cultural diversity vs cultural integration

By Tim Cox,2014-04-09 18:27
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cultural diversity vs cultural integration

    With the acceleration of globalization, different cultures are blending with each other and they are changing. You can see the changes in your clothes, haircut, the music, art, literature, and so on. This is happening everywhere.

    Once in an English class, when the textbook tells us that the America is a melting pot, my teacher immediately said, I dont

    agree with that, America is a salad bowl! A salad bowl? I wondered

    why, but soon after that, I understood. The differences between a salad bowl and melting pot is just like the differences between cultural diversity and cultural integration. Just as the USA, billions of immigrants have brought about their own cultures to the American society, they lived together and their cultures integrated. We should admit the advantages of cultural integration, because it makes information shared, it makes goods exchanged, it makes development accelerated, and it makes communication available! However, the point is that we refuse assimilation! We prefer a salad bowl to a melting pot, because in a salad bowl, different cultures are just like salad ingrediants------they do not merge together into one single culture. Instead, each culture keeps its own distinct qualities.

    Yes, we need standards, but standards are not everything, we are not robots of mass production. Yes, we need development, but all roads lead to Rome. Yes, we need communication, but we shouldnt

    forget who we are and what we are rooted. Yes, we can share common values, but it is our unique culture that helps us stand out among the nations! Ladies and gentlemen, it is wise for us to preserve our own culture, not to reject other cultures, and let the salad bowl create the prosperity the history has never seen! Thats all,

    thank you!

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