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    Cover letter: Dear students, this is a Market Survey Questionnaire of all Western-style fast food. The questionnaire doesn’t involve personal privacy. Problems are in a simple way. In spite of this we still will keep your information from others to make it confidential. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

    Basic information:

    Gender: ( ) A. male B. female



    Questionnaire part:

    1. For following fast food restaurants, the one you prefer is ( )A. KFC B. McDonald's C. dicos D. Pala Hamburg E. others 2. How frequently will you go to have fast food? ( )

     A. 1 to 3 days once B. weekly once C. half a month once D. a month once E. a month above

    3. Every time you eat fast food, the dish you always choose among the following choices is ( )

    A. Hamburg B. chicken meat volume C. rice D. others

    4. The following you prefer to choose as your drinks is ( )A. soup B. Cola, Sprite and other carbonated drinks C. juice D. milk tea E. others

    5. How much money do you usually spare when you eat? ( )<If more than one person, just answer the average.> A. less than 10 Yuan B. 10-20 Yuan C. 20 Yuan-30 Yuan D.30 Yuan-40 Yuan E. 40 Yuan above

    6. Every time you go to fast food restaurants, how many people do you generally go with? ( )

    A. unmanned peer B. two people together C.3-4 people D. 5-8 people E. more than8 people

    7. The frequency you called outside sold is ( )

A. never called had outside sold

    B. sometimes called because of being inconvenient to go outC. often called outside sold because is convenient 8. When fast food restaurants launched new kind of food, will you concern

    to have a try? ( )

    A. I will attempts to eat new food.

    B. I occasionally attempt to have a try.

    C. Hoping to be informed of new food, but I still choose the one I used to


    D. does not concern

    9. In your opinion, will fast food affect your health? ( )A. will, because it is junk food

    B. as long as don't eat too frequently, it will not affect C. won't matter at all

    This is the ending. Thank you for your participation and


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