutters and

    the owls was still undecided in mid-1993.

     Similar tensions exist between the developed and the developing nations. Many people in industrialized nations, for example, believe that developing nations in tropical regions should do more to protect their rain forests and other natural areas. But the developing countries may be impoverished (使贫穷), with population growing so rapidly that using the land is a means to temporarily avoid worsening poverty and starvation.

     Many of the changes to Earth that concern scientists have the protential to rob the planet of its biological richness. The destruction of Earth's ozone layer, for example, could contribute to the general process of impoverishment by allowing ultra-violat rays to harm plants and animals. And global warming could wipe out species unable to quickly adapt to changing climates.Clearly, protecting will come only through coordinated international efforts to control human population, stabilize the composition of the atmosphere, and preserve intact earths complete web of life.

    6. Why does the author say that the protection of endangered species is a highly controversial

    issue? C

    A Because people cant agree as to what species to protect.

    B Because it is difficult to find out an effective way to protect such species.

    C Because it affects the interests of certain groups of people

    D Because it is a major problem involving a series of legal procedures.

    7. According to the passage, the preservation of rain forests ____B_____.

    A may hamper a developing country in its fight against poverty

    B benefits developed countries rather than developing countries

    C should take priority over the control of human population

    D will help improve the living conditions in developing countries


    8. According to the passage, cutting trees to grow more food ___B______.

     A will widen the gap between the developing and the developed countries

     B is but a short term relief to the food problem

     C can hardly alleviate the shortage of food

     D proves to be an effective way for impovershed nations

    9. The chief concern of the scientists is ____C_______.

     A the impoverishment of developing countries

     B the explosion of the human population

     C the reduction of biological diversity

     D the effect of global warming

    10. The authors purpose in writing the passage is ___A_______ humanitys current problems.

     A to describe the difficulties in solving

     B to present the different views on

     C to analyze the contradiction between countries in dealing with

     D to point out cooperation of nations can solve


     There is almost no end to the things men have done to make their land productive. The raw material with which they work is their geography: the natural features of the area and the distribution of life within it.

     What people do with their geography is an exciting taleone that gives human

    meaning to dry facts about soils, winds, mountains, plains, rivers. This book tells of the partnership of land and people in the United States, and of some of the changes that partnership brought about.

     But first, an overall look at the country: The main landmass of the United States lies in central North America, with Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The two newest states, Alaska and Hawaii, are separated from the continental United States.

     The variety of the country comes from the fact that it is so large and has so many kinds of land, climate and people. The deep-green mountain forests of the northwest coast are wet with more than 250 centimeters of rain each year. At the other extreme, the deserts of the southwest receive less than 13 centimeters annually. A traveler from almost any other country can find parts of the United States that remind him of home. There are pine forests decorated with lakes, and mountains covered with snow. There are meadows with streams and trees,and wide grassy plains, and sandy beaches.

     In some parts of the United States, tne pattern of life seems to have happened by accident. Sometimes when families moved westward to new farmland their wagons broke down or they became ill along the way. As a result,today, almost 200 years, their children are farmers in little hidden valleys where few would expect people to live.But these were exceptions. Most people live and work as they do because the resources of their part of the country have opened certain opportunities and closed others . Traditional jobs, political borders and feudal custom have been less important in the United States than in many other countriest

    11. This article is most likely to be ___C______ a book.

     A) a comment on


    B) an advertisement for

    C) an introduction to

     D) a summary of

    12. According to the passage, in order to make their land productive men can ____B_______ (

     A) explore the natural features of the area they live in

     B) take action with regard to the geographical features of their area

     C) try to find sufficient supplies of raw material

     D) bring about changes in their partnership with land 13. The word "dry" in the first sentence of the second paragraph means ____B________.

     A) not wet

    B) not interesting

     C) not detailed

    D) not important

    14. "A traveler from almost any othercountry can find parts of the United States that remind him

    of home" because ____D_________.

