Describe yourself

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Describe yourselfDesc

. Describe yourself

    Appearance: But general words, not too detailed. (Freckles, black spot, pimples, dimples, acne

    , a pointed chin 尖下巴,double chin)

    tall, short, fat, slim, slender, hot, sexy, gorgeous, charming, elegant,

    lean, strong, muscled, sun-tanned, masculine

    weird(weirdo), a big pain, troublemaker

    Personality: extroverted, sociable, open-minded, outgoing, easy-going (easy to get along), warm-hearted, a heart of gold, tolerant, as cool as cucumber introverted, stubborn, keep one’s opinions/ideas to oneself, shy, unsociable, uncommunicative, self-conscious Hobby: collect stamps and coins, read books (English novels, English and American literatures), watch TV and movies (cartoons, thrillers, etc., couch potato), go shopping (party animals), traveling (backpacker, hiker), surf on the Internet, chat on the web, write my own stories on the blog.

    Study or work: student (senior high school, university), full/part time, employed, unemployed—laid-off, freelancer--SOHO Small Office Home Office

    Sentence patterns: I like to do/doing sth, I prefer to do sth, I enjoy/fancy doing sth, I am interested in doing sth, I am keen on, I’m good at,

    2. Family

    Types of family: a small/nuclear family (核心家庭,小家庭)

    a big/large/extended family (大家庭)

    a single-parent family (疮疮家庭)

    Relative relationship: cousin, nephew, niece, XXX-in-law, family tree

    Phrase: feed/support/raise a family, start/found family, family financial situation, family function, family relationship, family planning, family education, etc.


    Sentence patterns: I grew up in a very close, loving family.

    I’m lucky to live in a strict yet loving family.

    I get along well with all the family members.

    I keep in touch with my family regularly.

    I miss my family very much. / Just that I miss my family terribly.

    3. Friends

    Key words:

    Character: considerate/thoughtful, emotional, enthusiastic, friendly, generous, gentle, helpful, honest, humorous, kind, patient,

    affectionate疮疮, amicable和的疮疮, caring, frank, ideal, intimate, sociable, sympathetic,

    talkative/gossip /expressive富于表情的,有表力的疮疮疮,eloquent 雄的疮疮,有口才的, trustworthy,



    A. an easy-going/ understanding/broad-minded /warm-hearted person,

    B. be friendly with, be on intimate terms with sb, keep friendly relations, keep/lose contact with sb, make friends with,

    C. ask for help, help sb. out, a shoulder to cry on, cheer sb. up, turn to one’s friend when in difficulty,

    D. for the sake of friendship, cherish friendship, have a bosom friend, understand each other, reach an understanding, seek common ground while reserving differences 求同存异

    Questions for discussion:

    1. What do you think a true friend should be?

    2. What does friendship mean to you?

    3. Why do you think friendship important to you?

    4. What is the basis of friendship?

    5. What kind of people do you make friend with?

    6. What do you have in common with your friends?

    7. Are you very good at keeping in touch with friends?

    8. How well do you communicate with your friends?

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