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    What’s APPening!

    iTouch/iPad 101

Which device is right?

    thiPod Touch 4 generation (released September 2010)

     *Built in camera (front and back facing)

    *Built in recorder

     *Accessibility features on all models

     *Air Print

     *Voice Control for music

     Small screen display, 3.5 inches weight: 3.56 ounces

     Difference is in amount of memory available (8gb, 32gb, 64gb) $229-$339

     Wi-Fi access

     ndiPad 2 generation (released April 2011)

     *Built in camera, ability to take pictures and video record

     Built in recorder

     9.7 inch screen display weight: 1.3 pounds *thinner and lighter

    Amount of memoryavailable (16GB, 32 GB, 64GB)

     Wi-Fi access ($449-$699)

     3g access ($629-$829)

    *Denotes features only available on this generation of devices

     Motorola Xoom

     Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, Google voice recognition

     Front facing 2-megapixel camera with recorder, rear facing 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and video capability

     10.1inch screen, Wi-Fi access or 3g model available, 1.6 pounds

     32gb memory $475.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab

     Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, Google voice recognition

     Rear facing 3 megapixel camera for still photos and video, front facing camera for video chat

     10.1 inch screen, Wi-Fi access or 3g model available, 1.2 pounds

     16gb memory $499.00

How will it be used?

     An “App” is a small software program that is programmed to operate on either an Android operating system or an Apple operating system. Apps cannot be switched between operating systems. Currently there are over 500,000 apps available in the iTunes store. The Android Marketplace does not release the total apps available but some sites estimate around 3,000-5,000 apps. Also, sites have indicated that some apps that are programmed to work on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system are device specific. For example, an app may only work on the Samsung device and not on the Motorola device.

    The following are apps that are specifically designed for the ITouch/iPad and are available through the iTunes

    app store.

Apps for visual schedules

    ; iPrompts (49.99) a visual prompting tool for individuals using visual schedules, visual timers and

    choice boards. Able to import pictures from photo library to create schedules or choices.

    ; First Then Visual Schedules (9.99) create first ; then visual schedules, allows for recording as

    well as importing your own pictures.

    ; Visules (4.99) visual to-do list with text support and visual reminders

    ; iCommunicate (4.99) Create visual prompts, schedules and story boards with and without


    ; Picture Scheduler (2.99) schedule alerts using pictures and voice recording. Alerts work only

    when app is left running

    ; Step Stones (9.99)

    ; AA Visual Schedules

Apps to Support Behavior

    ; iReward (2.99) choose behavior you want to reward, choose the number of times the behavior

    needs to be displayed, choose the reward, then track the progress toward reaching the reward.

    iReward Chart keep track of rewards individuals are earning

    ; I Earned That

    ; Autism Xpress

    ; Stories2Learn (13.99) Pictello(14.99) create social stories with picture, audio and video


    ; Story Kit (free) create stories with photos from photo album, or drawing, record audio. Books

    can be shared via email link.

Apps to Support Organization

    ; Awesome note lite (free version) allows you to store and organize multiple tasks/notes by color

    coding: syncs with Google docs as well.

    ; My Homework (free),Write Pad (free),Tasks (.99) HiFuture Self (free),

    VoCal(lite version, free)

Apps for Visual Timers

    ; iHourglass (free) and Traffic Light (.99) can be used as a visual timer

    ; Time Timer (2.99) works and looks just like the standard time timer clock

Apps for Communication

    ? Tap Speak (.99) works like a Big Mac

    ? iConverse (9.99) six programmed messages with icons (I need help, I need a drink, I need a break,

    etc). Can program additional messages using photos from photo library. Messages appear in list


    ? Sounding Board (49.99) Templates for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9 cells (made by Ablenet)

    ? Look2Learn (24.99) simple interface for requesting wants and needs. Combines the “I want”

    phrase with options in 6 categories.

    ? Tap to Talk (free) comes with a starter album for communication. For programming and

    customization, a yearly subscription (99.95) is required and programming is done via the web. Also

    available for the Nintendo DS game system.

    ? LocabularyLite (free) construct sentences for simple requests, reporting emotions or ordering from

    McDonalds and Starbucks. Is not symbol supported contains only words. ? SpeakIt(1.99) converts typed text to speech, phrases can be saved.

    ? Proloquo2Go (189.99) a full featured AAC solution with a default vocabulary of 7000 items Can

    be programmed with ease including adding pictures from photo library. (more information and

    videos at

    ? Touch Chat AAC (149.99) a full featured AAC solution, contains over 10,000 symbols. Four pre-

    programmed vocabulary sets are included

    ? IclickItalk(19.99-39.99) uses over 500 free symbols and pictures for creating communication

    boards. Can import own symbols, pictures or drawings. Can record own audio file.

Apps to Support Learning

    ; ABA Problem Solving Apps from

    ; Everyday Mathematics ?

    ; Clean Up: Category Sorting

    ; Choice Board Maker

    ; Hidden Curriculum for Kids; Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults

    ; Interactive Alphabet

    ; Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Toy Story, Milly Molly series

    ; iWrite Words

    ; Match it up

    ; Model Me Going Places

    ; Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

    ; PCS ? Vocabulary Bingo, Flash Cards, Memory & Word Scramble

    ; Conover Company Apps

    o Community Signs & Words, Employment Safety Signs and Words, Everyday Social Skills,

    Hygiene, Initiating Social Skills, Safety Signs and Words, Shopping Signs

Apps for Recreation & Leisure

    ; Drawing/Coloring Apps: Doodle Buddy, Draw with Stars, Glow Coloring Fluidity, Little Gems

    ; Music Apps: Magic Piano, MiniPiano, iXylephone, Pocket Shaker, Drum Kit

    ; Virtual Cooking: iPizza, More Grillin, Cookie Dough

    ; Interactive: Talking Carl, Talking Tom Cat, Talking Tubby, Talking Justin Bieber

    ; Sensory: Koi Pond, White Noise, Bubble Pop

    Where do I begin?

    Must create an iTunes account that is associated with an e-mail address and credit card or iTunes gift

    card number

    iTunes is a free download and can be placed on either an MAC or PC computer Recommend always backing up the idevice to a “host” computer

    Searching for apps

     iPadvsiTouch apps

     Read the descriptions and visit developers website

     Has it been updated recently?

     Review the screen shots

     Setting restrictions

     Internet access, deleting/installing/ purchasing apps, content

How can I keep up?

    o Mobile learning

    o Moms with apps

    ; iEducation App Review

    ; Learning in Hand

    ; Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

    ; App Resources on Speech Language Pathology Sharing

    ; Apps for Children with Special Needs

    ; ConnSENSE Bulletin

    ; OCALI

    ; Spectronics Apps for AAC

    ; iAutism

Prepared by: Mona Pruett

    Virginia Department of Education’s Training & Technical Assistance Center at VCU

    September 2011

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