     A) he feels homesick while away from his homeland

     B) the U.S. has many states of different sizes

     C) he comes from a country that is similar to the U.S.

     D) the geography of the U.S. has so much variety 15. Which of the following has played a greater role in bringing about the patterns of life in

    various parts of the U.S.A.? D

     A) Feudal custom.

    B) Traditional jobs.

    C) Accidents.

    D) Geography.

    Part Two Vocabulary and Structure

    Task One Word Conversion

    Directions: Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given:

     1) anxiety The drought has made farmers _anxious_______ about the harvest.

     2) easy Instead of putting me at _ease_______his comments made me worry even

    more about the operation.

     3) fantasy These plans of yours are quite _fantasy______ can never work .

     4)optimistic Judging from your examination results, I think you have cause

    for__optimism____ about entering a university.

     5) tense You could feel the _tension_____ in the room as we waited for our exam results.

     6) horrible I was _horrible______ to hear the news of his death.

     7) passion The Italians are said to be _passionate______ people in Europe.

     8) patient "Well, I have shown you how to do this before,"she said, unable to hide her


     9) emotion My doctor said the problem with her was more __emotional______ than


     10) detail We need as much _detailed________ information about the case as

    possible before we can make a decision.


     11) invest The government is trying to attract more __investors_______ into the

    shipbuilding industry.

    12) theoretical The detectives _theory_______ is that the murderer was well known to

    the victim.

    13) weight You have to __weigh_______ the costs of the new system against the

    benefits it will bring.

    14) plenty We don’t have to worry about fuel.We have a _plenty_______ supply of


    15) rare _Rarely_______ have I seen such a beautiful sunset.

    16) occasion Im not a heavy drinker, but I like a(n) _occasional________ glass of


    17) react His __reaction_______ to the news was one of complete amazement.

    18) death His burns were so serious that he _died______ before reaching hospital.

    19) natural Farming on such bad land is a struggle against _nature________.

    20) charming The girl _charmed______ everyone into doing what she wants.

    Task Two Multiple Choice

    Exercise 1

     Directions: Choose the one that best completes each sentence from the four choices given


    1. Only such an idiot as he is could be __A___ enough to believe every rumor.

     A. credulous B. credible C. incredulous D. incredible 2. It does not alter the fact that he was the man __C___ for the death of the little girl. A. accounting B. guilty C. responsible D. obliged 3. Lighting is a __C___ of electrical current from a cloud to the ground or from one cloud to another.

    A. rush B. rainbow C. ribbon D. rack 4. __C___ that my head had cleared, my brain was beginning to work much better. A. For B. Since C. Now D. Despite 5. Dont _C____ this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead. A. relieve B. relate C. release D. remain 6. Many people in this country are reported to have no __D___ to the health service.

    A. exception B. assignment C. occasion D. access Exercise 2

    Directions: Complete the following sentences with words chosen from the box. Change the

    form where necessary.

    1.The meat was declared unfit for human _consume____ because of a certain disease.

    2. My daughter is growing more mature and I am proud of her newly-acquired _item____.

    3. We still have several days to go, so we can spend the _remaining____ of the days sightseeing. 4. I drink an _____ cup of coffee; but usually I take tea.


5. You have to devote yourself to the course, because most of the work was left _at


    6. When the Christmas was approaching, the colored lights were very _charming____.

    Exercise 3

    Directions: Choose the one that best completes each sentence from the four choices given


    1. He __A____________ a sum of money every week for his old age.

    A. sets up B. sets off C. sets aside D. sets back 2. They will come and check ____B_________ intervals of two hours.

    A. in B. at C. on D. with 3. Children are very curious ____C_________.

    A. at heart B. from the beginning C. by nature D. by birth 4. I dont really ___D_________tea; I like coffee better.

    A. care about B. take care of C. take care D. care for 5. Early editions of Shakespeares plays are much ___C__________ after by collectors.

