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    1625 Bloor Street, Apt.# 817 Ph: (647)808-0962, 9058484751

    Mississauga, ON, L4X-1S3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Seeking responsible and challenging position where my experience, knowledge & skills will have valuable application


    ; Energetic, hardworking and motivated engineer with experience in Design and Analysis ; Excellent application of CAD/FEA software CATIA-V5 R17, MSC Nastran, Hypermesh, ABAQUS, Unigraphics-NX,

     AutoCAD-2005, Solidworks 2006, Pro-E Wildfire 2.0

    ; Certificate of Merit for thesis work “Determination of Natural Frequency of Asymmetric cross-section blade

    Variational Method”

    ; Proficient in office automation software such as MS Office Word, MS Power Point & MS Excel ; Certificate course on AutoCAD-2005 from Sheridan College, Canada

    ; Familiarity of GD&T and ASME Y14.5M standards

    ; Ability to effectively lead and contribute to a team effort

    ; Strong Analytical, Problem solving and learning skills

Professional Work Experience

    Design Engineer

    Dassault Falcon Jet June‟07 to Till Present

    ; Designing of Interior section such as Galley, Fwd & Aft Lav and Avionics equipment installation by using CATIA V5 ; Documentation of setting up Structural brackets and panels for the final assembly of business aircraft ; Analyze and resolve design interference issues in assemblies by coordinating with team ; Retrieving of CAD products using Virtual Product Model (VPM) i.e. ENOVIA

    ; Define, maintain and release engineering product data in drawings/electronic data sets ; Coordinate design criteria and process development with stress engineering and planning groups

    ; Revising and creating Plans & BOM utilizing HMS CAPP, HMS Order Maintenance of Avionics Equipment, Cabinet Electrical & Passenger Supply Unit (PSU)

Design Engineer

    B/E Aerospace March‟ 07 to May‟ 07

    ; Designed Interior parts of Boeing-787: Passenger Air outlet (PAO) Hose Adapter, Oxygen Box, PAO Manifold ; Generated assembly drawings of Oxygen Box and PAO Manifold assembly, brackets for Boeing -787 ; Modified and updated existing design due to revisions using Solid Works-2006 & CATIA V5 ; Extensive interaction between different design groups, lead design, stress & manufacturing group ; Coordinated with suppliers for design execution and generated 2-D drawings & 3-D models for release ; Prepared BOM (Bill of Materials), Document record release and Change Notice of drawings

Design Engineer

    G. S & Company 1998 2004

    ; Designed stabilizer bar of vehicle using CATIA, making it more robust by Taguchi methods ; Performed design changes with suppliers to assist with part fit, form and function requirements ; Modeled Entry Guide equipment using CATIA, which helped to feed material in central position ; Generated detailed drawings and conducted design feasibility studies using Failure Mode Effect Analysis(FMEA) ; Modified End Bender System to get desired bend of Elbow by CATIA which increased productivity by 65% ; Prepared BOM (Bill of Materials) and modified existing design according to consumer feedback ; Communicated design requirements from prototype to production start-up

    ; Coordinated changes with stress and production team to meet structural integrity and assembly requirements ; Resolved problems at supplier facilities, exploring design alternatives and providing/receiving Information ; Conducted FEA stress analysis of a compact specimen to determine stress propagation along crack length

Wayne State University (2005-2006)


    - Evaluate and optimize the design of a connecting rod using linear static analysis in NASTRAN. ; A Connecting Rod model was generated using CATIA V5 and imported in HYPERMESH. Mesh was created using QUAD and TRI elements, concentrated load is applied. Nastran was used as a solver.

    ; Material is removed from the non-critical section to reduce the weight of the section by 15%. Weight is removed gradually at section maintaining the same maximum value of the stress.

- To analyze stress distribution of Brake Pedal using F.E. model, “Nastran”

    ; Stress distribution of a Brake Pedal is analyzed using the F.E model. For different design of Brake Pedal like T, U, I Inverted U sections, stress is plotted and the location of the maximum stress determined. Hypermesh is used as a pre and post processor and NASTRAN as a solver. nd; Objective was to examine and justify deformation, deflection, stress contour and Von-mises stress using 2 order and rd3 order elements and suggested design improvements based on mass reduction and material substitution

- To predict and compare the fatigue life of solder balls of a flip chip package.

    ; Analyzed the effects of under fill material in completely filled and incompletely filled flip-chip packages under thermal

     Cyclic loading. The P.S.E (Plastic Strain Energy) contours are viewed for both models, indicating the node number for

     Maximum P.S.E.CPE4 elements were used for meshing and Coffin Mansion‟s equation is used to predict the fatigue life.

    ; HYPERMESH is used as a pre and post processor and ABAQUS as a solver.

- Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of Engine Block Using FEMFAT

    ; Minimum safety factor is determined in FEMFAT using the *.fil files generated by ABAQUS.

    ; Probabilistic Analysis is done to determine the most sensitive design parameters affecting the reliability using MINITAB.

    ; Best set of design parameters were identified which maximize the reliability using regression analysis & main effect plots

- Optimizing the Design of Paper Helicopter using Robust Design Tools (Taguchi Methods)

    ; Calculating the current capability (Cpk) of the existing LTB (Larger the better) design. Identifying the Noise factors (that deviate systems performance from target) and Control Factors using the P-diagram (Parameter Diagram). ; Robust Parameter design (RPD or PD): Choose control factor settings to make response less sensitive (i.e. more robust) to noise variation; exploiting control-by-noise interactions


    Masters of Science -Mechanical Engineering (Design & Analysis) 2006

    Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan GPA 3.95

    Masters of Science Mechanical Engineering (Rotodynamics) 2001

    Panjab University, India

     Bachelors of Science - Mechanical Engineering 1997

     Gulbarga University, India

Awards and Honors

    ; Paper “Determination of Natural Frequency of Asymmetric cross-section blade –Variational Method” published in

    The Institution of Engineers”, India, Volume 85, Jan „05.

    ; Life-Member of Indian Society for Technical Education

    ; Member of Engineering Society of Detroit

    ; Awarded the Graduate Professional Scholarship

Note: - Authorized to work in CANADA for any employer (Permanent Resident)

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