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    The consideration protection devices


    (Xian Technological University optics)

    Abstract : how thunder and lightning appear , why were they inseparable from the rain? How can we eliminate the thunder?

    Key world: thunder lightning protection devices

    Physics is full of our daily lives, almost every one of our daily behaviors, natural phenomena are accompanied by physical phenomena related to the production.

    When I was very young, I was fear of rainy days, because in my memory, rain and thunder and lightning are always inseparable. It seems that rain is the pronoun of thunder and lightning . At that time I was thinking that how thunder and lightning appear , why were they inseparable from the rain? How can we eliminate the thunder?

    Later in physics class , I knew the relations between thunder lightning and rain, and also came into contact with the physical. Then I understand the thunder and lightning occur simultaneously, is due to heterogeneous charge with clouds or between the earth and it is a kind of discharge phenomenon. When the clouds with a heterogeneous charged because of the distance between clouds with heterogeneous charge reduced to a certain

    distance, a strong potential difference between the positive and negative charge will break through the air and the instantaneous discharge occurs, the sparks is lightning we see, while the voice is thunder we hear. Similarly, when the charged cloud moves, the induced charge produced around the corresponding surface, if the distance between clouds and the ground or the tall objects on the ground reduces, the breakdown of air between the object and clouds lightning discharges occurs instantaneously.

    We see lightning before hearing the thunder, because light propagation speed is much greater than the velocity of sound.

    But we all know, thunder and lightning sometimes hurt us and they are dangerous to human life, more often, they also bring a lot of trouble to people's daily lives, for example, in thunder and lightning weather people generally do not watch TV at home., although the invention has been related to lightning protection devices, but for ordinary families, it is impossible to purchase an expensive device just for watching TV in the rainy days, so we

should complete the cheap inventions with related functions, so that people can

popularize a small lightning protection devices in everyday life. Maybe I should consider

this new problem.

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