    A. attempted B. sought C. kept D. tried 6. The shop promised to ___C__________ any goods with defects.

    A. take back B. take off C. take in D. take up

Exercise 4

    Directions: Complete the following sentences with phrases chosen from the box. Change the

    form where necessary.

    1. Reciting the alphabets is __sophisticated____________ for a high school student.

    2. We have to ___race the clock___________ with the approaching of the deadline. 3. Nobody would __by nature___________standing in queues for several hours. 4. She has completed her two novels and will __move on to_____________some new work.

    5. We __get our act together______ paint the whole house but finished only the front part. 6. It was dishonest of him to __take in____________ having written a book he had not written

    at all.

Exercise 5

    Directions: Complete the following sentences by turning Chinese in brackets into English

    with the help of phrases given above in the box.

    1. _We must get our act together_____________,我们必须把事情安排好!so that we can

    finish the task in time.


2. Conditions are not yet favorable for us to make our move. _We have to bide our



    3. ____What the teacher said hit home__________________,,老师说的话正中要害!the

    student lowing his head.

    4. After being a teacher for ten years, __she move on to being engaged in the real estate industry_________________.,她转而从事房地产业!

    5. ___To achieve you hearts desire________,,要想得到心中渴望的东西!you should work

    hard and stick to it.

    6. After discussion, we all agreed that _set the sum of money aside for the future



    Task IComplete the following sentences by

    translating the Chinese into English.

    1) Most curious of all(那个工厂完全没有质量控


    2) (如果我们想跟上时代的步伐)we should try to

    enrich ourselves with new knowledge, fresh

    information as well as various abilities.

    3),最好充分了解一下你喜欢的大学!before coming

    to a decision.

    4) ,不言而喻!the development of the west is not

    limited to one certain factor.

    5) (只要我们制定一个合理的计划)we'll be able to

    have good results in the first term.


    6) (对有些学生来说,大学生活似乎!is just confined

    to the classroom and dormitory.

    7) If you feel it difficult to communicate with others


    8) (直到十八世纪!man realized that the whole of

    the brain was involved in the workings of the mind.

    9) ,现在人们一般认为!the more work we give our

    brains, the more work they are able to do.

    10) Some students are seriously homesick and fail to

    adjust themselves to the new life quickly. (这可能


1) that country has no quality control at all

    2) If we want to keep path with the age

    3) Youd better know the universities that you like well 4) Needless to say,

    5) As long as we make a reasonable plan

    6) To some students, college life

    7) It may because you are not frank enough to others. 8) Not until the 18 century

    9) Now, people usually think

    10) This may because they rely on their parents too much.


    Task2Translate the following

    sentences into Chinese

    1)It's very important for college students to

    have a good command of English.

    2) Finding a job in such a big company has

    always been beyond his wildest dreams.3) Doing your homework is a sure way to

    improve your test scores, and this is

    especially true when it comes to classroom


    4) It will take government many years to control the

    production of fake commodities.

    5) I would like to propose that every student try not

    to use the fast food chopsticks for the sake of

    forest protection.

    6) With no great efforts, few could step into the gate

    of college.

    7) It is well known that some TV programs do have

    negative effects on children.

    8) Computer is so powerful that it can almost deal

    with everything from industrial engineering to

    market managing to language learning.

    10) It has been two years since our government

    decided to carry out the policy of increasing the

    potential of higher education.


1) 对于大学生来说掌握英语非常重要。

    2) 他从来没有想过在如此大的一家公司找工作。

    3) 做作业是提高你成绩的有效方法,尤其是在课堂测验的时候。 4) 政府对假冒伪劣产品的控制还需要很长的时间。

    5) 为了森林的保护,我建议每位学生试着不要使用一次性筷子。 6) 如果不付出努力,几乎没有人可以步入大学的门槛。

    7) 众所周知,一些电视节目的确对孩子有不好的影响。

    8) 电脑是很强大的,它几乎能处理从工业工程到市场管理到语言学习的任何



    Task3Translate the following

    sentences into English










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